Frequently Asked Questions

Instagram Feed Gallery is a plugin  that allows Users to recover data (images, comments, likes, tags) from Instagram app and display it on WordPress site.

  • Gives the possibility to display images on different layouts. 
  • Offers animation masks, carousel movement and many other customization options.
  • Simplify images upload, and has reliable cache to avoid consuming on recovery on every page load.

For more details about all features click here.

To see the features in action see the demo.

Complete product profile HERE.

There are two possibilities to install Instagram Feed Gallery.

  • First option is to download from repository and loading using FTP manually the file to your WordPress.
  • Or using WordPress Dashboard going to plugin’s tab, looking for Social Feed Gallery, clicking on Install on the panel.

We recommend to do it using the automatic alternative from dashboard.  Is easiar and keeps the plugin updated.

All details and step by step guide HERE

Pay special attention, that if you are going to use the premium version, is strictly necessary to keep both plugins installed. 

To be able to dowload the premium version of the plugin you should complete the buying process and the check on the site account section.

Your order must be  completed before you access the product file. To verify the status of your order go to check at orders tab in your account page.

Once the order is completed and the payment processed you could find the file at your dowloads tab in yoour account page.

To active your license you should go to Instagram Feed Gallery section, at your WordPress dashboard and go to license sub-tab.

Once there is required to go inside license and set your Key number and e-mail on the text boxes and click on save changes.

Check the step by step guide HERE

The first step to start un is to set at least one Instagram account to retierve data from an account.

You have to go to Instagram Feed Gallery secttion the account tab and follow the process to generate a token.

Check HERE to review all alternatives and guide to proceed.

To use your Instagram Feed inside a page or post, fisrt you have to create it inside the Feeds tab  at your admin panel. After select customizable options the Instagram Feed Gallery plugins generates a shortcode, that should be include where you want topresent the Feed.

To review all possibilities view documentation HERE

Many times, we need to focous the resources of our page on different applications. To avoid the consumption of reloading and retrieving data, Instagram Feed Gallery  has a specific function to set the cache condition according to your preferences.

To review all possibilities view documentation HERE

Yes it is possible using the PRO version.

You have to repeat the process to generate a token, as many times as is required.

Remember to logout from Instagram account at the browser, before you log a new one.

To review all details view documentation HERE

Yes, you can!

You are able to create as many feeds as your required inside Instagram Feed Gallery section, then feeds tab.

After that you have to copy and paste every shortcode from the feed you want to display, using one shortcode element for each one.

More details at documentation HERE

A shortcode is a small piece of code, indicated by brackets like [this] , that performs a dedicated function on your site. You can place it everywhere in any post or page of your WordPress Site.

Take it easy you don’t have to code! we prepare a front-end where you select all the alternatives related to how to display the feed, and our tool generates a shortcode, that should be included where you need it (paste or post).

Check feed creation explanation HERE

About our licenses

All our productos are one time payment, the only difference is about the quantity of active installations.

Fore more details about our license model check License policy page.

Sure! here are the details our Refund Policy
We encourage users to test our products during the first 14 days, and in case you are not happy don’t hesitate to contact us for a refund.

Inside WordPress dashboard, access to product section and activate license inside the license tab using your credentials.

More infor about license activation HERE

Our products have a direct support platform.

To request support go inside WordPress Dashboard to product section and Welcome tab you could submit a ticket.

Our Premium version of productos includes 6 months personalized support.

There is the possibility to purchase 6 extra months of extended support, so you get 1 year support.


To get automatic updates you don´t have to anything. If you activate your license you keep on track with the updates.

If you reach site activation´s limit, please submit a ticket through support page including site details and key to be remove by our team.

As we said, our products are one time payment, so is not necessary to do any renewal of your license.