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Welcome to QuadLayers! We’re a team of international people who have been working in the WordPress sphere for the last ten years. In 2018, we decided to challenge the status quo and start our own journey founding QuadLayers.

Our goal is to provide anyone with a website or online store with the solutions to grow their WordPress businesses faster. Our high-quality products are built with the end-user in mind.

We strive to simplify complexity, creating products with sophisticated functionalities that are easy-to-use and elegant at the same time.

We provide a personal touch in an online era with 24/7 outstanding support.


Our detailed vision is to be able to offer different products for any WordPress integrator, independently of their previous knowledge. Considering as similar target:

  • Individual professionals, which want to cover their own requirements,
  • Agencies working for different customers.
  • Full developers’ community that based on our products creates new ones.

We want to be considered as a facilitator to add functionalities for WordPress, without being exclusive for a particular sector of that industry.


Our mission is to make WordPress’s site setup easier for any person that wants to build a web. We focus adding functionalities from the scratch, based on world technologies advances. Considering Social Media and web development (and WordPress specially) trending tools, as engine for our products development.


  • Customer Obsession
  • Simplicity
  • Elegance
  • Functionality
  • Innovation

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Happy clients

With clients across all over the world and products in different areas, QuadLayers is one the most reliable brands in the WordPress sphere.

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