1. Features

WooCommerce Autocomplete Orders is a great tool that helps your users reduce time on the buying process using PayPal.

Some of WooCommerce Autocomplete Orders main features are:

  • Help users save time during order confirmation
  • Improve customers’ satisfaction as they don’t have to wait for the order confirmation
  • Complete sales faster for PayPal payments
  • Allows you to decide where to apply the autocomplete based on the type of product
  • Allows customers to buy faster using PayPal
  • Generates trust among users as it retrieves data from PayPal
  • Embed Payment Data Transfer (PDT) on the WordPress Dashboard

Payment Data Transfer (PDT) is a unique feature of the PayPal platform. Once you enable PDT, it sends a notification after receiving a payment that allows you to display some transaction-related details on your website. Then, you can display these transaction details on a “Thank you” page or similar to let the buyers know that their payment has been confirmed.

WooCommerce Autocomplete Orders will help you speed up the buying process and increase your conversion rates.