Instagram API changes

As of June 29, 2020, Instagram will no longer offer access to its old API which is used to display feeds from Personal Instagram accounts.

Instagram Feed Gallery supports the new Instagram API but all Personal accounts will need to be reconnected in the plugin in order for those feeds to continue displaying new posts.

What's is an API?

First, to clarify as an introduction. What is an API and how is it useful for our plugin Instagram Feed Gallery in this case?

API that means Application Programming Interface could understand as an intermediary, as a tool to connect information or protocols from one site or application to the other.

In our particular case, Instagram Feed Gallery uses Instagram API, to proceed to validate credentials, from the user who is setting a feed inside a Wordpress site. Where is possible to recover images and information available on the Instagram App, to be display as a feed.

When is this taking place?

Instagram had postponed the disable of Instagram Legacy API Platform to June 29, 2020. Remaining endpoints on the Legacy API will no longer be available after this date and your app's users may lose functionality.

Going deeper into the analysis

Why did Instagram decide to make an Update on their API?

Nowadays data protection is one of the biggest challenges on social media, so this API’s modification is trying to deal with this problem and to help all API users to be compliant with GDPR.

And what does this change include?

  • The first objective of this API’s change appears related to security and management of the use of the API, all third parties that want to use the service, need to get permissions to use the functionalities.  
  • Instagram replace the legacy API for two different APIs depending if you are personal or business user.
  • As the old API will be out of service, the token needs to be reconfigure using the new interface to validate access.
  • New APIs have integrated Facebook Graph API,  that means that Instagram requires now to use a Facebook login for your end users, meaning managing Facebook authentication for a personal profile.
  • The main objective of the new update is to create an API that enables different  use-cases while protecting user privacy and safety at the same time.

Between both new Instagram´s APIs available appear some differences. The possibility to retrieve data from Instagram App, differs depending on users type, for example on basic display (personal user) won’t be possible to recover:

  • Number of likes and comments for the Instagram posts
  • Number of followers
  • The post comments
  • Date & data from tags
  • User photo and bio text

Cause is considered personal data unless you have a business public account. 

The best news here is that our Instagram Feed Gallery plugin is ready to affront these changes and offer the possibility to connect to both new Instagram’s APIs.

Be aware of changes and update your plugin before June.