8 Tips for Making Money with WordPress

If you are thinking of setting up an online business, welcome to making money with WordPress – where dreamers realize their dreams, including dreams of multi-million dollar businesses.

Why do I claim WordPress as the dreamland for businesses? Well, let’s take a look at what you need for a successful business. Some start-up costs? A good business idea? Vast knowledge? Large market? Fair competition? Nice location?

WordPress can meet them all.

As the largest online platform with a huge community sharing the same roof, WordPress first solves your worries of the business location. Competition, although high, is completely fair and straightforward, encouraging you to reach higher. What is more, WordPress could offer you the biggest demand, with a wide variety of knowledge and ideas of many kinds. The market is so big that WordPress gets 175 million page views a month  Most importantly, online business doesn’t require so much start-up expense. Enlightening, huh?

All you need is just some brilliant ideas about what to do to get that easy money. Ideas ideas … Where to get those? Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you “Tips Sharing for Making Money with WordPress” as my answer to you.

Quick Tips for Making Money with WordPress

All in all, there are 5 types of monetizing WordPress:

Offer Paid Blog Content

  1. Premium Content/Membership

There are many ways to monetize your WordPress blog content, but the most wide-spread way is to sell high quality and premium content through membership. Whoever wishes to access premium content has to pay to get that privilege. The most crucial point in selling high-quality content is making that content really “high-quality” and worthy of buying.

For example, many WordPress websites offer specialized and hard-to-find content like high-resolution comic books, market insights, research statistics, etc. for the VIP access. Many people are interested in such content because they can apply this knowledge in their corresponding fields. One more thing you have to pay attention to is to maintain the exclusivity level of your content. Check frequently and add more exclusive content regularly! With all of these combined, you’ll manage to convince your random visitors to become your long-term customers.

  1. Google Adsense Ads

Another kind of blog content that can be purchased is CPC ads (CPC standing for cost-per-click) and you can do this through Google Adsense. All you need to do is to add a Google script to your WordPress website and begin displaying ads. Every time someone is clicking on the ad, you will get paid.

  1. Product Reviews

If that’s not your choice either, maybe you should go for writing reviews. You will try out products related to your field, and then get paid for writing a review about them.

Sell Products and Services

selling products or services

So many things, both physical and digital products, and services could be put on sale on WordPress websites. We will cover each type one by one as follows:

  1. Sell Digital Products

Let’s start with digital products, shall we? The most popular digital products we have include e-books and online courses. E-books are the easiest to write and create, especially if you have written articles before. If that’s the case, you can collect relevant articles and put them in an e-book.

The design could be done on Canva or PDF for an easier process. Tada, now you have several books you can sell! Online courses are something that requires more time and efforts, hence you can sell them at a higher price range of course. Besides lessons which are a must, you will also need supporting materials like slides, checklists, templates, videos, infographics, and so on. Moreover, maybe you will also need to design different types of courses according to market demands. Normally, there will be two tiers: basic courses without further help and premium courses that grant support through emails.

For digital products, you may need some plugins to help. For example, if you sell an online course, an LMS (learning management systems) plugin could be a great deal of assistance. In this case, LearnDash would be my choice.

  1. Digital Services

Freelance services, online consultancy, and coaching of many kinds could be easily found on WordPress nowadays. And if you are thinking of making money with Word-Press, this could be the one for you – of course, if you are gifted for it.

If you have talents in writing, designing, and developing stuff, you should set up a “hire me” page on your WordPress website right away. Being a freelancer is one of the most favored ways since it doesn’t cost you much investment money. But in cases that you don’t have any of these talents, instead, you have built up knowledge and expertise, then be a consultant or a coach. Adding value to people’s careers or improving their life is a wonderful feeling for consultants and coaches.

  1. Physical Products

WooCommerce is the answer for those who want to establish shops on WordPress websites. With WooCommerce you could sell almost anything. It will help you maintain catalogs, price products, manage order status, or even create coupons.

Develop and Sell WordPress Themes and Plugins

If you are a coder, you can make a living through developing and selling WordPress themes and plugins. Anyway, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are always there to give you the assistance you need. Besides, if you sell themes, there’s a huge market for you to place your masterpieces on with an incredible number of buyers ready to take a look at your products. Yes, I’m talking about ThemeForest. If you don’t have so much coding experience or skills. you could also customize existing themes and sell these under the form of service.

There is also this among designers regarding theme designing. Designers choose among GPL licensed themes from WordPress.org, modify it, add a little bit of their taste to rebrand it and sell as their own, which you can try!

Do Video/Audio Podcasts for Making Money with WordPress

podcast or video

Text content on WordPress websites is everyone has been doing for ages, and people have begun the search for something new. That was when video and audio podcasts jumped into the picture. It has got so popular that as of August 2019, there are about 700,000 podcasts with a minimum of 27 million episodes available online.

If you like to communicate, to get your ideas across, to share knowledge through the form of talking, you are suited for a new trend and should join it. Once you decide so, all you need for a start will be a microphone, high-quality headphones, an audio/video editing software, video calling software for interviews, and finally, a WordPress site to upload the video/audio to. You can either generate income through online purchases for downloading the audio/videos or make it under the form of paid membership just like with the text content.

Become a Third-party Platform

Another way I find it very intriguing in making money with WordPress is to become a third-party platform. Two types of third-party platforms that are popular as always is a market place and an auction platform.

If you think of being a market place, you will need the help from such plugin like WC Vendors to turn a normal WooCommerce site into a multi-vendor platform. You could earn money by charging registered vendors of opening fees, charging commissions on each purchase, or offering membership package for vendors’ listings.

In case you prefer to be an auction platform, like eBay, you will need multi-vendor and auction add-ons besides WooCommerce!

Making Money with WordPress Starts Now

So that’s a wrap! Now it’s time for you to base on these to find out what you’d like to do, what you want to do, and what you’re gifted to do. Merge them and we will have the final answer what you should do on WordPress to generate money!