Why do I have to update my tokens?

On June 29th, 2020, Instagram will stop using the old API to display photos from Personal Instagram accounts. This means that the current API will not be able to display photos from your account if you don't switch to the new API.

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Instagram Feed Gallery

Instagram Feed Gallery supports the new Instagram API. All you need to do is update the plugin and follow the steps on your dashboard to reconnect your Personal accounts to the new API.

Keep in mind that this change comes from Instagram. The API that Feed Gallery uses depend on Instagram & Facebook so we have to adapt to the changes they make to the official API.
We have made it very easy for you! All you need to do is update the plugin to the latest version and enjoy it!

Update Instagram tokens

Go to Instagram Feed Gallery > Feeds

Remember to delete your old Token to avoid creating feeds with an expired token.

Go to Instagram Feed Gallery > Feeds > Feed > Edit > Select @username and Save

Instagram Tag Feed

Due to the latest changes in the Instagram API, a business account is required to display your tag feeds.