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Best 9 Gaming WordPress Themes

Are you looking for the best gaming WordPress themes to create your gaming website? The gaming community has always been one of the biggest online communities since the development of the internet. And if you want to create an engaging gaming website for gamers, you have come to the right place.

This article will list some of the best WordPress themes for a gaming website. Whether you want to create a clan, esports, gaming blog, merch store, game streaming, or any other website for gamers, we’ve got you covered.

But let’s first look at the benefits of using a dedicated gaming theme for your WordPress website.

Why Choose Dedicated Gaming WordPress Themes?

Dedicated gaming WordPress themes offer several compelling advantages for individuals and organizations within the gaming community. Here are some key reasons why opting for these specialized themes is a wise choice:

  • Tailored design: Gaming WordPress themes are specifically designed to cater to gaming websites’ unique needs and aesthetics. They often feature gaming-inspired visuals, layouts, and color schemes. This ensures that your site resonates with the gaming culture.
  • Gaming features: The dedicated themes come with built-in gaming-centric features. They may include game review templates, integration with gaming APIs, clan or guild management tools, support for gaming forums or communities, and many more. These features save time and effort in developing your gaming website and make the entire process easier.
  • User engagement: The gaming themes also prioritize user engagement by offering features like gaming leaderboards, badges, achievements, and custom user profiles. These elements encourage interaction among community members and enhance the user experience among the gamers on your website.
  • Integration: These themes often integrate seamlessly with gaming-related plugins, APIs, and tools. Whether you want to display real-time game stats or connect with gaming communities, integration is smoother.

What to Look for in Gaming WordPress Themes?

Depending on your website, you should look for several elements in a WordPress gaming theme. But here are some of the major features you need to keep an eye on:

  • Visual appearance: A gaming website should captivate visitors with stunning visuals, reflecting the essence of the gaming world. The visual designs should also align with the type of gaming website that you are creating.
  • Customization: Themes that offer extensive customization options allow you to tailor your website to match your gaming brand. Look for the theme with the most appropriate customization options for your gaming website.
  • Responsiveness: With gamers accessing websites on various devices, a responsive design is imperative for a seamless user experience. Luckily, most WordPress themes nowadays have excellent responsive design. But you still need to ensure that your selected theme fully supports your website customizations on mobile devices.
  • Integration: Look for themes seamlessly integrating with gaming-specific plugins, forums, and e-commerce platforms. Even though you might not need them now, a good theme with easy integration possibilities can always come in handy in the future. You never know how or in which direction the gaming community will grow and evolve.

Best 9 Gaming WordPress Themes

Our curated list of the best gaming WordPress themes includes the following themes.

  1. PlayerX
  2. Avada
  3. Looper
  4. Astra
  5. Gaming Mag
  6. Divi
  7. Blackfyre
  8. Game Addict
  9. Gameleon

We’ll go through each theme and discuss why they are the best gaming theme for you, along with their highlighting features and pricing options.

1. PlayerX

playerx gaming wordpress themes

PlayerX is among the most popular dedicated gaming WordPress themes in the ThemeForest marketplace. It can be used for any gaming website to display your matches or clans, esports, and even streaming.

The theme has extensive match options, including match custom types and shortcodes for match lists and featured items. Similarly, it also supports stream box shortcodes to display live streams, videos, and other content on your website.

If you are a professional esports player or a game developer, the theme provides a handful of portfolio options. You can showcase your portfolio with standard, masonry, gallery, or even Pinterest lists. With all these features, it’s easy to see why it’s the current top-selling WordPress theme dedicated to gaming in ThemeForest.


  • Custom post type for matches
  • Match list and featured items shortcode
  • Stream Box shortcode
  • Masonry, gallery, and Pinterest portfolio options
  • Fully responsive design


PlayerX is a premium WordPress theme. You can get it from the ThemeForest marketplace. It starts at 69 USD (one-time fee) and includes six months of support.

2. Avada

Avada is a feature-rich multipurpose WordPress theme that can be used for any type of website. It is the best-selling WordPress theme in the ThemeForest marketplace. It has over 95 website templates that can be used for various websites, including a prebuilt demo for a gaming website. Even though the template is primarily suited for an esports website, Avada has over 120 design elements to customize it for any gaming website.

One of the highlighting features of the theme is its Fusion Builder. It allows users to create distinctive and visually appealing websites. These customizations can benefit gaming websites that demand unique branding and designs for a competitive advantage.

The theme also has multistep form options to help you with game file downloads or tournament signups. Similarly, it is also compatible with WooCommerce, making it easy to sell any game or gaming merchandise and accessories. The theme’s usability is endless, so we have an ultimate guide on the Avada theme for WordPress.


  • 95+ prebuilt website and 120+ design elements
  • Includes its custom theme builder, the Fusion Builder
  • Optimized for speed and performance
  • Custom multistep form options
  • Avada Builder role manager


Avada is a premium WordPress theme. You can get it from the ThemeForest marketplace. It starts at 69 USD (one-time fee) and includes six months of support.

3. Looper

Looper is one of the free gaming WordPress themes that is designed specifically for gaming blogs. It has a straightforward design but comes with a variety of valuable features.

Its default homepage offers a hero post above the masonry layout and right-hand sidebar. You can use this feature to highlight the top content or featured content. This will also ensure better navigation on your website for the gamers that visit your website.

Furthermore, the theme also provides you with multiple color scheme options from the theme customizer. So, you also have complete control over the primary colors of your theme to suit the visual appearance of the gaming website.


  • Bold and modern design
  • Flexible homepage layout with hero post
  • Enhanced customizations for color schemes
  • Integrated search function
  • Custom menu and sticky post options


Looper is a free WordPress theme. You can download it from the official WordPress theme repository.

4. Astra

Astra is a lent multipurpose WordPress theme with 1 million active installations. It is a highly customizable theme suitable for any website, including gaming websites. The theme has a unique gaming template in its huge collection of over 240+ templates that can be perfect for your gaming website.

It also boasts extensive theme features like a custom header, footer builder, and layout options. The header and footer builder can create an appealing header and footer to highlight your gaming logo and site title and help with navigation and user experience. You can use the padded, fluid, spacing control, and default container site layout options to create an exquisite design for your gaming website.

The theme is also equipped with an info list and social icon widgets. These widgets can be helpful in showcasing game reviews and ratings, upcoming releases, esports tournaments, and much more gaming-related information. We have covered more about the theme in our WordPress theme guide for Astra.


  • Transparent, sticky, and mobile header options
  • Google Web Stories support
  • Advanced colors and typography adjustments
  • Fast and lightweight
  • Padded, fluid, spacing control, and default container site layouts


Astra is a premium WordPress theme. It starts at 47 USD per year and includes a 14-day money-back guarantee.

5. Gaming Mag

As the name suggests, Gaming Mag is a WordPress theme designed for a gaming website or an online gaming magazine. It is a child theme of News Vibrant and has a straightforward magazine layout that includes more than eight widgets. You can easily rearrange these widgets to give your gaming website the desired gaming-style appearance.

Similarly, the theme also provides multiple category color options to organize the gaming content on your website. They can assign unique colors to various topics like game genres, platforms, reviews, news, etc. It conveys the gaming content’s diversity and makes it easier for the editors and creators to manage content within the website’s backend.

Moreover, the top header section can also be hidden with the help of this theme. So, you can display or hide various announcements, events, or promotions within these sections to increase engagement with your audience.


  • Eight widgets tailored for a gaming magazine-style layout
  • Multiple category color options
  • Show or hide the top header section
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Repeater field to create social icons


Gaming Mag is a free WordPress theme. You can download it from the official WordPress theme repository.

6. Divi

Divi is one of the best WordPress theme and page builders to help you create a gaming website. It has 10+ page layout options focused on gaming and streaming websites. They can be easily customized using its impressive drag-and-drop Divi builder with real-time preview to build the gaming website you want.

The theme also supports responsive design and editing. So you can have complete control over how your website looks on mobile devices while creating or customizing your website itself. The theme also provides over 200 design elements fully compatible with mobile devices.

Not only that, Divi also features shape dividers that enable you to add custom shapes and effects to your website. This can help you achieve an enhanced visual appearance that suits the overall tone of the gaming website. If you want more information on the theme, please look at our post on the Divi theme review.


  • Integrated with Divi Builder, a powerful page builder
  • Fully responsive design and editing
  • 200+ website design elements
  • Shape dividers and animation options
  • Background masks and patterns


Divi is a premium WordPress theme. It starts at 89 USD per year and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

7. Blackfyre

blackfyre gaming wordpress themes

Blackfyre is one of the gaming WordPress themes designed specifically for online gaming community websites. It has a unique clan war system allows you and your users to create and manage clans and team matches. The theme even has a predefined page layout for easy creation of clans to get you started with it.

In addition, it also fully supports BuddyPress and bbPress to help you make your gaming community without any issues using this theme. The gamers of your gaming community can even have custom profiles to suit their unique identity based on avatars, backgrounds, and profile themes.

Blackfyre also has a widget for a rating system that can help in game reviews, suggestions, community polls, and more. This can significantly improve user engagement and quality control on various aspects of your gaming website.


  • Unique clan war system
  • Users can manage and create clans and team matches
  • Predefined page layout for clans
  • Custom user profiles for gamers
  • Fully compatible with BuddyPress and bbPress


Blacfyre is a premium WordPress theme. You can get it from the ThemeForest marketplace. It starts at 64 USD (one-time fee) and includes six months of support.

Game Addict

game addict gaming wordpress themes

Game Addict is a gaming theme for WordPress that primarily focuses on website clan wars. It allows you to create and manage clans, including maps, teams, and games.

However, the theme also includes a powerful visual composer page builder that can help you create any type of gaming website that you require. It even has various animated images and icons that you can use to make your website more appealing for gamers. Similarly, you can match the website’s overall theme using its extensive typography and color options.

It also offers you a gallery, carousel block, and slider options to further enhance the visual aspects of your gaming website. You can display various screenshots of the games, or the clan matches with these features to make your website more attractive.


  • Create clan wars with different maps, teams, and games
  • Powerful visual composer page builder
  • Gallery, carousel block, and slider options
  • Integrated with parallax and video blocks
  • Fully responsive design


Game Addict is a premium WordPress theme. You can get it from the ThemeForest marketplace. It starts at 64 USD (one-time fee) and includes six months of support.


gameleon gaming wordpress themes

Gameleon is one of the best WordPress gaming themes to create a gaming website for arcade and fantasy games. It has multiple prebuilt demo websites along with designated tabs to share the game screenshots and video trailers on the website itself. You can use these demos based on an arcade layout, a blog magazine, and a dark version.

The theme also provides you with an advanced rating and review system. You can use stars, percentages, or points on unlimited custom criteria with the help of this rating system.

Furthermore, a sticky sidebar is also included with the theme so that you can monetize your website with Adsense code. The sticky sidebar can even be utilized to grab the attention of the gamers on your website by showcasing custom banner codes here.


  • Three major prebuilt demos targeted for gaming websites
  • Game screenshots and video trailer tabs
  • Advanced rating and review system
  • Fully compatible home page for widgets
  • Versatile header options


Gameleon is a premium WordPress theme. You can get it from the ThemeForest marketplace. It starts at 79 USD (one-time fee) and includes six months of support.


This concludes our list of the best WordPress themes for a gaming website. We have included free, premium, and freemium themes in this list. But the best theme among them depends entirely on the needs and requirements of your gaming website.

If you have a limited budget for your gaming website, you can try the free themes Looper or Gaming Mag. Otherwise, dedicated themes like PlayerX, Blackfyre, Game Addict, or Gameleon might better suit your website. But if you still feel these aren’t the themes you’re looking for, you can never go wrong with multipurpose themes like Avada, Astra, or Divi.

So, what do you think is the best WordPress gaming theme? Have you ever used one? We would love to hear your experience about it in the comments below.

In the meantime, here are some more posts that might help you to improve and customize your WordPress website.