4. Button Tab

To start configuring the button, you have to go to the Button tab in the WhatsApp chat section in your admin dashboard.

4.1. Design settings

Select between the button and the bubble layout.

Select between rounded or square borders.

Change the button position.

4.1.1 Icons

This option allows you to select between more than fourteen icons in the WhatsApp button.

4.2. Content settings

Change the text inside the button.

This is the text that will be included in the message.

4.3. Phone number

Include your WhatsApp phone number in international format. Make sure you include your country and area code.

Use: 15551234567
Don’t use: +001-(555)1234567

4.4. Availability

Here you could select when to display whatsapp button.
Define available hours, time zone and available days to be displayed.