4. What is an API?

First, let’s understand what an API is and how this change affects TikTok Feed plugin. What is an API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is an intermediary, a tool that allows two applications to communicate with each other.

TikTok Feed uses the TikTok API to validate credentials from the users who are setting feeds on their Wordpress sites. This way, TikTok Feed can retrieve videos, images and information from TikTok and them on the feed.

4.1. When does the change take place?

Even though initially it was planned to change from TikTok query nodes to TikTok API in May 2022, TikTok query nodes stopped working before we had the new implementation.

This means that we had to start working on new solutions using TikTok API.

Now we are glad to say after July 16th, 2022 TikTok Feed will be working with TikTok Oficial API, but with these changes, some users may be losing some functionalities.

The hashtag feeds and trending feeds will stop working, as they are not supported by the API, and scrapping techniques aren't allowed in the WordPress repository.

We're working to provide again these features in the premium version of the plugin.

4.2. More details about the new TikTok API

Why did TikTok decide to disable its previous query nodes?

The main objective of the new update is to create an API that enables consumer use-cases while protecting user privacy and safety.

Nowadays, data protection is one of the biggest challenges on social media, so this API modification focuses on dealing with this problem and helping all API users be compliant with GDPR.

And what does this change include?

  • The new TikTok API introduces a new Basic Display API that requires all 3rd party apps and plugins to get permission to continue providing their functionalities. 
  • As the old query nodes are actually out of service since May 2022, so the tokens need to be reconfigured using the new interface to validate the access.

There are some differences between the new TikTok API and the old query nodes. Now you have the possibility to retrieve different data from TikTok.

For example:

  • User profile:
    • Display the name of the account
    • Avatar of the account
  • User videos:
    • Creation time of the video
    • Description
    • Title
    • Like count
    • Comment count
    • Share count
    • View count
    • Share URL

TikTok Feed is ready for these changes and offers the possibility to connect to the new TikTok API.

So to continue displaying the TikTok feeds on your site, make sure you update your TikTok Feed plugin to version 2.0 and follow the API validation process.