How to Add Order Again Button to WooCommerce

Do you want to add an order again button to your WooCommerce store so that your customers can repurchase the same items from their previous order? In this guide, we’ll show you the exact process you need to follow to create a reorder button.

But before we move on to the steps, let’s understand why it is beneficial to add the order again button to WooCommerce.

Why Let Customers Repeat Orders in WooCommerce?

One of the main goals of any eCommerce business is to have returning customers. Products such as groceries, toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc are something that people purchase frequently. With the help of the order again button, customers now will not have to search for individual items every time. They can simply find their order list and all the products in those carts via their order history from the account page.

Because of this, the customers are able to save time and have a smooth checkout, resulting in a good user experience. And as we all know, if a buyer has a good experience while purchasing from a certain website then there is a high chance they’ll again purchase from the same website. Moreover, having repeat customers will increase your business profits because they frequently buy from you and they spend more compared to customers who only have bought once.

Not only that but with the analytics of customer’s behavior you can keep the track of the most repurchased products. This helps you to plan a better strategy and turn new customers into repeat customers.

Now you know how important is it to have an order again button in your WooCommerce store. Now let’s go ahead and see how to add the order again button to WooCommerce.

How to Add Order Again Button to WooCommerce?

There are three main ways to add the order again button to WooCommerce.

  1. Default WooCommerce option
  2. With plugins
  3. Programmatically

Before we dive into the tutorial, make sure to properly set up WooCommerce without skipping any steps to avoid any issues.

1) Default WooCommerce Order Again Option

Since WooCommerce already has a feature that displays the Order Again button by default, in this section we’ll show you how the button works.

The WooCommerce ‘My Account Page‘ allows customers to view the status of any orders they have placed. They can find detailed information about any specific order if the order has been completed (order status is displayed as “Completed”). For instance, what they purchased, how much they spent, when they made the purchase, etc. To view the details, customers can simply click the ‘View‘ button next to their order, as shown in the image.


view the order

Meanwhile, it is worth noting that based on the theme that you’re using, the My Account page and the options may be different.

The button to Order again will be available once customers have opened the order they want to view. Using the button customers can reorder the items/previous orders. Once the order is placed they’ll be redirected to the checkout page to complete the order.

order again button

Customers can easily reorder using the Order Again button from this method. If you sell products that customers frequently purchase, you can alter the Thank You page as well and let the customers set a reminder to place another order at a specific interval.

2) Add Order Again Button using a Plugin

Now you might wonder, why do we need a plugin to add the order again button when it is already there by default? Well as we mentioned earlier the default WooCommerce Order Again button only works if the order status is ‘Completed‘.

If you want to add the Order again button to any order despite their status then using a dedicated plugin is the best way to add this feature to your WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce has several plugins that will let you create an order again button. Here, let’s take a look at a couple of easy-to-use and popular plugins first.

Buy Again for WooCommerce

buy again for woocommerce plugin

As suggested in the name itself, Buy Again for WooCommerce is one of the most popular premium plugins that allow customers to quickly buy products they purchased previously from your website. This plugin is very simple to use and configure too.

This plugin offers a different section ‘Buy Again‘ on the My Account Page where purchased products are listed. So that customers can simply go to that section and directly repurchase the product using the ‘Buy Now’ button.  Other than that this tool provides you with multiple options to let your customers repeat orders and help you boost your sales.

Key Features
  • Search products to repeat orders
  • Option to “Buy Again” on the My Account page
  • Repeat orders using the Orders list
  • Displays a list of previously purchased products

Buy Again for WooCommerce is a premium plugin that costs 49 USD per year which includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

One Click Order Re-Order

one click order reorder plugin

One Click Order Reorder is one of the best free plugins to add the order again button. You can let your customers place a previously placed order with just a single click.

Not only that, but customers can also remove or modify the order details from the orders page. Also, in case a certain product is not available, you can notify the customers. Moreover, the plugin also has an option which is known as a basket. This is something similar to a cart but you can enable it only on the pages that you want to display this feature. You also get to choose your own icon for the basket rather than the default one.

Key Features
  • Customers can save the basket items
  • Empty the cart after adding the items of an order to the cart
  • Order with any status can be readded to the cart
  • Adds a Re-Order button to each listed order

One Click Order Reorder is a 100% free plugin that can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin repository.

Add Re-Order Button Using One Click Order Reorder Plugin

For this demonstration, we will use the One Click Order Re-Order plugin as it is available for free and easy to use.

As the name suggests, it allows users to repeat their orders with just a simple click. And that, too, irrespective of the status of their orders. You also get other features to improve the customer experience.

Before you start, you’ll need to install and activate the plugin on your site.

1. Install and Activate the Plugin

First, go to your WordPress admin dashboard and select Plugins > Add New. On this page, search for the keywords of the plugin on the search bar.

Once you find the plugin you want, click on the ‘Install Now‘ button to start the installation process. Then, click on the ‘Activate‘ button to get started with the plugin.

install one click order reorder plugin

If you want to get your hands on the pro version or use another premium plugin for this, you’ll need to upload the activate it manually.

To learn more, you can check our detailed guide on how to install a WordPress plugin manually.

2. Add Re-Order Button

As soon as you install and activate the plugin, a Re-Order button will appear automatically on the Orders section of the user’s My Account page.

add order again button to woocommerce

To repeat an order, users only need to click on this button. On the next page, users will see their shopping cart in which they can modify their order details as required.

modify orders from the cart

3. Configure the Plugin Settings

Besides the re-order option, you also get access to other plugin settings. For this, open WooCommerce > One Click Order Re-Order on the dashboard.

Here, you’ll see the settings to enable or disable Place Same Order, Basket, Order Re-Order Filter, Order Note, and more.

configure one click order reorder plugin settings

When you enable the Place Same Order button, it will appear on the Orders section of the users’ My account page next to the Re-Order button.

add order again button to woocommerce

A pop-up will appear after clicking this button showing all the order details. So, the users can modify their orders and exclude unwanted products on the same page. This feature helps to make the checkout process faster and more user-friendly.

exclude products from order

Next, if you enable the shopping basket feature, you can customize the button text to add and remove from the basket. You can even upload a custom image of your choice for the basket icon.

customize the basket feature in order reorder plugin

Make sure to click the ‘Save Changes‘ button after configuring the settings.

3. Add Order Again Button Programmatically

If you are comfortable with editing codes and modifying the core files and do not want to install any third-party plugins then this method is perfect for you.

However, make sure to do a complete backup of your site before making any modifications to your live WooCommerce store. By doing this, you can ensure that it doesn’t cause any conflicts between any plugins or code.

You can either use a plugin like Code Snippets to add custom codes or either you can directly paste the snippet directly to the functions.php file of your child theme. You can either create a child theme manually or use a child theme plugin, whichever you prefer.

To use the Code Snippets plugin you need to install and activate it like any other plugin.

install code snippets plugin

After the installation, you can find the plugin’s configuration on the left panel. Then you can simply go to the plugin and click on ‘Add New’ to add a new snippet to your website.

Code Snippet to Add the Button

You can copy the following code to add an order again button to your WooCommerce store for all completed orders.

function ql_add_order_again_button( $actions, $order ) {
    if ( $order->has_status( 'processing' ) ) {
        $actions['order-again'] = array(
            'url'  => wp_nonce_url( add_query_arg( 'order_again', $order->id ) , 'woocommerce-order_again' ),
            'name' => __( 'Order Again', 'woocommerce' )
    return $actions;
add_filter( 'woocommerce_my_account_my_orders_actions', 'ql_add_order_again_button', 50, 2 );

And paste it inside the snippet. Before saving it, you can replace the order status from ‘processing‘ with any other order status that you want.  Lastly, click on the Save Snippet button and make sure to check if the code worked or not.

add custom code in code snippets plugin

Alternatively, you can add the code directly to the functions.php file of your child theme. For that go to Appearance>Theme File Editor. You can find the functions.php file under Theme Files. Simply click on that, scroll to the end paste the code. After that, click on the Update File button.

add custom code to function.php

As you can see in the image below, the Order Again button has been placed on items that are still in the Processing status.

add order again button to woocommerce

Remove the Order Again Button

Despite the advantages, there might be cases where you do not need the Order Again button on your WooCommerce website. You can remove the button with a very simple snippet. Just paste the following code to the Code Snippets plugin or functions.php file.

The steps to paste the code are the same as we did earlier.

remove_action( 'woocommerce_order_details_after_order_table', 'woocommerce_order_again_button' );

After you are done adding the code click on the Save Changes or Update File button. Also, check if the code worked for your website or not. To do so go to your My Account Page>Orders. You can see that the Order Again button does not appear in any of the order lists.

remove order again button in woocommerce

That’s it with this simple code you can remove the Order Again button from the WooCommerce store.


All in all, adding an order again button to let your customers reorder things they need frequently will save them a lot of time and will leave a good impression. Moreover, having repeat customers will increase your business profits as they spend more compared to customers who only have bought once.

In this article, we have seen different methods to add the order again button to WooCommerce. The three methods we recommend are:

  • Default WooCommerce Order Again button
  • Plugins
  • Code Snippets

If you need to add the order again button only to the orders whose status is Completed then you don’t need to tweak any settings because WooCommerce already has an inbuilt feature for that.

On the other hand, if you want to display reorder button for all kinds of orders despite their status then you can consider the second method. Finally, if you are comfortable modifying the core files of your website then you can choose the third option which doesn’t require any additional plugins.

All of the methods that we discussed today are user-friendly for beginners and will definitely deliver the desired result.

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