Multiple user accounts

TikTok Feed for WordPress allows you to include unlimited user accounts, shows different feeds, either on the same page or throughout your site.
Customization for each feed, gallerie's options for different users with their own layout and settings.
Availabilty of multiple feed types into one single TikTok´s video feed.

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Video popup

TikTok Feed allows you to display videos from the feed created, in pop-up gallery-box which allows users to experience your content without leaving your site.

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TikTok Feed videos

Allows you to select if you want to display the feed on gallery or masonry layout.
Also possible to custimeze quantity of videos, spacing, background colors and button personalization.

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TikTok Feed settings

The plugin allows you to add unlimited TikTok user´s accounts or selected tags, and offers many complementary option to include on the display of the feed.

Video type

Allow you to select the video's type to display in the gallery. You can select between static image, animated gift or full video.

Video masks

Customize the colors of the mask over the videos and the data to display in: comments and likes quantity.

Video popup

Gives the possibility to display or nat a pop-up box, and decided which information to display: Commentes, likes, user name. And also the alignment of that data.

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Keep your site update and trendy

TikTok Feed for WordPress is the easiest plugin to display TikTok feed on your WordPress Site:

Two video feed layouts.

Is responsive and mobile optimized.

Is compatible with any theme.

Allows to built-in customization options that allow you to tweak your TikTok feed so that it looks just right.

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Data caching of TikTok feed

TikTok feed uses an automotion process that caches the data it receives from TikTok, in order to minimize requests and decrease loading times. Uses a backup caching system to assure your feed still displays even if there's a problem with the TikTok API.
Also avoiding to be penalized because of intense use of TikTok services.

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