9. Roll back to a previous version

Here’s how to roll back to a previous version of WooCommerce Checkout Manager.

  1. Open the WordPress Administration of your WooCommerce store.
  2. Go to Plugins.
  3. Deactivate and delete WooCommerce Checkout Manager from the Plugins screen.
  4. Open the Developer tab of the WooCommerce Checkout Manager Page on wordpress.org.
  5. Under the heading Other Versions, choose a previous release of WooCommerce Checkout Manager.
  6. Click the version number (e.g. 3.6.8) to download that Plugin release.
  7. Open Plugins > Add New from the WordPress Administration menu.
  8. Click the Upload Plugin button.
  9. Use the file uploader to select the version of WooCommerce Checkout Manager you have just downloaded.
  10. Click Install Now.
  11. That’s it!

9.1. I can’t add more than twenty fields

If you're experiencing this issue you can try one of these options to solve it.

Usually, this is due to a limit on the number of POST fields that can be sent to the hosting server in a single submission. For some hosts, this limit is 1000. As a consequence, this limits the number of Checkout fields you can add via the WooCheckout screen.

To add more than 20 checkout fields for a given Section (e.g. Billing, Shipping, Additional) you will need to increase the ‘max_input_vars’ PHP option. You can do this globally in all your WordPress sites or on a per-site basis. Apply this change globally by editing your hosting server’s php.ini file as follows.

max_input_vars = 2000

Alternatively, you can apply this on a per-site basis by adding the following code to your WordPress site’s .htaccess file.

php_value max_input_vars 2000