Affiliates Program Step-by-Step

Welcome to our affiliate program! Here’s a simple guide to get you started on ShareASale and to begin promoting our products:

1. Creating a ShareASale Account

1.1. Begin by signing up as an affiliate on ShareASale here.

1.2. Account activation typically takes between 5 to 7 days.

1.3.While awaiting approval, please send us your email and the website you intend to register with at [email protected].


2. Setting Up Your Affiliate Profile

2.1. Once the affiliate’s setup is completed and approved, they will be presented with the initial screen

2.2.In the dropdown menu, they should select the “Search for Merchants” option and then search in the navigation bar under “FIND MERCHANTS” using the keyword “QuadLayers”.

3. Joining QuadLayers on ShareASale

3.1. After approval by the QuadLayers team, you’ll find the “Get Links” option available.

Inside the QuadLayers panel, you’ll encounter three main sections:

  • Text Links: This area provides links to various products categorized for ease of access, complete with links to their documentation and marketing texts. Additionally, there’s a Drive link leading to an Excel file detailing the products and their associated banner links.
  • Banners: Contains logos and banners for each product, aiding in the visual promotion of items.
  • Create Custom Link: This feature allows you to explore any part of our website, extract the link, and create a customized ShareASale affiliate link.

4. Promoting QuadLayers Products

4.1. Select the resources that best suit your channels and utilize them to generate sales. Should you need a specific banner, feel free to contact our team to request it.

5. Tracking Sales and Commissions

5.1. After making your first sale through an affiliate link, the commission earned will automatically reflect in your balance.5.2. In the event of a product refund, the earned commission will be automatically deducted from your account. Please note that ShareASale issues payments on the 20th of each month.

Frecuency Asked Questions

If you need further assistance and to explore a variety of topics relevant to affiliates, please visit the ShareASale help center.

Affiliate Account Support