Best TikTok Feed Plugins For WordPress (Free and Paid)

Have you heard about TikTok? It’s the fastest growing social media app in the world so more and more websites are embedding their videos and displaying their feeds. However, finding the right one takes time. That’s why in this post, we’re going to show you the best TikTok feed plugins for WordPress.

What’s TikTok?

Launched in September 2016 in China, TikTok is a popular mobile app for creating and sharing short videos online. With more than 1 billion users in less than 5 years, this app has become the #1 in the music and video streaming category.

This tool is available in more than 40 languages and it’s extremely popular among the Gen Z’ers. Additionally, TikTok is used by many celebrities, and models all over the world.

So, if your users are active in TikTok, having a feed plugin in your site can be a game-changer. As this app is still quite new, there are currently not many websites taking full advantage of TikTok feeds so by starting early, you could stand out from your competitors and attract a good part of your young audience.

Benefits of TikTok Feed Plugins

So why do you need TikTok feed plugins for WordPress? Because feeds are streams of content that show updated information. It’s what Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and most social media platforms do to keep their users on the platform. They constantly show them more new content. So by showing your users relevant and updated content that they’re interested in, they’ll stay on your site longer.

Even though you could embed videos manually, if you want to display a feed, the best solution is a feed plugin. It will ease your workload and will let you display updated content on a page or post without writing a single line of code or editing any theme files.

On top of that, plugins come with extended functionalities so you could make your webpage unique with those custom functions. And the best part is that you can apply those customizations with a couple of clicks.

All in all, TikTok feed plugins for WordPress are the way to go.

Best TikTok Feed Plugins For WordPress

Here, we have listed the best TikTok plugins for WordPress that will suit everyone’s needs.

  1. WP TikTok Feed
  2. Custom Tik Tok Video Feeds
  3. TikTok Feed – WordPress plugin
  4. Embed Block for TikTok
  5. TikTok feed plugin for WordPress

So without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

1. WP TikTok Feed

WP TikTok Feed is a brand new plugin developed by Quadlayers. It’s user-friendly and very easy to sync and configure. It also has lightweight code so it doesn’t affect your website’s speed and performance.

Additionally, WP TikTok Feed automatically caches videos and related data from TikTok and includes features to cache data to minimize the requests and reduce loading time.

This tool also provides you with complete control over the videos. It comes with a customizable pop-up lightbox that allows your users to see the content on your site and several customization options to change the appearance, positioning, and layout of TikTok’s videos feed. And by adding a hashtag or username, you will be able to pull videos from that specific category or user.

Additionally, WP TikTok Feed makes it very easy to embed videos to your site using a shortcode.

Once you embed the plugin to a page, it will look like this.

If you need a demo, feel free to check out this page. You can click on the video to view the specific one.

There, you will be able to see the video on the left side and the account name, TikTok username, video caption, hashtags, comments, and likes on the right side.

WP TikTok Feed’s most notable features are:

  • Easy to use
  • Highly customizable
  • Lightweight code
  • SEO optimized
  • Shortcode embedding
  • Multiple layouts
  • Max video and column customization

There’s also some documentation regarding the tool’s features, installation process, how to use it, and more.


And the best part is that WP TikTok Feed is entirely free and you can download it from this link.

2. Custom Tik Tok Video Feeds

Custom TikTok Video feed is another top WordPress feed plugin that allows you to display TikTok feeds on your website with a few clicks. Just like WP TikTok Feeds, It’s also a relatively new tool and it comes with a tutorial video.

If you would like to integrate this plugin to your WordPress blog, you can easily follow the video tutorial.

Tik Tok Video Feed is an excellent option for those who want to add the latest videos from TikTok to their websites.  Additionally, it lets you display TikTok videos in your sidebar and embed videos using shortcodes.  For better user experience, this plugin is responsive so the videos fit every screen size.

The main features of Tik Tok Video Feeds are:

  • Easy installation
  • Responsive
  • Display any video/ feed
  • Multiple feed configuration
  • Customizable


Custom Tik Tok Video Feed has a free version and also a premium one that comes with more customization options regarding the number of videos you can show, columns, heading font size, background color, video spacing, and more.

  • Free version
  • PRO version: 4.99 USD per month or 47.88 USD per year

3. TikTok Feed – WordPress Plugin

TikTok Feed – WordPress plugin is a premium tool available in CodeCanyon. Since it was launched around a month ago and it’s relatively new, it only has 19 sales and 3 reviews.

TikTok Box allows you to show your TikTok profile on your site. Using a shortcode generator, you can create custom shortcodes and start working with this plugin without any login credentials or API customization.

Since this tool comes with a responsive layout option, you will be able to show the TikTok videos on every screen size.

All in all, the main features of this plugin are:

  • Show/ hide videos
  • Three different layout options
  • Cache enabled
  • Responsive
  • Font options
  • Colour customizations
  • Complete beginner-friendly


TikTok Box is a premium plugin that’s available for 19 USD and includes 6 months of support. For another 5 USD, you can extend the support to 12 months. After installing this tool on your blog, verify the plugin with a valid license key. This way, you will be able to update it from the WordPress updates page.

4. Embed Block for TikTok

Embed Block - TikTok plugin for WordPress

As its name suggests, Embed Block for TikTok allows you to add TikTok videos to your posts or pages. This tool adds a specific TikTok Block to the Block Editor and TikTok oEmbed support for the Classic Editor, making it super easy to add TikTok videos to any site. Simply add the block to a post or page and then paste the URL to display a TikTok video along with the username, the song or sound, and the caption of the video.

Additionally, with Embed Block, you can customize the blocks with custom CSS. On top of that, it’s very easy to install and use making it an excellent choice even for beginners.

Embed Block for TikTok’s main features are:

  • Adds a TikTok Block to the Block Editor
  • Includes TikTok oEmbed support for the Classic Editor
  • Display videos on any page or post
  • Block customization with CSS


This plugin is free and you can download it from the WordPress repository.

5. TikTok feed plugin for WordPress

The last plugin in our list of the best TikTok feed plugins for WordPress is TikTok feed. With this tool, you can add TikTok videos to your pages, posts, or WordPress custom taxonomies using shortcodes.

TikTok feed allows you to display videos based on specific profiles/hashtags or trending topics and it’s compatible with both the classic and the Gutenberg editor. Additionally, you can customize the profile display box and choose between three different layouts.

All in all, this tool’s most notable features are:

  • Display videos on pages, posts, or custom taxonomies with shortcodes.
  • Compatible with classic and Gutenberg editor
  • 3 different layouts
  • Many customization options


TikTok feed is a premium plugin that’s available in Code Canyon for 17 USD and includes 6 months of support.

TikTok Feed Plugins for WordPress – Conclusion

To sum up, TikTok feed plugins for WordPress will help you increase the users’ time on site by showing them relevant and updated videos.

All these plugins are great options but if you are looking for a complete solution, WP TikTok Feed is your best bet. Even though it’s a brand new plugin, it’s an excellent tool in terms of functionalities and design. Additionally, the development team will add more advanced features to the plugin to keep it in the top TikTok WordPress feed plugins over the coming months.

Moreover, WP TikTok Feed offers outstanding support. You can open an issue in the plugins’ support forum or contact the support team directly. They are highly active and will respond to your requests within 12 business hours.

On the other hand, if you prefer a premium tool, you can check out the TikTok – WordPress plugin or TikTok feed plugin.

If you want to embed TikTok videos on your site, you can check out this step-by-step guide. For more TikTok plugins, check out this post about the best TikTok addons for WordPress.

If you would like to integrate Instagram with your WordPress blog, you should have a look at our list of best Instagram feed gallery plugins.


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