3. Activation

Here we will explain how to activate the license in for your Tik Tok Feed PRO plugin.

3.1. Install Tik Tok Feed PRO

The Tik Tok Feed PRO extends the free version of the plugin that you can find in the WordPress repository and is required in order to work correctly.

1: After the TikTok Feed PRO installation you may see a red alert in your admin dashboard

2: Press the TikTok Feed button

3: After the installation, you’ll see a new button to activate the plugin, click on the Activate Plugin button and that’s all.

1: After the Instagram Gallery PRO and Instagram Gallery Free installation you’ll see a new tab in the WordPress admin dashboard.

2: Go to the license tab in Instagram Gallery/ License

3: Now you have to include your license and activation email and press the Save Changes button.

Go to the license tab in your QuadLayers Account