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The Best Elementor Mega Menu addons for WordPress

Elementor is one of the best Drag and Drop page builders available in the WordPress market. Its sheer number of features, ease of use, and integration with tons other addons make it one of the best tools for your website. Using this fantastic tool, you can completely manage your website’s UX and UI without even bothering with the coding.

Similarly, an essential part of your website’s UX is its navigation. Everything from menus to sidebars that make it easy for your viewers to browse through various sections of your website. Moreover, if your site’s sufficiently large with tons of content, it’s a great idea to use mega menus. Mega menus let you create a compact yet fully realized navigation menu with links to a wide range of pages without actually taking a lot of space.

The integration of Elementor mega menu addons makes it so that you can employ a vast number of Mega menu services. Use premium plugins like QuadMenu without leaving the comfort of Elementor’s Drag and Drop builder interface. Improve your online store’s accessibility, improve product sales and conversions, flourish your blogs, and more. The opportunities are endless with mega menus.

So, Today at QuadLayer’s blog, we present you with this list of the best Elementor Mega Menu addons that you can use!


elementor mega menu - quadmenu

QuadMenu is one of the most exceptional Mega Menu plugins available out there. And its Elementor mega menu addon isn’t anything to scoff at. You can easily use the QuadMenu module directly without any compatibility issues.

Enable a mega menu optimized for both Desktop and Mobile devices. Choose from 4 unique layouts that work perfectly even on touchscreens. You can also customize themes, mega menu widths, and personalize your mega menus, straight from Elementor’s page builder interface.

Additionally, you can also enable unique menu items directly onto your mega menus. This includes carousels, login, carts, and more. Moreover, QuadMenu also fits into your theme automatically and meshes perfectly with the rest of your website. No need to worry about customizing your theme itself; this smart plugin has you completely covered!

Essentially, when you’re getting this Elementor Mega Menu plugin, you’re getting these features:

  • Perfect mobile and touchscreen compatibility.
  • Easy to use and easy to customize.
  • Four unique layouts to explore.
  • Perfect integration with your WordPress themes.
  • Premium animations and flexible menu items.

Learn more about the QuadMenu plugin here and experience one of the best mega menu plugins that you could ever find.

Additionally, you can learn more about QuadMenu’s integration with Elementor here.

Clever Mega Menu

elementor mega menu - Clever mega menu

If you’re looking for customizability for your mega menus, then Clever Mega Menu can be the perfect pick for you. With zero coding required, you can fully customize everything about your Mega Menu. The appearances, layouts, backgrounds, and more; Straight from Elementor itself! Choose from vertical and horizontal menu designs and place in various kinds of menu modules. Moreover, Clever Mega Menu provides you with a massive assortment of drop-down menu items to play around with.

Enjoy a responsive menu experience that is designed to be perfectly mobile-ready. Your menus will resize correctly to fit any screen size and resolution. Additionally, Using Clever Mega Menu is entirely stress-less. Whether it be menu customization or site compatibility, this Elementor addon has you covered.

Essentially, the primary services you’re provided with here are:

  • Retina ready, flexible menu building features.
  • Tons of drop-down menu items and rich in content modules.
  • It comes with perfected presets that you can apply instantly.
  • Curated documentation and a dedicated support team ensure that you never feel lost using this mega menu service.

Learn more about Clever Mega Menu and how it operates with Elementor here.


elementor mega menu - JetMenu

Here’s an entirely native Elementor Mega Menu option you can try out. JetMenu is one of the best premium mega menu addons you can enable for Elementor. And it is all thanks to its multimedia features. Add videos, shops, maps, or even advanced contact forms straight to your mega menus. JetMenu is built to power your creativity when it comes to enabling your mega menu. Adding items is a simple task. Simply drag your widgets and media items directly onto your mega menu from Elementor. JetMenu is also the ultimate shop-ready mega menu with its WooCommerce features. Directly add WooCommerce items and Products to create a featured section for your shop.

Additionally, you can also add blogs and even a Latest Feed menu item. Ensure that your mega menu ultimately reflects everything that your website has to offer. The Widget ready design of JetMenu is simply outstanding.

Additionally, JetMenu also lets you enable vertical and horizontal mega menus. Personalization is a key factor here too. Its completely flexible appearance options help your website, and your navigation options stand out better. Backgrounds, accent colors, menu dimensions, and more. You can customize them all to your heart’s content!

So, to highlight, with JetMenu what you are getting is:

  • Fantastic multimedia ready mega menu items.
  • Completely widgetizable with options for maps, contact forms, blog feeds, and more.
  • Completely EShop ready with options for adding WooCommerce products directly to the mega menu.
  • Very flexible appearance that requires zero coding knowledge.
  • Colossal number of list and menu options that you can enable; All of which blend perfectly with the rest of your menu customizations.

Learn more about the full range of JetMenu’s abilities and what you can do with it here.

Max MegaMenu

Max Mega Menu is an exquisite option for enabling attractive mega menus to your website. Moreover, its also a great Free option in itself, with a wide number of features enabled even on the free version. Enable an unlimited number of drop-down menus with a considerable amount of advanced menu options and widgets to play around with. Moreover, Max Mega menu also comes with nifty features for mobile integration. This includes inherent touch-ready features, off-canvas menu styles, and even an animated hamburger menu for you to enable. Perfectly fine-tune your website to efficiently work on any mobile browsers!

Additionally, you can also enable cool customizations to your mega menu using this Elementor addon. This includes scrolling effects, custom CSS3 animations, sub-menu styles, unique icons, and much more.

Some of the core features of this mega menu you might be interested in are:

  • Completely retina ready and touch responsive.
  • It provides features for submenu styles, hamburger menus, and off-canvas menu styles.
  • Colossal number of premium features, even on the free version.
  • Custom CSS3 animations, fade, hover, and additional menu effects.

Learn how you can enable Max mega menu and all its features on Elementor here.


If you want to have the best experience building your mega menu straight from the comfort of Elementor, then Uber Menu is the perfect option for you. Enjoy a wide area of custom style designs for use drop-down mega menus. Including style presents and tons of hover effects and click effects. You can enable these on your drop-down menu straight from Elementor. Additionally, you also get 20 styles presets, and you can add images and shortcodes directly to your menu items. You can also add widgets and completely widgetize your menus according to your desire.

Moreover, Uber menu also lets you freely enable slide and fade effects as well as enable vertical, horizontal orientations for your menu. Additionally, all of these customizations reflect perfectly on mobile devices, as well. So compatibility with touch devices and mobile devices is not something you have to worry about when using.

With UberMenu on Elementor, you can enjoy amazing features such as :

  • 20+ custom style presets for sub-menus.
  • Vertical and Horizontal menu options with Mobile-ready features.
  • Customizable animations, click effects, fade effects, and more.
  • Allows for the addition of images, shortcodes, and descriptions to menu items.
  • Completely widgetizable submenus.

You can find detailed documentation regarding the UberMenu’s integration with Elementor here.

The Plus

elementor mega menu - the plus mega menu

And the final addition for our list of best Elementor Mega menus is The Plus. Perfectly optimized for Elementor; The Plus comes with some of the best mega menu customizations you can perform on the drag and drop page builder. This includes perfectly customizing margins, paddings, orientations, fonts, typographies, and much more. Enable Vertical and Horizontal mega menus with complete control over all the submenu items. Add in tooltips, indicators, and descriptions for specific menu items. The amount of typography and text control you have on The Plus is completely insane.

The animations vary a lot, but each one of them is so crisp and smooth. These animations and item options you can enable show up correctly on any platform. Similarly, Retina readiness and compatibility are certain things that The Plus has an ace over.

Let’s highlight some of The Plus Mega menu’s best features:

  • Perfectly optimized for Elementor Page builder.
  • Full range of menu customizations including typography control.
  • Easily customize labels and section texts straight from Elementor.
  • Lets you enable Navigation icons and Indicators with additional texts.
  • Crisp, Mobile ready animations, slide, and hover effects.

But that’s not all that you get from using The Plus’ Elementor addon. Learn more about how you can reach the full extent of this fantastic Mega menu here.

Best Elementor Mega Menu Addons

And that ends our list of the best Elementor Mega menu add-ons that you can use to create the perfect navigation for your websites. Its undoubtedly attractive how flexible these mega menu options can be, even more so with Elementor. From direct menu customizations to enabling various menu items; Each Mega Menu brings something new to the table when it comes to Elementor’s widget options.

But there are other comparisons to be made when we’re comparing some of the finest Mega Menu plugins available out there. And it goes further and beyond the simple scope of Elementor’s integration. Comparing valid features such as Ease of use, UI features, Pro license costs, Freeware availability are all valid areas of discussions.

For example, QuadMenu has both a Free and Premium option; Similar to Other Mega Menu options such as Max mega menu. However, some options, such as UberMenu, lack this free option. Additionally, there are also other features that can be quite hard to judge: Everything from Customizability to Layouts and Style options. All of which require a more in-depth approach to analysis.

Therefore, if you’re in the market for Mega Menu options, you should definitely check out demos for each option and maybe even try out the Free versions. You can start with QuadMenu’s free version here. You can also check out its demo clicking on this link.

Moreover, if you want a better comparison between the best WordPress Mega Menu plugins, then we highly recommend you check out this article.

However, we’d love to know what you think of these Mega Menu plugins. Tell us about your experience using mega menus and what you expect from your ideal Mega menu plugins. We’re always happy to hear more from you!