5. Products

The License manager allows to integrate simple and variable products.

5.1. Simple product integration

Once the product is integrated in your backend, when creating a new simple product will appear a checkbox to add "License" for that product.
If you select this check for that product,this will genert three additionaal block of settings in the product backend configuration:
- License
- Software
- Wordpress

5.2. Variable product integration

When creating a variable product in and checking license box.
The setting will also show 'Software' and 'Wordpress' options. License settings will be displayed in each variant of the product.
To set up the license options for each variant should be extended the 'license tab options'.

5.3. Software configuration at product settings

On this section you will find the setting options to integrate the API (click aquí para ver developer integration):

  • API URL definition
  • Product Key
  • Secret Key
  • Product Version

Note that these are the settings you’ll have to include in the client integration file of your license client.

You can find more information about how to integrate the license client into your products in this section.

Keep in mind that the product version is used to trigger the update notice in the admin panel of your plugins.

5.4. WordPress settings at product configuration

This section allows to customise the product information as: author name, WordPress requirements, latest release version, product site details, top and footer banner icon. Here is also possible to define alerts based on updates and any other product description or image gallery.

Estas características del producto serán visibles desde la sección “plugins” de wordpress.

5.5. License settings inside product variables

In this section you could set the options related to the license per product variable as:
- Define a prefix.
- To require or not the email for license validation.
- Define maximun of active installations per license.
- Set automatic updates
- Define support service type per license and limit service after license expirantion.
- Definition of license duration and define renewal process and price.

La vista dependerá si se trata de un producto simple o uno variable.

5.5.1. Simple product

In this section we will detail some important considerations before setting license per simple product:

5.5.2. Variable product

Settings options:

  • Period: period is the time duration time between the activation and the expiration of the license defined. This could be defined in different selected time units, days, months, or years. The renewal or update period will define the extension of the original period defined in counting at that moment.
    To check available renewal options, check the following Link.
  • Activations: the number of available activations allowed per license. Depending on the license types created could be set different limits. Also needs to be set limits per expired licenses.
  • Support: if this option is active, it creates a status of the support based on the license expiration time. Note that this plugin doesn't offer any kind of integration with any support system, but you can use this status to develop your own.
  • Updates: this functionality allows the automatic updates to be enabled or not. Also could be defined if it will allow updates or not after the expiration date of the license.
  • Automatic updates selection: Here will be defined the file to be updated automatically.