1. AI Copilot

Introducing AI Copilot the next-generation plugin, designed to revolutionize your user experience.

AI Copilot is here to make your online experience better than ever. Our easy-to-use tools can be set up just the way you like them. Want to write standout content, connect better with your audience, or get found more easily on search engines? Our AI Engine’s got you covered.

1.1 Features

1: Works With Many AI Models: You can use popular AI models like GPT-4, GPT-3, and Da Vinci with ease.

2: Make It Your Own: Adjust settings like ‘model’ and ‘temperature’ to get the AI to work just how you want it.

3: Easy Setup with OpenAI: It’s super easy to get started because we’re directly integrated with OpenAI.

4: Interactive Playground: Get hands-on experience with AI models through our simple web platform. It’s a fun and easy way to learn and experiment.

5: Automatic Content Help: Need to create content? Just set a few options, and watch as Ai Copilot writes it for you.

6: Review Content: Got an existing post? This tool shows up to help you go through your words and polish them up. It’s like having an extra set of eyes that helps make your posts even better.

7: Editing Made Easy: Our Actions module fits right into your editor and lets you do things like translate text or extend content without a fuss.

8: Your Own Custom Actions: Create your own actions for specific tasks you want to do, and choose where you want them to show up in the editor.

9: Track Your Usage: Our Stats module helps you keep an eye on how much of the API service you’re using, although it’s good to remember the numbers are approximations.