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Booknetic Appointment Booking Plugin: Full Review

Are you looking for tools to better manage appointments but you aren’t sure which one to choose? If so, this post is for you. In this article, we will have a look at the Booknetic appointment booking plugin, one of the tools to schedule appointments for WordPress.

Introduction to Booknetic

Booknetic is an excellent appointment booking plugin that can help you add booking services to your website. It has a wide range of features specifically designed for booking and appointment services. These functionalities are useful for both customers or visitors and website owners.

homepage booknetic appointment booking plugin

Additionally, this tool is very easy to use both for front-end and back-end users. This is one of the reasons why it has over 2,000 happy customers.

Booknetic provides easy access to the appointment options for your customers with booking automation systems and provides reports of the appointments from the booking service. This can be of great help for website admins to analyze the growth of their business and find trends that they can exploit.

Now that we better understand what the plugin does, let’s have a look at its main features.

Main Benefits of Booknetic Appointment Booking Plugin

Booknetic has a lot of functionalities that will help you save time and costs. Let’s see how you can use them to improve your business.

1. Advanced Booking Widget

One of the highlighting features of the Booknetic appointment booking plugin is its fully customizable booking widget. You can add, remove, and modify booking options for your customers. This built-in widget lets you easily customize the front-end booking panel that your users will see.

First, you can hide, add, or rearrange the booking steps that you’ll display on the front-end. You can display or hide these steps by simply clicking on the toggle to hide or show them. You will also see that there are certain steps that you can’t hide because they are mandatory.

On top of that, you can rearrange the order of the steps by simply dragging them. Just click and hold the mouse button on the three horizontal lines of the steps and place it in the order you want.

There are also some other options for individual steps that you can change in the front-end panels. You can customize how the various options are displayed for your customers in each step and show or hide particular options in each step too.

But that’s not all. You can also change the labels of the booking option and customize the booking steps. All you have to do is click on the edit icon for the labels or buttons that you want to change and enter the text that you want to add to the front-end booking panel. It’s that simple.

front end panels labels booknetic appointment booking plugin

Additionally, you can also translate the labels into different languages, which can be very useful for websites with international clients. Finally, you can enable or disable the entire customer panel if necessary in a few clicks.

2. Dedicated Admin Dashboard for Staff or Management

Since Booknetic is designed to make website admins’ life easier, it includes an informative dashboard in the backend. This dashboard has all the necessary details related to bookings and appointments that the operators might need.

For example, by default, you can view all the appointment records here. The appointment details include appointment ID, date, customer name, service, and payment. And if you need more information on any customer or appointment, you can simply create it using the “Info” buttons.

All these displayed details are from the appointments registered through the Booknetic appointment booking plugin and you can filter them as upcoming or pending appointments.

Moreover, the dashboard also shows all the number of appointments, duration in hours, total revenue, and pending appointments including all the appointment records throughout a certain period of time. You can view all this information in different periods too. The period can be set as today, yesterday, tomorrow, this week, this month, and this year.

If you want to view the records for a more specific time period, you can set custom dates. Simply select the dates you’re interested in from the dashboard using the calendars.

All in all, the dashboard is very useful and makes the management of appointments easy and efficient.

3. Multiple Reporting Modules

Reports are essential for any site to monitor whether they are going in the right direction or not. The Booknetic appointment booking plugin provides you with multiple reports to help you grow your business.

There are 4 major reports that you can analyze on your report dashboard. They include a bar graph for the number of appointments, a line graph for appointment earnings, and two pie charts that include the most earning locations and most earning staff.

All these reports can be viewed on certain time periods similar to that of the appointment records in the dashboard. You can monitor the two pie charts based on the current or previous week, month, or year, whereas you can monitor the reports for the Number of Appointments and Appointment Earnings based on days, months, or years.

These reports are extremely useful to have a clear snapshot of how your business is going and which areas need improvement. By analyzing this data, you can find trends and focus on different areas to grow your business.

Additionally, you can filter the reports for the Number of Appointments and Appointment Earnings according to service, location, and staff. This way, you can get a more in-depth analysis of the reports if needed.

4. Built-in Form Builder

The Booknetic appointment booking plugin also includes different options to add and customize the form that users need to fill in when scheduling an appointment.

It comes with a built-in form builder that allows you to easily create a custom form to add to the booking process by simply dragging and dropping elements.

The form builder includes all the elements that you need to create a form such as text input, text area, radio buttons, checkboxes, file uploads, and other fields. Additionally, you can also add date and time input elements that can be useful when creating a form for an appointment booking.

booknetic appointment booking plugin form builder

To create the form, you just need to drag and drop the elements to the form section and edit the options on the right side of your screen with the necessary details. Don’t forget to save the form once you finish. After that, check the form from the front end to make sure that everything is working as expected.

5. Multi-level Categories for Services and Staff Management

Another of the unique features of the Booknetic appointment booking plugin is that it lets you manage your services and staff as well. You can add all your team’s details to the booking system and use multilevel categories with the services.

You can simply list all the services provided by each team member with the list view and even add a service or category to group them. Additionally, you can select the graph view to edit and manage them with more flexibility as shown below.

services graph view booknetic appointment booking plugin

The tree graph view gives you a clear view of each service and the members of the team assigned to it. Additionally, you can divide a service into multi-level categories to make it easier to manage. Finally, you can also add new categories or services to the graph view in a couple of clicks.

Additional Features of Booknetic

We’ve had an in-depth look at some of the main features, but that’s not all. The Booknetic appointment booking plugin has some additional functionalities that are well worth mentioning.

  • Integration with Zoom: Booknetic has built-in integration with Zoom. This can be helpful if you want to let your customers have online meetings and conferences.
  • Sync with Google: Your customers can easily sync with their Google account for the booking process. They can then sync and share the Google calendar to manage their schedules for the appointments and bookings.
  • Email and SMS notification: Send email and SMS notifications to your customers and staff members regarding any appointments made from Booknetic. Your staff can also use email notifications to accept the appointments and speed up the process.
  • Multiple payment methods: Booknetic is well-equipped with payment methods like PayPal, Stripe, and on-site payments. More importantly, you can also use the WooCommerce payment methods if you have WooCommerce on your website.
  • Variety of templates: You can select from more than 5+ templates to design your booking form in the front-end panel for your customers.
  • Recurring appointments: You can allow your customers to repeat a previously placed appointment with just one click.
  • Visual translator module: The booking panel can be translated to any desired language along with RTL support. This can be very helpful if you want to provide booking services over international boundaries.
  • Well documented: Booknetic has many other features. The good news is that the plugin includes very detailed and well-organized documentation to help you get to know all the functionalities and how to use them properly.

Pricing Options

The Booknetic appointment booking plugin is a premium tool that’s available in the CodeCanyon marketplace. It starts at 79 USD and includes 6 months of premium support and updates.

price booknetic appointment booking plugin

Apart from great features, Booknetic also has excellent support which is always a big plus. That’s why it’s no surprise that this tool has 3000+ sales and extremely good reviews in CodeCanyon.

If you have a SaaS business, you’ll be happy to know that there’s also a dedicated SaaS version that starts at just 9 USD per month.

In any case, before buying the tool, we recommend you have a look at their demo to make sure it has the functionalities you need. The demo offers a great preview of what the plugin offers both for customers and admins.

Since you will have to download the plugin from a marketplace, you will need to install it manually on your website. If you need any help on that, you can go through our detailed guide on how to install a WordPress plugin manually.


All in all, if you’re looking for tools to better manage your appointments, you should check out Booknetic. It is one of the most feature-rich booking tools that provide a lot of scheduling and appointment options for your customers.

In this full review of the Booknetic appointment booking plugin, we’ve had a look at many of its benefits. Not only is this an excellent plugin to manage appointments but also a great tool to manage your staff and the services they provide. You can also easily create forms and take the scheduling of appointments on your site to the next level.

Even though it’s a paid plugin, it has a demo version that you can try. Additionally, it has excellent reviews and we think it’s good value for money.

If you found this article helpful, share it on social media to help your friends find the best tools to schedule appointments. What do you think of the Booknetic plugin? Have you tried it yet? Let us know in the comments below!