5. Add new fields

WooCommerce Checkout Manager allows you to tnclude custom fields to the checkout page in Billing, Shipping and Additional fields sections.

5.1. Add a new a field to the checkout page

1. Go to WooCommerce / Checkout / Billing in your admin dashboard
2. Press the “Add New Field” button
3. Make sure you complete the field label and placeholder
4. Select the field type
5. Press the “Save Changes” button

You can select between any of the avialable field types. Once you select the field type the modal panel will be reloaded to display the field type settings.

5.2. Add new field options

For select radio multiselect and multicheckbox fields, you'll have to include the field options.

1. Select the field type (select,radio,multiselect,multicheckbox)
2. Then go to the section “Options” tab
3. Press the “Add new option” button

5.3. Remove field from checkout page

You can remove a field from the checkout and my account page by clicking the disable toggle button.

5.5. Remove field from my account page

If you want to display a field only the checkout. You can remove the field only on my account page.

1. Go to “Display” tab
2. Click the “Hide on account” checkbox

5.4. Remove field for specific products

You can also hide or show the field only for specific products or categories.

1. Go to “Display” tab
2. Click on the show or hide for products and search by product name.

5.5. Reorder fields position

You can also change the default order of the core and custom checkout fields.

1. Click on the left side of the field you want to move
2. Keep the mouse button pressed
3. Drag and drop the field to the desired position
4. Press the “Save changes” button at the bottom of the page

5.6. Change additional fields position

1. Go to WooCommerce / Checkout / Additional tab in your admin dashboard
2. Then go to select at the right top corner
3. Select the position
4. Press the “Save changes” button