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Best WooCommerce Referral Plugins for 2022

Are you looking for smart ways to enable referral links on your website? Do you want to create engaging referral programs to boost your sales? Then we’ve got just the right article for you. We at QuadLayers bring you our list of The best WooCommerce Referral Plugins that you can use to create amazing reward programs and boost both your sales and your engagement rates. But first, let’s take a look at why you should consider using a referral plugin and how they work.

What are Referral Plugins and why use them in WooCommerce?

First, let’s talk about Referrals. Referrals and Referral programs work by providing your regular customers or website visitors with certain rewards for referring your products to their friends and families. And this is considered one of the best ways to generate more profits since people are more likely to buy products if they are recommended by their friends and families. In fact, people are 4 times more likely to buy a product if referred to by a friend or an acquaintance.

Similarly, 81% of customers are more likely to engage with your products if there’s a reward or a referral program involved. Customers gained through referral programs also tend to have a higher retention rate. Simply put, you can find even more profit by simply adding a well-functioning referral reward to your website and this is why using WooCommerce referral plugins is a great idea.

Most of the referral plugins we’ve listed here are designed to not only help you create attractive referral programs but also tools to help you get the most out of them. This includes creating lucrative reward systems with referral and purchase limits as well as tools to check for fraudulent referrals. Enjoy additional features like smart marketing options, options to create call-to-action content, and much more.

Furthermore, to help you have a better idea regarding referral plugins we’ve added both Free and Premium plugins to our list. If you’d like to start with a free option, then we’ve picked some great options for you. And if you have the option of purchasing something that comes with a complete referral program solution, then these Premium options might just be the thing you’re looking for.

So without further ado, let’s get right into our list!

The Best WooCommerce referral plugins 2022

1) Refer A Friend for WooCommerce by WPGens

woocommerce referral plugins - refer a friend wpgens

Refer a Friend for WooCommerce is a free referral plugin that you can use to reward customers with successful referrals. The plugin lets you create and provide customers with coupons based on their referrals. Moreover, these coupons can be customized to give your customers different discount options or even free products.

Create a unique referral link for each of your customers. This link can be accessed by your customers directly from their account page and you can easily track referrals from the links. Once an order is completed from the referral, your customers are automatically sent a coupon code. The plugin also checks for order complete status to make sure that all referrals are completely valid!

Moreover, the plugin also lets you set up the coupons so they have their validity date, minimum order, or even product-specific. This way you can customize your coupons to fit your sales plans and ensure minimum lost value on your referral rewards.

Key features:

  • Create attractive referral programs using customizable coupons.
  • Unique coupon links for each customer’s account.
  • The premium version of the plugin comes with features like advanced shortcode options, referral link tracking, and statistics, dedicated referral tabs for product pages, etc.


Refer a Friend for WooCommerce is a freemium plugin. The premium version starts at 47 USD for a single site. It includes 1 year of support and updates.

2) Referral Candy

woocommerce referral plugins - referral candy

Referral Candy is an amazing premium plugin that lets you create your referral marketing program from scratch. Create an amazing refer-a-friend reward program with custom rewards ranging from cash rewards to product coupons. Of course, the great thing about referral candy is the number of ways you can integrate this into your website.

Choose to send automated emails with referral links and offers to your customers when they make a successful purchase. Use attractive landing pages, post-purchase popups, and referral widgets to invite users into your referral plans. Encourage customers with engaging call-to-action elements that are customizable to fit both your website’s design and your referral schemes.
Additionally, the plugin tracks all the referral statistics that you may need. Track sales and profits made from your referrals as well referral traffic. The plugin also tracks suspicious transactions as well as self-referrals to prevent any chance of fraud. In terms of customizability, this is easily one of the best premium WooCommerce referral plugins out there and if you’d like to test it out, you can easily sign up with a 30-day trial.

Key features:

  • Premium Referral marketing tool with customizable rewards with a 30-day free trial.
  • Create a call to action/referral marketing pop-ups, automated emails, and landing pages for your customers.
  • Provides Referral statistics and allows integration with marketing and analytics tools like MailChimp, klaviyo, Google Analytics, etc.


Referral Candy is a premium plugin starting at 49 USD per month for unlimited customers and includes live chat support.

3) Gratisfaction

woocommerce referral plugins - gratisfaction

Gratisfaction is an amazing option when it comes to free WooCommerce referral plugins. This free-to-use plugin lets you create numerous types of referral rewards for customers. In fact, you can create referral programs from each step in your sales process. This includes lead generation to the actual purchase of the product. Create reward plans for signs-ups, bookings, social sharing, direct referrals, social media actions, participation in surveys, and of course purchases. Design and custom specific rewards for each of these actions and create more engagement for your business.

Of course, all of your referral campaigns can be run anywhere on your website using the plugin’s customizable widget. Moreover, you can also create and share these campaigns on social media pages directly using the plugin. The plugin also covers features to create Loyalty programs. Enable loyalty programs that encourage subscriptions, repeat purchases, and different milestones for subscription periods. Create unique badges and levels for different loyalty levels/tiers. The plugin lets you create a completely furnished marketing campaign to help you gain more profits and more followers.

Key features:

  • Unique referral rewards for each step of the sales lifecycle.
  • Social media-friendly with options for Social Media sharing as well as dedicated referral widgets.
  • Customizable redeem points for repeat customers as well as rewards for loyalty programs.


Gratisfaction is completely free for up to 100 Loyalty members with additional plans based on member count.

4) Multilevel Referral Affiliate Plugin for WooCommerce

woocommerce referral plugins - multilevel referral

Multilevel Referral Affiliate Plugin is a great option if you’re a WooCommerce beginner looking for an easier way to create a referral program for your WooCommerce website. Easily create Referral and Affiliate schemes with multi-level rewards. The plugin lets you provide users with their referral codes when they sign up. Provide rewards to them based on purchases made with the referral codes. You can also enable levels and hierarchy to your referral rewards. That way, you can incentivize sharing referral links and codes even more.

Multilevel Referral Affiliate also comes with options to send your customer’s referral codes straight from your emails. Create and use Email templates designed for referral marketing programs. You can also enable Social media integration for your referral plans. Provide customers with predefined banners designed to share referral codes.

Of course, all of the stats regarding your referrals are completely recorded to help you improve your marketing tactics. Track referrals, sales made by referrals, total credit points, and more. The plugin’s premium version also comes with additional features like options for MLM marketing, validation period for credit points, product exclusion for referrals, and more.

Key features:

  • Create referral chains with Store credit rewarded for successful referrals.
  • Options for Email templates, Social media referral banners, my account page integration, and more.
  • Tracked logs for referrals, sales, total credit points redeemed, etc.


Multilevel Referral Affiliate Plugin is a Free plugin with a premium version starting at 35 USD. It includes future updates and 6 months of support.

5) Coupon Referral Program

Now, if you’re looking for a more premium option with more features and dedicated support, then we suggest Coupon Referral Program. Allow your customers to earn points and rewards by sharing referral links. These referral links can be sent by you to your customers through my account pages, emails, and even through the signup process.

Choose to reward successful referral purchases with discount coupons, credit points, or specific rewards. You can also set rules for the referral rewards such as a minimum number of days to claim the rewards and coupon expiration as well as the minimum/maximum amount for coupons. The plugin also supports recurring payments and you can include/exclude products from the referral coupons.

Create and customize unique link referrals that can be easily shared on Social media platforms. The plugin also provides you with options to apply custom CSS and animations to your referral buttons. Track each referral and acquire information such as currently valid coupons along with referred users and validity. This complete referral marketing solution even comes with options to enable special discounts for first referrals as well as coupon usage restrictions.

Key features:

  • Customizable Referral link box with Social Sharing features.
  • Options to set fixed or percentage-based Coupon rewards with options to set validity and restrictions.
  • Dedicated Coupon Reporting for both Admins and Customers so you and your customers can easily track their coupons and their validity.


Coupon Referral Program is a premium plugin with an annual charge of 49 USD per year. It includes 1 year of support and updates along with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

6) Affiliate for WooCommerce

woocommerce referral plugins - affiliate for woocommerce

Affiliate for WooCommerce lets you create an affiliate plan with referral and commission bonuses. Create sign-ups for Affiliates and provide them with trackable referral links. The plugin is designed to help you convert your customers into affiliate partners and more. Create a new source of revenue using an engaging platform that rewards your affiliates with amazing reward propositions and purchase commissions. Adjust your commission and referral rewards based on different parameters. This includes extra rewards for the first successful referral, different commissions based on product categories, higher commissions on specific product tags, and different commissions for different affiliate levels. As for as in-depth referral programs so, Affiliate for WooCommerce has one of the deepest levels of customization for its reward schemes.

Additionally, the plugin also helps you design unique marketing campaigns for your referral programs. Combine media and content to create different promotional pages and landing pages. Track the performance of all your campaigns and measure how well your efforts are doing. Moreover, you can also track affiliates and conversions made from your affiliates. Create different tiers for your referral programs so affiliates earn the more that they share your products.

Key features:

  • Dedicated Affiliate Marketing program with customizable tiers and rewards for Affiliates.
  • Integration with Recurring payments, subscriptions, and other popular WooCommerce premium addons.
  • Referral and Affiliate tracking along with options to enable additional rewards based on various parameters.


Affiliate for WooCommerce will set you back by 129 USD annually if you choose to purchase it. It includes 1 year of support and updates along with a 30-day money-back guarantee

7) Invite Referrals

woocommerce referral plugins - invite referrals

Invite Referrals is a ready-to-use Referral solution to help you create a comprehensive referral marketing plan complete with expert recommendations. Create and provide referral invites to your customers that they can easily share; Either directly or through social media platforms. Provide referral rewards to your already existing customs from registration or through successful purchases. Send coupons with customized rewards to your customers directly through emails. The entire referral process is fully automated for your convenience!

Additionally, the plugin also comes with excellent support with experts ready to guide you at any given moment. Receive help with the setup, integration, and expansion of your referral program. The plugin also tracks and provides in-depth referral statistics and tracks the most important customers/influences. Track and study each referrer’s activity and enjoy a dedicated fraud dedication mechanism to prevent any faulty or fake referral activity. The plugin comes with dedicated modules for suspicious activity detection, spam protection, and manual reviewing.

Key features:

  • Easy to set up a Customer Referral program with in-depth referral tracking.
  • Customizable referral invite content, email templates, and campaign views.
  • A dedicated support team to help you adjust the plugin for your plugin specifically.


Customer Referral Program starts at 90 USD per month with unlimited conversions and invites.


And that concludes our list of the Best WooCommerce Referral plugins for 2022. We hope you were able to find a plugin that suits the scale of your website and has just the right features you’re looking for. Remember that it’s not just about the plugin but how you choose to integrate it with your marketing ideas and your WooCommerce website’s goals.

We highly suggest starting with a free plugin to test the waters and eventually upgrading or even using another premium plugin if you feel the need to. Remember to ensure that the referral program is seamlessly integrated with your website and that customers are well aware of the rewards and referral links provided to them. Make sure to track your referrals and adjust the rewards to improve your sales and profit gains. If you’re looking for suggestions on enabling referrals and affiliates, we’re more than happy to respond to you in the comments as well.

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