Frequently Asked Questions

Instagram Feed Gallery allows you to get images, comments, likes, and tags from Instagram and display them on your WordPress site.

  • You can display images on different layouts.
  • Different animation masks, carousel movement, and many other customization options.
  • It simplifies image upload and has a reliable cache to reduce server consumption on every page load.

For more details about all the features click here. You can also check out the demo.

Complete product profile HERE.

There are two possibilities to install Instagram Feed Gallery.

  1. Download it from the WP repository and load it to your site via FTP.
  2. In the WordPress Dashboard, go to the plugin’s tab, look for Social Feed Gallery, and click Install.

We recommend you use the second option and install it from the WP dashboard because it’s easier and it will keep the plugin up-to-date. More about the installation process HERE.

Pay special attention, that if you are going to use the premium version, it is strictly necessary to keep both the free and the pro version installed.

To download the premium version you should get the plugin and then check out the account section.

Your order must be completed before you can access the product file. To verify the status of your order, check the orders tab on your account page.

Once the order is complete and the payment processed, you will find the file in the downloads tab on your account page.

To active your license, go to WP Dashboard > Instagram Feed Gallery > License tab.

There you will have to paste your Key number and e-mail on the corresponding text boxes and then click Save Changes.

Check out the step-by-step guide HERE

First, you have to set at least one Instagram account to be able to retrieve the data.

Go to Instagram Feed Gallery > Account tab and follow the process to generate a token.

Check out this post to get more information.

To embed your Instagram Feeds in a page or post, add your Instagram account from the Feeds tab. Then, select the layout you want and the Instagram Feed Gallery plugin will generate a shortcode that you can use to display your feed on your site.

To review all possibilities, check out the documentation.

To avoid the consumption of valuable resources by reloading and retrieving data, Instagram Feed Gallery has a specific function to set the cache condition according to your preferences.

To review all possibilities, check out the documentation.

Yes, it is possible! The PRO version allows you to add multiple accounts. Simply repeat the process to generate a token as many times as you want!

Remember to log out from your Instagram account in the browser before you log in to a new one.

More information HERE.

Yes! You can create as many feeds as you want from Instagram Feed Gallery > Feeds.

After that, you have to copy and paste the corresponding shortcodes from the feed you want to display. Use one shortcode per feed.

More details about the feeds HERE.

A shortcode is a small piece of code, indicated by brackets like [this], that performs a dedicated function on your site. You can place it on any post or page on your WordPress site.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to code anything! We’ve prepared the front-end so you can select how to display the feed, and our tool automatically generates a shortcode that you can include wherever you want (page or post).

More information about how to create feeds HERE.