WhatsApp Button for WordPress

The secret of every web business success is to convert your visitors in customs and of course your customer’s happiness. One of the most important keys is to have an easily reachable customer support service.

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging system in the world and available in more than 100 countries. With 1.5 billion monthly active users, I’m pretty sure most of our users use WhatsApp as their main message app.

This is the main reason you should include direct access in your website to your WhatsApp, and today we will show you this WhatsApp button plugin that you can easily integrate into your WordPress.

WhatsApp Chat WP

WhatsApp button for WordPress

WhatsApp Chat WP is a freemium plugin, this means it has a paid version and a free version that allows you to activate some advanced features.

This plugin allows you to include a WhatsApp button on your website where the visitors can click to be redirected to your phone number on their phones or desktops browsers.

WhatsApp Chat

WhatsApp Chat also allows you to include a contact box that will be shown when the user makes the click in the WhatsApp button. Here you can include some extra contact details like the phone number, names, and jobs position.

We must stand out that the free version as a limit to include one contact number, but this limit will be removed if you install the premium version.

The paid version also allows you to include a chatbox for contact agent where the user can type the first message that will be sent to the contact phone number in WhatsApp.

Here you can set a custom message for each contact and your visitors will be able to type the first message that will be sent to the contact phone number.

Install WhatsApp Chat button

To install the free version of this plugin you have to do a search for “WhatsApp Chat” in the Plugins section of the WordPress dashboard select the Add New option.

In the search field, you must type “WhatsApp Chat WP” and select the first one that appears in the results.

WhatsApp Button

After the plugin activation, you have to start configuring the WhatsApp Chat button. You have to go to the button tab where you’ll find all the configuration options of the WhatsApp button.

This plugin offers you two button layouts called button and bubble. You can also choose if you want the button to have rounded or square edges, the position where you want to show it, the text that will be displayed inside, the phone number where you want to direct WhatsApp messages from users and even, if you want to show or not a link to the plugin developers.

WhatsApp Box

Once you’ve configured the WhatsApp button now you can activate the contact box we’ve described before. This can be done in the box tab where can define the text box header and footer and the contact info: WhatsApp number, greeting message, department label, first name, last name, and avatar.