After a successful payment, WooCommerce automatically completes orders for digital downloads; however, it won’t autocomplete other orders since you might need to take action between the time the transaction is processed and when it is finished.

For example, if you sell physical products, you most likely need to ship them before processing the sale. If you sell virtual goods or services, you almost certainly need to take some action between when an order is paid and when it is fulfilled.

Although not all retailers operate in this manner, you might not need to do anything in order for an order to be fulfilled after payment has been received. For instance, you might want to automatically finish orders for virtual products or even those for physical or downloaded goods. Similarly, you can prefer that no orders ever finish automatically.

To have more control over whether paid orders are automatically finished or not, you can use WooCommerce Autocomplete Orders

On the order hand, if you want to entirely stop orders from completing automatically, WooCommerce Autocomplete Orders allows you to prevent this for the virtual and downloaded orders.You want WooCommerce to automatically complete more orders than it does by default. The same applies to you. Orders that have received a successful payment are often upgraded from “pending” to “processing”.After the order has been processed, you must manually finish it. If your store receives a lot of orders that don’t require action during the order processing, you can reduce the time commitment by setting the order status to complete for each of those orders.What are you waiting for? Take the control of your store and move to the next level.

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