Create WooCommerce Funnels with CartFlows

Raise your hand if you are a WordPress businessman (or businesswoman) or you are soon-to-be! Welp, then you are in the right place. Because this article will give you one of the key secrets to a successful, customers-catching WordPress business!

I assume you already know the phenomenon called “WooCommerce”, but can you be more overwhelmed? Take a look at these figures and tell me your answer. Right now, according to hostingtribunal, there are 93,7% of all WordPress e-commerce sites are using WooCommerce plugin. Its usage distribution has reached 68%, making it the most popular plugin/module ever to exit on the internet! In short words, almost every site that sells goods and services is counting on WooCommerce. Amazing isn’t it? Can it get any more amazing? The answer is yes.

With a little bit of help, your WooCommerce site could be turned into a high-speed, highly efficient and automatic selling machine that works under your supervision. This little help is called CartFlows, the most effective WordPress Funnel Builder.

Let’s see why we should create WooCommerce Funnel with Cartlfows, and how!

Getting to Know CartFlows

Since CartFlows is a WordPress sales funnel builder, you need to know what a sales funnel is. Easily explained, a sales funnel comprises of steps a visitor takes that lead to them buying your product/services. A sales funnel exists whether you are aware of it or not, but if you do, you will have so bigger winning chances. This is why sales funnel builder plugins are created. Among the best, we have CartFlows, the mighty WooCommerce sales funnel builder developed by CartFlows Inc.

Set up on the world’s most renowned open platform, WordPress, CartFlows is the best ClickFunnels alternative. It will help build the most elegant and high functioning check-out process that you have all control over. Furthermore, each step of the way can be customized to earn you more sales by giving customers what they want and need. Basically, you will get more leads, more conversions and obviously more profits and not having to count on paid ads or other traffic generating tools.

To do so, CartFlows offers nummerous features, including:

  • Easy-to-use One-click system;
  • Templates that stand ready to import;
  • The ability to use your own page builder;
  • Conversion tested checkout;
  • Custom next step thank you pages;
  • One click order bumps (pro-version);
  • Unlimited upsells/downsells (pro-version);
  • And so many more!

Interesting enough? Let’s give it a closer look!

Core Features

  1. Perfect for Multiple Purposes

First thing I have to mention is the ability of CartFlows to adapt to all kinds of uses. Built with user satisfaction in mind, CartFlows aims to maximize the efficiency of all WooCommerce sites that it works with.

Whatever you sell, may it be online courses, ticket for events, any kind of services or physical product, or even product information, etc., CartFlows is bound to give you its help. Whether you are a local business, a startup, a personal brand, a real estate agent, an artist, a photographer or a private coach/trainer, CartFlows can befriend you!

To sum up: Any kind of e-commerce WordPress website, any kind of store owner, can be benefited by CartFlows.

  1. Easy and Ready-to-use Templates Import

As I mentioned the word ‘elegant’ when introducing CartFlows, the plugin offer its customers a wide variety of templates that are beautiful and high converting. Claiming to have ‘templates for everything’, CartFlows designs templates that will work with all popular page builders. They work with Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi Builder, The Architect, Gutenberg, you name it!

Customers can either import a meticulously crafted flow within a click of mouse, or they can build their own with chosen templates of their will. Like I said, you have all the control you need.

  1. Create Your Own Check-out Page

This is another think I really take to!

A normal checkout process if not optimized could be complicated yet inefficient. CartFlows fixes this problem by allowing you to replace the normal process with your optimized checkout. What are the advantages? Well, certainly this optimized check out process can help increase conversions! Encouraging customers to take more purchase-relating actions, it will result in making more money for you.

With the game-changing CartFlows plugin, you can bid your farewell to the same old WooCommerce checkout page that everyone has been using! Instead, now you can create a WooCommerce checkout page of your own. Feel free to design it according to your liking and set it as the default WooCommerce checkout template.

  1. Intelligent One-click Order Bumps

Now let’s get some taste of the upper heaven, shall we?

Why upper heaven I said? Because this is among the marvelous features possessed by the pro-version of CartFlows! You surely get what you pay for. With the intelligent One-click order bumps, you can easily add order bumps on your checkout page. “Why that?”, you asked? For your information, adding an additional offer on the final step of the funnel can get you a 10% – 30% chance of converting. Imagine how it would be with order bumps! If you sell online courses, for example, it would be a great idea to present several complimentary products such as course books or at the checkout page.

There are many other interesting and highly usable features of the pro versions that would rock your business, such as unlimited upsells/downsells, analytics and tracking of your high performing offers, etc.

Consider your priorities and give CartFlows pro-version some thoughts, maybe?

Detailed Guidance

As a reviewer, for those creators who have paid a nice level of attention to instruct their customer, I usually dedicate a paragraph where I will talk about how we can make the most of the Documentation. And clearly, it usually involves the use of the word “documentation”. But for CartFlows, I use the word “guidance”.

Why? Because honestly the team from CartFlows Inc is one of the most dedicated teams I have ever encountered in my WordPress career. Everything about CartFlows is introduced and instructed in deep details and with great care through the use of videos.

They have instruction and introduction videos for almost everything! May it be the overall introdution into CartFlows (which is a must-see vid if you use the plugin), or the template import feature, or the frictionless checkout process, or the order bumps, etc.

You should honestly check out those!

Wrapping Up

That’s it! I have just gone through reviewing one of the most thorough WordPress and WooCommerce sales funnel builder! In any case that you would like to own a Woo-Commerce website that is not only beautiful but is also able to automatically generate conversions for you, CartFlows is a great option to consider.

However, reading cannot compare itself to self-experiencing, right?! Then I highly recommend you to visit CartFlows’s site and see for yourself if I am exaggerating or not! Then come back and tell us your thoughts, will you?