Brands Management

Perfect WooCommerce Brands allows you to easily add and manage product brands in your WooCommerce shop.

Create brand's details: including logo, banner, description, relationships with other brands, and more.

Include brand's details inside your products.

Explore products in WooCommerce filtering by brand.

Import / Export brands details from different sites.

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Brand Actions

List all Brands.

Highlight the most important ones.

Display brands using different layouts.

Include logos, banners, and desciptions for each brand.

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Brands Page

Perfect WooCommerce Brands allows you to display all your available brands on a brand's page, including descriptions, logos, product listings, and other customizable information about your brand's offer.

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Improving customer experience

Perfect WooCommerce Brands help your users find the products they want faster improving their experience on your site.

Including brand information while exploring products.

Give your customers the possibility to filter by brand

List brands or visualize icons anywhere you want

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Different layouts to show your products' brands

The built-in layouts options allow you to showcase your product in different ways.




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Functional features to simplify settings


Display all brands, brands carousel, product carousel by brand, brands for a specific product, & A-Z listing


Display brands as dropdown, brands as list (brand names or brand logos) & filter products by brand


Native support for the WooCommerce rest api


JSON export/import brand structured data

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