4. Navmenu

Here we will explain how to activate and set up WP Menu Icons in your WordPress site.

4.1. Create Menu

The First step to start using WP Menu Icons´ features is to turn it on:
Navigate through Admin Dashboard→ Appearance → Menu

4.1.1. Select Icons Library

Once on the menu's tab, create a new menu structure, giving a name and saving. Also there select a family of icons and click on the save button.

4.2. Adding pages to Menu

Selecting from pages list and adding to the menu, you are able to set which pages are going to be displayed on the menu you are editing.

4.2. Adding icons to pages at the menu

To add icons to every page, have to follow these steps

  1. Clicking on the + symbol, next to the page name.

2. Once you click on + , the customiser of icons is open. And will display the set of icons you selected on WP Menu icons tab.

On this popup is possible to select:

  • The graphic of the icon
  • To show or not labels
  • The position of the icon on the menu
  • The alignment of the icon
  • The size of the icon
  • The color 

Once you click on save you will see the selected icon next to page’s name:

Finally when you click on save, you will see your icons menu display on your site with the customization you have done.