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Best Plugins to Autocomplete WooCommerce Orders (Free and Paid)

Do you want to improve your checkout and boost conversion rates? Why not using tools to automatically complete customers’ orders after they pay? In this post, we’ll have a look at some of the best plugins to autocomplete WooCommerce orders.

The process of optimizing your checkout experience is multi-faceted. You can choose to remove fields to simplify the checkout, use multi-currency plugins, offer many payment options, and more. To learn more about this, we recommend you have a look at our guide on how to optimize the WooCommerce checkout. One of the most effective measures is to use autocomplete order plugins. But before we have a look at our dedicated list, let’s better understand why you should use this type of tool.

Why use plugins to autocomplete orders?

WooCommerce, by default, instantly changes the order status of any virtual and downloadable products to Completed when your customer places an order. However, this only applies to virtual and downloadable products. If you want to enable autocomplete orders for your physical products or any other paid items, you’ll either need to do so using a dedicated plugin or a PHP script as we described in this post.

But why enable autocomplete processing for your orders? To avoid delays between your shoppers purchase a product and the order is confirmed. This delay usually occurs when customers pay using payment gateways such as PayPal or Authorize.Net and vary from a few minutes to a few days. Apart from affecting customers’ experience, it can also affect conversion rates if the shopper decides to cancel the order before it’s completed.

That’s why autocompleting orders is an excellent solution to optimize your checkout process and make it smoother. You can save a lot of time for your customers by allowing zero delays between ordering their products and completing their orders. This also takes away the need for manual intervention from your side to process and complete the order for your products.

So, by autocompleting WooCommerce orders, your customers won’t have to wait to get a confirmation for the items they buy and can access them instantly. This is especially useful for virtual and downloadable products so if you sell these types of products, using autocomplete WooCommerce order plugins is an excellent solution to save time and automate your website.

Now, let’s have a look at our list of the best plugins to enable autoComplete WooCommerce orders.

Best plugins to autocomplete WooCommerce orders

The best plugins to autocomplete orders in WooCommerce are:

  1. Autocomplete WooCommerce Orders (Free)
  2. Automatic Payment status WooCommerce (Premium)
  3. WooCommerce Order Status Control (Premium)
  4. WooCommerce Auto Complete Virtual Orders (Premium)
  5. WunderAutomation (Free)

Let’s have a look at what each of them has to offer.

1) Autocomplete WooCommerce Orders

plugins to autocomplete woocommerce orders - autocomplete woocommerce orders

Starting off our list, there’s AutoComplete WooCommerce Orders. It’s a free plugin that allows you to automate order processing in WooCommerce. This tool not only lets you enable autocomplete orders for paid virtual orders but also all paid orders. Additionally, you can activate it for all the orders on your website. But that’s not all. The plugin’s real charm comes with its PayPal integration that allows you to ensure that you only process orders that have been paid for.

AutoComplete WooCommerce Orders’ main goal is to help your shoppers save time during the checkout confirmation. That way, you’ll improve customer satisfaction by handing off their WooCommerce orders without making them wait. On top of that, you can allow users to pay securely using PayPal, and with its Embedded Payment Data Transfer features, you can make sure that all your WooCommerce products receive a secure payment.

plugins to autocomplete woocommerce orders -autocomplete orders settings

With PayPal and AutoComplete integration, you ensure that your users receive the transaction details and that the automation never breaks.

To learn more about this plugin and how you can enable it to autocomplete orders on your site check out this post. Additionally, for more information about the plugin and all its features, we recommend you have a look at the documentation as well.


The best part is that AutoComplete WooCommerce Orders is 100% free and you can download it from the WordPress repository.

2) Automatic Payment Status WooCommerce

plugins to autocomplete woocommerce orders - automatic payment status woocommerce

Automatic Payment Status for WooCommerce lets your customers save a lot of time during checkout by allowing you to change the order status to completed instantly. That means that you can instantly autocomplete all your paid orders. Additionally, this tool is intuitively designed to be as hassle-free as possible for both you and your shoppers. You only need to enable a simple option for the plugin to save valuable time.

With Automatic Payment Status you can enable autocomplete WooCommerce orders for products with the following status:

  • No changes
  • For orders with at least one virtual product
  • For orders with virtual products only
  • All orders (paid or otherwise)

Your customers also receive a single email regarding the processing instead of the usual emails regarding ‘new,’ ‘pending,’ ‘processing,’ or ‘completed orders.’ This plugin’s simple and effective nature makes it one of the best plugins to autocomplete WooCommerce orders.


Automatic Payment Status is a premium plugin that’s available for 29 USD (one-time payment) and includes 1 year of updates and support.

3) WooCommerce Order Status Control

WooCommerce Order Status Control provides you with more than just control over autocompleting orders. This native WooCommerce extension lets you autocomplete any of your paid WooCommerce products without the need for human intervention.

By autocompleting orders, you will simplify the process of running your online shop. You can enable this for all your paid orders or just the virtual ones. WooCommerce Order Status Control is very easy to use and will help you and your customers save time.

Additionally, as this tool is a native WooCommerce extension, you can expect a smooth integration.


This is a premium plugin that will set you back 29 USD per year.

4) WooCommerce Auto Complete Virtual Orders

plugins to autocomplete woocommerce orders - autocomplete orders for woocommerce

If you’re running a website with tons of virtual products, then this is the ideal plugin for you. Enjoy a premium tool that offers all the right features you need to enable a simple solution to enable autoprocessing of your paid orders. This plugin lets you enable autocomplete products for both free and paid orders with zero configurations. On top of that, WooCommerce Auto Complete Virtual Orders helps you eliminate the need for manually verifying your orders for all your virtual products, including your software or subscription services.

Additionally, it has full compatibility with WooCommerce Subscriptions which allows you to enable autocomplete orders for your subscription services.


WooCommerce Auto Complete Virtual Orders is a premium plugin that has two plans. You can pay 19 USD per year for a single site or a 59 USD one-time fee.

5) WunderAutomation

wunderautomation plugin

WunderAutomation has a different approach to autocompleting orders. It’s more of an alternative to Zapier or IFFT tools in the sense that it automates certain WooCommerce and WordPress actions for you. So, how does that work? If you’re looking for more in-depth control over autocompleting WooCommerce orders, you can program WunderAutomation to change the order status of any WooCommerce virtual orders to completed instantly. Its flexible approach to autocompleting orders provides you with the option to include extra conditions and checks.

Additionally, you can also choose to add more actions alongside autocompleting WooCommerce orders. This includes adding an order note or sending a customized WooCommerce email to your customers. If you want better control over your website and WooCommerce actions, this free plugin is a very good option.


WunderAutomation is a free tool and you can download it from the WordPress repository.


In conclusion, by autocompleting orders, you eliminate delays between the time your shoppers purchase a product and their order is confirmed. By default, WooCommerce changes the order status to Completed for virtual and downloadable. However, it doesn’t allow you to do it for other products. And that’s why autocompleting order plugins come in handy.

By automatically marking orders as Completed, you will improve your customers’ buying experience. On top of that, you will save time by automating the process and eliminating the need to manually complete the orders.

So, which of these plugins is the best? All these tools are excellent and will get the job done. However, some of them have different approaches. For example, WunderAutomation works quite well if you know what you’re doing and you’re used to using tools such as IFTTT or Zapier. On the other hand, if you’re a beginner, you’ll have a much easier time with a plugin such as WooCommerce Automatic Payment Status.

However, considering features and value for money, Autocomplete WooCommerce Orders is your best choice. It’s free, very easy to use, and comes with great features to autocomplete orders work and help you optimize the checkout. Additionally, it comes with PayPal integration, making the check out even more secure and convenient for your customers.

If you’re looking for other ways to enable autocomplete orders on your site, check out this guide. Finally, to learn more about how to improve your checkout, we recommend you have a look at our tutorial to optimize the WooCommerce checkout.

Do you know any other tools to autocomplete orders? What other plugins should we include on our list? Let us know in the comments section below!


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