Why WhatsApp blocked my number

WhatsApp is one of the best free internet messaging apps available on the planet. With more than 1 billion daily users from personal to business purposes, the opportunities with this app are endless.

When using WhatsApp, you can enable various chatting services for your store. Adding a means for your contacts to directly message you can be a great way to engage better with your audience. That’s why installing a WhatsApp Chat service on your website is a great choice.

However, sometimes WhatsApp bans numbers for different reasons. Finding out that your number has been blocked would be a terrible situation for any user. If that is your case, don’t worry. We are here to help you. 

The first thing you need is to identify why they have banned you. Let’s take a look at some of the potential reasons:

1) Using modified WhatsApp applications

A lot of Android users choose to use WhatsApp plus or GB Whatsapp, which are mods for WhatsApp. While they certainly add interesting features such as extensive customization, downloading images at the original quality, and sending large files, WhatsApp tries to dissuade users from using these mods. This means that if they detect that you are using one of these modified apps, you will get banned and end up having a WhatsApp blocked number.

So in case you’re using some type of mod right now, beware! However, usually, the bans are only temporary and they are undone if you switch back to the official app.

2) Getting blocked by a large number of users

Another reason that you might be banned from using Whatsapp is that you’ve been blocked by a large number of people. As you probably know, users can freely report or block you if they deem necessary. While attitude and behavior have a lot to do with this, sending harmful files and viruses can get you banned quickly if a lot of people block you. 

This approach is quite useful to deter spammers, scammers, and hackers. However, if you don’t abide by the rules you might end up on the wrong side of the stick too.

3) Sending a lot of messages to users who don’t have you added

Sending a large number of messages to users who don’t have you added as a contact can be quickly flagged as spam. This means that users can easily report you and get your WhatsApp number blocked.

4) Sending harmful files, viruses, or malware

WhatsApp strictly prohibits users from sending anything that it can detect as a virus or malware. As a consequence, if you’re sending files that can be flagged as a potentially harmful software, you can have your WhatsApp number blocked.

5) Modifying WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s Terms and Conditions clearly state that modifying the application files is considered a bannable offense. Consequently, attempting any action towards customizing the file, re-engineering, altering file contents, or even decompiling or extracting code can easily lead to having your WhatsApp number blocked.

6) Sending messages through bulk messaging or outside your contacts list

You can also get banned from WhatsApp if you attempt to send a large number of messages using bulk messaging, auto-messaging, or auto-dialing. The same applies if you try to send a large number of messages to people outside your contacts list. 

These are easy ways to get yourself reported by many people and have your account flagged.

7) Hacking WhatsApp servers or disrupting WhatsApp services

This seems like a no brainer but attempting to hack WhatsApp servers and disrupting their services will get yourself banned in no time.

8) Inappropriate conduct

WhatsApp can be quite wary regarding its users’ safety and improving their experience using the app. Therefore, any reports about harassment are taken quite seriously. Violent behaviors, death threats, ethnic or racist comments, and such can easily get your WhatsApp number banned. Similarly, illegal, obscene as well as sexist statements, are also wholly prohibited.

Therefore, if you’re involved in inappropriate or antisocial conduct and are reported for it, you may be blocked from using WhatsApp. This also extends to promoting violent crimes or activities.

9) Impersonating other users or creating fake accounts

WhatsApp also takes extra measures to ensure that none of its users are being imitated. Hence, creating counterfeit accounts or impersonating other users is an easy way to get your WhatsApp number banned. So be wary if you use someone else’s name or pictures on your profile.

10) Having your groups mass reported

If your groups are flagged by a large number of users, you can be sure that WhatsApp will ban your number.

How to get unblocked from WhatsApp

Now if you’ve recognized why you’ve been banned from WhatsApp, you can take a few steps to get your account back. Please note that this is only relevant if you’ve been temporarily banned which usually happens if you’ve used a modified application or have been involved in cases regarding sending bulk messages.

First of all, the easiest way is to uninstall your modded application and reinstall the official version of WhatsApp. Don’t worry about your chat history and files, WhatsApp lets you export them from these mods. You can learn more about temporary bans and how to transfer chat history here.

Finally, another option is to talk with the support team to get yourself unbanned. Just explain to them your situation clearly and you could have a repeal on your WhatsApp blocked number in a matter of hours. You can contact the Whatsapp support team here.


All in all, we hope that with all this information, you’ve found the reason why you have been banned from WhatsApp. If you’re keen on learning more about the terms and conditions regarding the use of this app, this is a good starting point. 

With so many daily users, WhatsApp could be a great boon to your business if you use it smartly. You can enable it for your online services and not just for selling your products or contacting your clients. Another excellent option is to add a nifty WhatsApp button on your WordPress website to integrate it with your Whatsapp services.

If you want to learn more things you can do with WhatsApp and other similar chat services, follow our blogs for the best online business and lead generation tips!