Best news aggregator plugins for WordPress

7 Best News Aggregator Plugins for WordPress

Even though many people currently read the news on social media platforms, news aggregators are still quite popular. They’re an excellent way to boost traffic on your site and improve user engagement. So, in this post, we’ll have a look at some of the best news aggregator plugins for WordPress.

What are news aggregators?

Simply put, news aggregators are sites that gather content (articles) from other websites, categorize them, and post them. Some of the most famous ones are Feedly, Google News, Panda, and Flipboard. These sites classify posts under relevant tags so that visitors can easily find what they want to read. This way, users get relevant updates from various sources in one place, instead of having to visit different sites. To make that happen, news aggregator websites make use of RSS feeds, and this is where news aggregator plugins for WordPress come into play.

RSS, short for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary, is content syndication that allows visitors to read news gathered from other websites in a feed that automatically updates. So, if you want to create a news site or news feed, news aggregator plugins are your best choice.

Even though some say that news feeds aren’t as popular as before, more than 22.5 million people use news feeds every month in the United States alone. So you should not miss out on this huge source of traffic!

Why use News Aggregator Plugins for WordPress?

News aggregator plugins are the best way to incorporate RSS feeds on your site. Let’s briefly see why.

  • Convenient: The basic function of any news aggregator is to search, collect, and compile news and then display them on your website. So, it saves you from doing the exhausting work.
  • Highly time-saving: Since you don’t have to wander from one news source to another, you end up saving a lot of time.
  • Automatic and effective: Apart from automatically updating news from multiple sources to your website’s feed, some plugins come with additional functions such as item categorizing, keyword filtering, styling options, and more.
  • Easy-to-use: Most news aggregator plugins are super easy to use for both WordPress website owners and their visitors.

Best News Aggregator Plugins For WordPress

The best news aggregator plugins for WordPress are:

  1. Feedzy RSS Feeds (Free and Premium)
  2. WP RSS Aggregator (Free)
  3. Curated WordPress RSS Aggregator (Premium)
  4. FeedWordPress (Free)
  5. RSSImport (Free)
  6. Continuous RSS Scrolling (Free)
  7. RSS Includes Pages (Free)

Now, let’s see what each of them has to offer.

1. Feedzy RSS Feeds

If you’re familiar with news aggregator plugins for WordPress, you must have heard about Feedzy. Developed by the famous ThemeIsle team, this renowned tool is one of the most popular of its kind. It has more than 40,000 active installations and a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Claiming to be the most powerful news aggregator, Feedzy makes it easier than ever to Autoblog, curate content, import, and show RSS feeds on your site. But aren’t those the same functions you can find in any RSS feed plugin? Let’s see why Feedzy stands out from other tools.


  • Extremely easy to use: All of its features are easy to use, making it the perfect option for new website owners.
  • Built with multi-purposed orientation, the plugin can adapt to whatever goal you’re pursuing. Regardless of whether you run a finance, technology, sport, or e-commerce site, Feedzy has got you covered.
  • The free version doesn’t offer a lot of features but they are enough to make your site stand out. Some notable functionalities are bulk import, feed organizing, easy display of RSS feeds, automatic import, and the number of items controlling.
  • Good for SEO overall.


  • Bugs and small errors here and there.
  • Some customers say the premium features aren’t worth it and suggest sticking with the free version.


Feedzy has a basic free version and 3 premium options that start at 50 USD.

2. WP RSS Aggregator

With more than 60,000 downloads, WP RSS Aggregator ranks as one of the best news aggregator plugins for WordPress. Notably, not only does it work for RSS feeds but also for any atom feeds. Due to its great features and ease of use, WP RSS Aggregator is one of the most popular news add-ons out there.


  • Ability to import unlimited news from an unlimited number of websites.
  • You can set separate feed sources to update new articles automatically.
  • Ability to import YouTube videos to your site.
  • Easy content sources management.
  • Template customization, so you can adapt it to match your site’s design.
  • Built-in shortcode.


  • Overall, customer service and support are not highly appreciated.
  • Some users complain that the add-on sometimes fails to work.


WP RSS Aggregator is free.

3. Curated WordPress RSS Aggregator

Creativeminds is a prestigious software brand that has made its name in the WordPress community. They have recently released Curated WordPress RSS Aggregator to take their share in the thriving news aggregator business. And the best news is that it lives up to the expectations. This plugin doesn’t simply import and display news. It aggregates multiple RSS feeds to build a list of feeds by arranging and curating the content according to categories and topics. This smart feature makes it a great tool for content marketing as well.

Some of Curated WordPress RSS Aggregator’s main pros and cons are:


  • Smart filter feeds: Users can add positive and negative keywords for each feed source. So, that it will only import content that matches positive keywords and avoid those that contain negative ones.
  • Multiple feeds creation and combination: Use a shortcode to create as many lists of feeds from multiple feed sources. Then use another shortcode to combine them on any page.
  • Ability to renew/refresh feed content based on interval parameters.
  • Creative style and visual features including image and favicon, date information for the last update, wide images, and more.
  • Detailed product user guide and a variety of video tutorials.
  • Many more excellent features.


  • Quality has yet to be widely tested since the purchase number is not large.
  • Some features require a bit of coding knowledge (i.e., knowledge about using shortcodes).


Curated WordPress RSS Aggregator is a premium plugin that starts at 39 USD.

4. FeedWordPress

Not as well-known and widely used as Feedzy or WP RSS Aggregator, FeedWordPress is an open-source software developed by Charles Johnson as a personal project. Its principle is simple. It helps you gather content from different feeds into your site and display them as a series of special posts in the database. Despite a modest background, FeedWordPress has earned its reputation in the niche as one of the best news aggregator plugins for WordPress.


  • Easy-to-use and time-saving: Site owners can import and display feeds on their site with a few clicks.
  • Designed with flexibility and configuration in mind, FeedWordPress makes the setup and customization process effortless.
  • Helpful documentation where you can find further options and functionalities.


  • As a personal and non-profit project, FeedWordPress doesn’t receive as many updates as other tools.
  • Support is provided, but it can be a bit slow.


FeedWordPress is 100% free of charge.

5. RSSImport

RSSImport is a top news aggregator plugin with a basic focus on displaying RSS feeds. Thanks to this, it does an excellent job and it offers several ways to display feeds including PHP, widgets, or shortcodes.


  • Lots of examples of how to use PHP, shortcodes, and widgets.
  • Detailed guidance for old versions of WordPress.
  • Multiple shortcodes with careful instructions and examples.
  • CSS customization.
  • Highly-praised support. Quick and detailed answers in the FAQ section.


  • There are many options but some of them need a bit of polishing to work smoothly.
  • Several important options are missing, including the date format.
  • It hasn’t been updated for several months.


RSSImport is a free plugin.

6. Continuous RSS Scrolling

So far, we have gone through 5 of the best news aggregator plugins for WordPress that let you import and display feeds. Continuous RSS Scrolling is a bit different. As its name suggests, this plugin takes a different approach to display RSS feeds. It creates a vertical scroll and displays the RSS feed in the widget area. Note that this scroll only includes post titles for easy reading.


  • Unique scroller setting.
  • No coding knowledge needed since the installation process is easy. Simply activate the plugin, and drag and drop the widget to the sidebar.
  • Speed and delay control options.


  • Not many features or options.
  • Minor bugs here and there.


Continuous RSS Scrolling is a free tool.

7. RSS Includes Pages

Instead of including posts, RSS Includes Pages displays RSS feeds as pages. This is particularly suitable for WordPress websites where pages make up a large part of the content.

It’s important to note that this plugin doesn’t create new feeds, it adds pages and custom post types to existing feeds.


  • Very easy to use.
  • Quick support with detailed answers in FAQs.
  • Large user community with 30,000+ members.


  • The free version is quite basic. Many cool features are only available in the premium version.
  • Poor theme compatibility.


RSS Includes Pages is a freemium tool. It has a free version and a premium plan that costs 10 USD.

WordPress News Aggregator Plugins: Final Thoughts

All in all, these are the best news aggregator plugins for your WordPress site. By offering news in one place in an organized way, these are great tools to boost traffic and improve engagement.

So which one should you choose? Any news aggregator can import and display RSS feeds on your site. However, to make the feeds stylish, up-to-date, and functional, you have to carefully weigh up the options. For example, if you’re just starting, you can choose something basic and easy to use like FeedWordPress. On the other hand, if you need your RSS feeds content for SEO ranking, consider Feedzy or Curated WordPress RSS Aggregator. But if you have a sophisticated, multi-branched website that needs special care for RSS Feeds, Curated WordPress RSS Aggregator is your best choice. Want something out of the ordinary? Continuous RSS Scrolling and RSS Includes Pages are excellent options.

Have you used any of these plugins? What are your thoughts on them? Let us know in the comment section below!

Finally, if you want more tools to improve user engagement, check out our list of the best quiz plugins for WordPress.


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