1. Tik Tok Feed Creation

Once you click on the Feeds tab in the WP Tik Tok Feed plugin in your WordPress panel, you will see:
- Sample feed.
- Button to create and edit new feeds

2. New Feed creation

2.1 General Tab

When you create a new feed, on the general tab you have to select:
* Feed from a tag or username
* Type of display: Masonry or Gallery
* Quantity of videos to display and quantity of columns.

Don't forget to save your changes.

2.2 Video Tab

On the video tab you can set up:
* Video type: Default, Origin, or Dynamic.
* Video spacing between each one, according to the space distribution on your site.
* The radius of videos displayed.
* Display or not a mask over the video, and its customization:
- The color of the mask.
- Display or not, over the mask the number of likes.
- Display or not, over the mask the number of comments.

2.3 Pop-UpTab

At PopUp tab is possible to customize:
* Display the popup the video or not, once clicking on the image. If you select that option, also could decide what to include on that popup:
- To show or not profile user or tag info.
- Display or not video text info.
- Visualize or not the number of likes.
- To show or not the number of comments.
* The position where to display the selected data on the popup: Botton, top, left or right.

2.4 Button Tab

On the button tab you can:
*Display or not a button after the feed, to guide you to TikTok site.
* The text to display on that button.
* The appearance of the button:
- Mask color.
- Color when you pass the mouse over.