Best WooCommerce Licenses Manager Plugins (Free and Premium)

Are you looking for the best WooCommerce license manager plugins? If you are, we have got something for you. This article will show you the top tools to manage digital product licensing.

But before going further, let’s see why to use a license managing tool.

Why Use License Manager Plugins?

WooCommerce is one of the best options for selling physical or digital products. If you plan to sell a digital product and need to add extra authentication to every purchase, license managers are the best. There are multiple benefits to using these tools, and here are some of them:

  • Analytics options: Most license manager plugins comes with in-built analytics options. It will help you see how the entire business is doing.
  • Protect your product: You are protecting it by adding an authentication system. This way, only certain people with valid licenses can use the tool. This is a great way to protect your product from unauthorized access.
  • Control the features: You can limit the product’s features based on the subscription level. A dedicated license manager plugin can help you with this.
  • Automatic renewals: The customer can enjoy uninterrupted services by automatically renewing licenses. A license manager plugin can help you with this.

If you sell a premium digital product, license managers would be an excellent addition to your online store. It will give you more control over the product, making your life easier.

What to Look for In a License Manager Tool?

Before choosing a license manager, you need to look for the following:

  • Features: While most plugins serve one purpose, the licensing option, they come with different features. Some tools will develop extra features useful to the licensing, while others will offer the same options as paid add-ons. Always look for the features you are going to get.
  • Support and updates: Contact the support team if you need help with the tool. Check the support policy and how often they will release new updates.
  • Compatibility: Ensure the tool you plan to use is compatible with your theme and plugins. You do not need to create any conflicts in your store.
  • Quality code: Choosing a plugin with lightweight and well-optimized code can help your store. Since it affects the performance and user experience, this is one of the crucial things you need to consider.
  • Pricing: There will be free, freemium, and complete premium solutions. While the free version limits the features, premium tools will give you unrestricted access to unique features. We highly recommend using a premium plugin (affordable) to get more control and features.

Checking these factors before choosing a license manager is essential.

Best WooCommerce License Manager Plugins

This article will cover six popular license manager plugins you should try.

  • License Manager for WooCommerce
  • License Manager
  • Serial Number for WooCommerce
  • WooPro License Manager
  • ThemeHigh License Manager
  • Elite Licenser

Below, we will list what makes the tool unique, what you can expect, and how much it costs. According to your requirements and preferences, you can choose one.

Let’s see what each tool has to offer without any further ado.

1) License Manager for WooCommerce

license manager for woocommerce

When your main priority is a feature-rich tool for managing your digital licenses, you must try License Manager for WooCommerce. License Manager for WooCommerce is a brand new product of QuadLayers.

The plugin comes with lightweight code, so it will not affect the speed and performance of your website. Since the plugin uses REST API to create, update, validate, and delete licenses, developers can easily use this tool to make custom modifications according to their preferences.

Other notable features of the plugin are compatibility with basic and variable products, license management, and quick upgrade options. The license management wizard will give you a complete overview of what’s happening with your business.

Plus, if you need to provide an option to change existing customers’ subscriptions, you could offer the license upgrade option.

On top of everything, the advanced reporting feature is something most people love. You can view the total activations, deactivations, average activations, and so on using the analytics. You can also fetch data based on a specific date range. This will give you detailed information on the website’s performance over time.


  • Lightweight plugin
  • Hassle-free configurations
  • Works with variable products
  • Manage licenses from the dashboard
  • Advanced reporting option
  • Easy upgrade options


The license manager for WooCommerce is a premium plugin. The pricing starts at $99 (one-time) for a single domain license for six months of priority support and lifetime updates. If you want an unlimited domain license option, that will cost you $199 (one-time fee).

2) License Manager

license manager

When your priority is an easy-to-use plugin for license management, check out License Manager. License Manager is a good option for setting up license management in your WooCommerce store. It has a minimal configuration, so setting it up would be a cakewalk. Since the tool also has a completely automated process, the store admin can focus on other essential tasks besides managing the keys.

You will also get an option to resend keys manually. This gives the store admin more freedom and control over the digital licenses. All the keys generated through the License Manager are encrypted and secured. You can easily prevent unauthorized use of the keys this way.

The import/export feature will be helpful when moving the data between plugins or WooCommerce stores. Instead of manually handling the data (which takes time and effort), the tool can help you with the migration. This will be helpful in multiple situations. Also, since the tool has an easy-to-use interface, everyone can set up the tool without hassle.


  • Fully automated
  • Manually resend license keys
  • Encrypted licenses
  • Import/export license keys
  • Optimized for speed


This is a freemium tool. The lite version of the License can download from the WordPress plugins repository. On the other hand, the premium version of the tool starts at $129 a year for a single domain license.

Every premium plan comes with 30 days money-back guarantee. So if you think the tool is not the right fit for you, you can always get a complete refund.

3) Serial Numbers for WooCommerce

serial numbers for woocommerce

If you want a powerful plugin to manage your digital licensing needs, check out Serial Numbers for WooCommerce. The tool comes with a lot of unique features and an easy-to-use dashboard. It is also compatible with most themes and third-party plugins. Using Serial numbers for WooCommerce won’t make any conflicts.

You can use the in-built bulk importer to import existing licenses to the platform. Also, you will get an option to edit the license keys manually from the WordPress backend. This feature can help you in multiple situations when you need to change the keys altogether. You can also generate keys in bulk. This will be useful when you are working with an agency partner and they need multiple keys.

Email notifications are other impressive features of Serial Numbers for WooCommerce. The plugin automatically emails the customer and admin when the keys expire. This will help the customer run their business smoothly without any clutter. Overall, Serial Numbers for WooCommerce is an excellent option to bring license management features to your store and reduce piracy.


  • Multiple options
  • Edit the license keys
  • Notifications
  • Generate bulk license keys
  • Email template customization


Serial Numbers for WooCommerce is a freemium product. The free version tool is available in the repository. The premium tool will give you more robust features and the subscription starts at $99 a year for a one-domain license.

4) WooPro License Manager

woopro license manager

WooPro License Manager is next on our list. WooPro License Manager can create, update and delete keys with minimal configuration. The tool provides an easy-to-use configuration and user interface, which makes it one of the beginner-friendly license managers for WooCommerce. Apart from WooCommecre, the tool can also be integrated with the WooCommerce subscription add-on.

Hence, generating licenses for subscription-based products would be a simple task. Business owners can quickly create product keys, configure the expiration date, manage renewals, etc. Another notable feature of WooPro License Manager is that the plugin can automatically send the product license to the customer right after the purchase.

It will also work with variable products and bundles. So, considering these features, WooPro License Manager could be an excellent addition to a store planning to implement a product licensing feature.


  • High;y compatible
  • Automated license generation
  • Works with multiple product types
  • Easy to use
  • Upgrade/downgrade options


WooPro License Manager is a premium plugin. The pricing starts at $99 a year for a single domain license. Plus, all the plans are protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try the premium version without any issues.

5) ThemeHigh License Manager


ThemeHigh License Manager is another popular WordPress plugin for the task. It has several features, and most store owners will love it. You can automate the key generation process with this tool. Hence, whenever a customer completes a purchase, the tool will automatically send the information directly via email. The client can also see everything regarding the current license in the account’s dashboard.

It can generate license keys in custom formats. You can choose the generation type by setting up a pattern. This could be a helpful feature to add your brand name/product name to the keys. Also, you have total control over the generated keys. You can set up a custom expiry time for the license, limit the activation count, etc.

On top of that, if you have already sold a couple of copies of the products earlier, you can also generate keys for those. The plugin won’t limit your ability to create keys for older/newer products. Considering the features, ThemeHigh License Manager is a good tool.


  • Fully automated
  • Set license expiry date
  • Tweak activation count
  • Generate licenses for older orders
  • Custom license formats


ThemeHigh License Manager is a premium product. Their pricing starts at $69 a year. Plus, every plan is protected with a 30 days money-back guarantee.

6) Elite Licenser

elite licenser

If you need an all-in-one solution for all your license management needs, check out Elite Licenser. The tool comes with so many features a WooCommerce store owner will love. First, the product updates option offered by Elite Licenser is perfect. When an updated version of the tool is available, all you need to do is replace the original product file in your store. The license holders will get an update notification on their website.

The built-in analytics tools will give you access to see how many people are using your products, what are the active installations, and so on. To see how’s the business doing, this option can be used. The next feature you are going to love is developer friendliness. You could use webhooks if you need to enhance the plugin’s features. This way, you can create custom functions and make your online store more powerful.

You will also get an option to export the license keys into CSVs. To transfer data, this feature can be helpful.


  • Product updates
  • Track license
  • Multiple license types
  • Developer friendly
  • Manage licenses


Elite Licenser is a freemium product. The free version plugin can be downloaded from the repository. On the other hand, the premium subscription starts at $49 a year for ten domain licenses. If you are into lifetime subscriptions, that starts at $149 (one-time).


To protect your digital downloads from piracy and unauthorized users, you should implement licensing feature. A dedicated WooCommerce license manager plugin can help you implement the feature without hassle. As you have seen, this article featured six of the popular tools you can use for the task:

  • License Manager for WooCommerce
  • License Manager
  • Serial Number for WooCommerce
  • WooPro License Manager
  • ThemeHigh License Manager
  • Elite Licenser

We highly recommend checking our License Manager for WooCommerce by QuadLayers. Since the tool has excellent features, this would be one of the finest additions to your store. If you need another easy-to-use solution, go for License Manager or WooPro License Manager.

Serial Number for WooCommerce is a good tool for managing licenses for all your digital product needs. ThemeHigh License Manager is another option when your main priority is a plugin with an excellent support team.

Elite Licenser is an all-in-one tool you can rely on.

We hope you have found this article helpful and enjoyed reading it. For more WordPress guides, feel free to check out our blog archive.

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