1. General Questions

Instagram feed gallery offers many features and advantages to integrate your social feed:

All our productos are one time payment, the only difference is about the quantity of active installations. All licenses includes 6 month of premium support, and after this period you can manually renew it. Fore more details about our license model check License policy page.

Sure! We encourage users to test our products during the first 14 days, and in case you are not happy don’t hesitate to contact us for a refund. Here are the details our Refund Policy

To agilize the refund process, contact directly to Support, asking for the refund in the ticket tittle. Cause we can do it directly skiping the payment processor times.

Yes the have!
All our licenses includes 6 month for premium support. After this period you can still contact us under the free support method.
We prioritize tickets from users with active license. But don´t hesitate to contact us if you don´t find the answer, inside specific FAQ´s product sections.
To request support go to your account and opten a ticket here.

Take in mind free support tickets take longer to be solved.

At QuadLayers’ WooCommerce site we have integrated two payment processors:

  • PayPal that accepts Paypal payments and also, Visa & Mastercard credit and debit cards.
  • Paddle accepts all credit and debit cards.

You could find Checkout module HERE 

All our licenses are one time payment, so is not necessary to do any renewal of your license and you’ll get lifetime upadtes even if the 6 month support period has experide.

However if you want to renew your support you can do it trough the licenses panel in your account.

  1. Go to Account -> Licenses
  2. Click on the Extend link
  3. Follow the purchase process

QuadLayers respect global data protect regulation and assumes the risponsibility to protect user’s data. We provide always opt-in option to ask about collecting and usage’s data. For more datils visit Privacy policie’s page.

To be able to dowload the premium version of any Quadlayer’s plugin you should complete the buying process on the site.

Your order must be  completed before you access the product file. To verify the status of your order go to check at orders tab in your account page.

Once the order is completed and the payment processed you could find the file at your dowloads tab in yoour account page.


To download the licenses of the products that you had bought, please go to License Tab inside your account page.