Best WordPress Bookmark Plugins

Best 6 WordPress Bookmark Plugins You Should Try

If you are looking for WordPress bookmark plugins to increase user engagement and allow visitors to save content for the future, you are at the right place. The market is full of such plugins that lack facilities and features. So, to solve this problem, we have listed the six best WordPress bookmark plugins, as well as their features and prices.

What Are WordPress Bookmark Plugins?

WordPress bookmarks are tools that can increase user experience and traffic. These plugins allow users to save or organize the content they like on your website.

These features allow users to find and use your content by marking specific posts or pages in the future.

Why use WordPress Bookmark Plugins?

Website usability depends on user engagement and navigation. Website owners can encourage users to stay on their store using these WordPress bookmark plugins. WordPress bookmark plugins increase engagement, which leads to improved user satisfaction, higher retention rates, and more conversions.

These plugins also help users find what they need and navigate the website by letting them store and revisit content.

What to Look for in WordPress Bookmark Plugins?

When you need WordPress Bookmark plugins, you should consider these factors:

  • Features: The plugin should offer features like saving/bookmark posts, pages, or custom post types, organizing bookmarks into categories, shortcodes, and widget compatibility.
  • Compatibility: The plugin should be compatible with the latest WordPress version.
  • User interface: The plugin has a user-friendly interface that attracts more visitors.
  • Customization: WordPress bookmark plugins should offer customization options for the bookmark button’s appearance and placement according to your website’s theme.
  • Performance: The plugin should be lightweight not to affect site performance.
  • Cost: The plugin should offer maximum features at a minimum cost.

Now, you know what to look for in a plugin. The following section will move to the article’s core and discuss the best plugins for this task.

The Best 6 WordPress Bookmark Plugins

Here is the list of 6 WordPress bookmarks plugins we selected for you.

  • User Bookmarks
  • Eazy Plugin Manager
  • CBX
  • WordPress Wishlist Collection & Bookmark Plugin
  • LH Add Media From URL
  • Jumble

Each plugin has unique features. Below, we will explain what makes them unique. You can choose an option based on your preferences and requirements.

Without any further ado, let’s get into the list.

1. UserBookmarks

User Bookmark plugin

UserBookmarks is the first plugin in our list of the best WordPress bookmark plugins. This plugin allows users to save bookmarks of their favorite posts, content, blogs, and articles. It is a user-friendly plugin enabling users to create bookmark categories and save them as private or public folders. You can show the bookmark widget in many ways on the page, including automatic mode, dynamic sidebar widget, and shortcode.

UserBookmarks has a simple interface; you can manage this plugin directly from your dashboard. Its responsive design works perfectly with all screen sizes and high-resolution displays. You can also use shortcode/PHP methods to add or view bookmark collections.

UserBookmarks also has AJAX support, which helps you update content and create dynamic web pages. This plugin offers a suitable writing environment due to its Gutenberg compatibility. Lastly, with the factory reset option, users can clear all the bookmarks from the collection and system.


  • Bookmarks collection
  • AJAX support
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Responsive design
  • Reset option


User Bookmarks is a premium plugin. It costs $16 (one-time fee) with six months of support from DeluxeThemes.

2. Eazy Plugin Manager

Eazy Plugin Manager

Eazy Plugin Manager is a powerful plugin that you can use to help users bookmark your posts or blogs. Users can bookmark any plugin for future use. They can press the bookmark button in the WordPress plugin store to bookmark plugins on your website.

You can also allow them to organize bookmark categories, keep them on top of things by doing bulk operations, and install all the plugins in the bookmark category with a single click. This plugin also offers a centralized dashboard, allowing you to manage WordPress settings and plugins remotely, saving time and effort.

With the notes feature, you can add a quick message or note to the plugin bookmark section. This feature is perfect for you if you are part of a team managing a website. It’s not just a way to inform other admins about updates or name bookmark sections; it’s a platform for enhanced collaboration and organization.


  • Bookmark plugin
  • Bookmark category
  • One-click bulk install
  • Quick search
  • Remote management


Eazy Plugin Manager is a freemium plugin. You can download it free from the WordPress plugin repository, and the pro version costs $69/year.

3. CBX

CBX bookmark plugin

CBX is an excellent choice if you want to create private or public bookmarks for logged-in users. The bookmark button allows for auto integration. You can choose from different options for the bookmark button, including turning auto integration on/off, showing the bookmark button before or after content, using shortcodes in the home and archive, and using shortcodes.

CBX works with any post type, including pages, posts, and custom post types. There are three modes of bookmark categories: user-owned categories, Global Categories, and no-category mode. You can create unlimited categories, control the maximum number of categories for a user, and set who can create categories.

You can add a bookmark button like YouTube under a page or post. Lastly, you can also display widgets such as categories and posts.


  • Attach a YouTube-like bookmark button
  • Create both private and public categories of bookmarks
  • Display widgets
  • Powered by shortcodes


CBX is a freemium plugin that can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin repository. The pro version costs $39/site/year and has a 7-day money-back guarantee.

4. WordPress Wishlist Collection & Bookmark Plugin

WordPress Wishlist Collection & Bookmark Plugin

WordPress Wishlist Collection & Bookmark Plugin allows you to add your favorite items to your wish list. Your site users can easily manage their bookmarks with three collection types: private, public, and shared. A private collection is for personal use, and a public collection is for others to view. They can also share their collection with a group using the shared option.

This plugin also boasts a modern design and clean UI/UX. This user-friendly interface is aesthetically pleasing and allows users to share their bookmark collection on popular social media platforms like Facebook, X, Pinterest, and Email, enhancing your digital experience.

You can add notes while bookmarking your favorite items. Furthermore, this plugin supports shortcodes, template overriding, and WooCommerce.


  • Three types of collection
  • Modern design and clean UI/UX
  • Add notes while bookmarking
  • Supports shortcodes


WordPress Wishlist Collection & Bookmark Plugin is a premium plugin. It costs $23 (one-time fee) and includes future updates. It can be downloaded from the CodeCanyon marketplace.

5. LH Add Media From URL

LH Add Media From Url

LH Add Media From Url is a simple plugin for creating bookmarks while browsing the website. This plugin can also grab images from remote URLs and allow users to add media to their posts or pages by providing a URL. So there is no need to upload files. Just paste the URL and let the plugin do its job.

The plugin is helpful for content creators or bloggers who frequently use media from other websites, such as video or image hosting sites. They can bookmark their favorite content from your website and use it later by referencing it through their bookmark catalog.

This plugin also supports the latest version of WordPress, so you don’t have to worry about integrating it with your website.


  • Extract images from remote URLs
  • Bookmark content
  • Support the latest WordPress version
  • Free of cost


LH Add Media From Url is a free plugin you can download from the WordPress repository.

6. Jumble – WooCommerce / WordPress Wishlist Collection & Bookmark Plugin

Jumble Bookmarks Plugin

Jumble is another one of the best WordPress bookmark plugins. This plugin allows customers to share the products they want, recommend, and like using the bookmark option. You can enable them to add any page, post, or custom post type as a bookmark or add them to a wishlist.

With Jumble, they can create an unlimited number of wishlists and bookmarks. You also can allow guest users to store their wishlist for 30 days. However, registered users can save wishlists according to their needs. Users can make their bookmarks or wishlists public or private. They can share their public bookmarks with their friends or on social media.

Furthermore, you can add a search form for users to search the public list. To make the user comfortable, you can also add a search filter to allow them to search by post type. You can also add a sort option to sort the public list or bookmarks by date, title, or custom ordering.


  • Unlimited number of bookmarks
  • Multiple Actions to manage wishlists/bookmarks
  • Public or private bookmarks
  • Filters for searching items


Jumble is a premium plugin. It costs $35 (one-time fee) and includes future updates. You can get it from the CodeCanyon marketplace.


In this article, we have discussed 7 WordPress bookmark plugins and their features and prices. Each plugin offers unique features, including a free or premium version. UserBookmarks is a good option for enjoying maximum features at a minimum cost. However, if you have a bigger audience and want a top-notch experience for them, you should go for Jumble.

You can choose a plugin that fits your requirements.

Do you use any WordPress bookmark plugins? If so, which plugin do you use?

Tell us in the comment section below.

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