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Add new fields to checkout

Include custom fields to the checkout page in Billing, Shipping and Additional fields sections.

Billing fields section

Include or remove fields in billing field section.

Shipping fields section

Include or remove fields in shipping field section.

Additional fields section

Include additional fields section in the checkout form.

Add new fees to

You can include fees to each custom or core field.

Add percentage or fixed fees

You can include a fixed or percentage fee to the checkout to any custom or core field.

Add fees to single options fields

You can include a fixed or percentage fee to each option of the select and radio fields.

Add fees to multiple options fields

You can include a fixed or percentage fee to each option of the multiselect and multicheckbox fields.

core fields

Our plugin allows you to edit core fields in the Billing and Shipping sections. You have the option to provide new values for type, name, placeholder, class, default, etc.

Conditional fields

Show fields based on parent field values and improve the checkout user experience.

Conditional parent

Select the conditional parent field and hide the current field based on the parent value.

Conditional parent value

Our system detects the parent field type and allows you select the value based on the available options.

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checkout fields

You can easily remove the unnecessary fields and reduce the checkout form. Also, you can disable fields for certain products, product categories or user roles.

Upload files

The upload file type allows your users to upload any file type during the purchase process.

Edit uploaded files in admin dashboard

The shop manager can easily handle the files the users upload through the admin order dashboard.

Allow users to handle uploaded files

You can allow your users to handle their own uploaded files through the order section on the My Account page.

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Edit uploaded
files in the admin dashboard

The user can upload or delete fields from the order page.

Show custom
fields in order

You can include a section on the received order to display the values of the custom fields completed during the purchase process.

Email notifications

Include custom fields in the email that the user receives after completing the purchase process.

Filter by order status

You can select the status of the order to display the custom fields.

Filter each field individually

You can disable the fields you don't want to include in the emails.

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