Best Instagram Feed Gallery Plugins For WordPress

Ever since Instagram became a part of Facebook, it has served marketers and entrepreneurs as a platform to connect with a targeted audience and drive leads. It is a solid platform to present your business ideas, products, services, etc in a visually stunning way and thereby attract potential customers to your business website.

With more and more people actively using Instagram today, it is one marketing platform that you just can’t afford to miss out. But how to integrate your website with Instagram can be one question in your mind.

The WordPress community rightly responded to this question and came up with some of the coolest plugins that will let you showcase your Instagram feed on your WordPress website easily.

In today’s post, we will list down the top 10 Instagram feed plugins that will let you embed your Instagram feed on your posts and pages like a pro. So let’s begin.

Top Instagram Feed Plugins for WordPress

Instagram Feed Gallery


QuadLayers Instagram Feed Plugin, Instagram Feed Plugins

Instagram Feed Gallery is a user-friendly and free WordPress plugin that lets you showcase your Instagram pictures right on your WordPress website. You can choose to do that either in the form of a gallery or a carousel slider. All you need for that is your Instagram access token. You can paste this token on your website and you are ready to go.

Although the plugin is a freemium one, it lets you create hashtags feeds –  a feature that is generally available in the premium versions of other plugins. It also lets you display your Instagram feed in the form of popups.

You can include an unlimited number of users and then create a separate feed for each of them. They are also allowed to have their own layout and settings. The best thing is that the feed can be styled beautifully and in a number of different ways.

QuadLayers offers a lot of customization options for that. From adding a ‘Load More’ button, customizing your feed with colors and borders, adding feedbox with an avatar image, username and custom description and a lot more, this plugin is a complete deal for displaying your Instagram feed glamorously on your website.


AccessPress Instagram Feed Plugin

AccessPress is a fully responsive Instagram Feed plugin that offers you the easiest way to display your Instagram pictures on your WordPress website. The plugin also comes with a free version that you can try out before purchasing the premium copy. Needless to mention, that the paid version is loaded with much more features than the free one.

The paid version comes with 2 different grid layouts, 9 catchy and customizable prebuilt templates, 3carousel layouts, 5 stunning filter designs and a lot more. You also have the option to duplicate a feed if you want.

AccessPress looks beautiful on screen sizes of all types. You can take full control of the number of columns you want to display. This can vary depending on your screen size. So if its 2 for mobile devices, it can be 5 for a desktop. The bigger the screen the more the columns.

You can also choose from more than 16 different layouts each with a striking loo of its own. It also lets you drive more followers to your Instagram account by displaying the ‘follow’ option using the Widget in the sidebar.

Instagram Feed by Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon, Instagram Feed plugins

This is another robust plugin that offers a seamless way to integrate your Instagram feed to your website. Loaded with some of the coolest features, this plugin can help you increase social media engagement on your site.

The plugin is super responsive and responds thoroughly even when used alongside other plugins on the same site. It offers you all the flexibility to showcase your content the way you want. This helps you style your site in the most pleasing way for your visitors. Besides, every bit of the plugin is customizable to let you tweak your feed.

You can create multiple feeds without any limitation, and display them on a single page, throughout your website. It lets you do it with ease. It also accepts videos and you can even combine them with your pictures if you want.

Not just that, you can highlight specific posts, choose different layouts, display your stories on a lightbox and do a lot more.

Supaz Instagram Feed


The next plugin on our list is the Supaz Instagram Feed plugin. This plugin is a super responsive, fully customizable and extremely user-friendly solution to showcase your Instagram feed on your website in style.

It comes with multiple feed types and layout options to offer you the best experience displaying your pictures. You can sort your feeds based on the location, hashtag, recent media or anything else.

It also offers 11 different widgets and lets you share your feed across different social platforms through the social share buttons. So you can easily promote your feeds on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter even LinkedIn.

Supaz comes with 6 different lightbox options each of which supports multiple photos, videos and slider show layout. You can also have full control over your image size and their sorting options.

10Web Instagram Feed

10Web, Instagram feed plugins

10Web Instagram Feed is the most intuitive and user-friendly plugin that lets you display your Instagram feed on your website in the most stylish manner. You can embed your entire timeline on a particular post or page by using a shortcode or the plugin widget on the sidebar.

You also have full control over the looks of your website so that you can make it appealing to your visitors. It lets you fine-tune your feed by adding the filter options and custom condition types. You can also choose to display your feeds individually from your Instagram account or mix them up with hashtags.

The Instagram feed widget lets you make a stunning display of your feed on your widget sidebar. You also have two beautiful themes to choose from which can be further customized by changing its colors, size, display style etc.

 Flexi Instagram Feed

Flexi Instagram Feed Plugin

The next plugin on our list is the Flexi Instagram Feed plugin. It is a wonderful solution for displaying your Instagram feed on your WordPress website. The plugin offers various layout style so that you can choose the best one for your pictures. It has also added the beautiful Map layout that is a recent addition to the plugin.

The real-time configuration option makes things seamless and even for a novice working with this plugin seems like a hassle-free task.  You can also have full control over what appears on your timeline.

It comes with a ton of striking skins that you can choose from. Further, it is compatible with almost all other plugins that you might be using on your website alongside it. With many other amazing features, this plugin might be one of your favorites if you give it a chance.

Enjoy Instagram

Enjoy Instagram, Instagram feed plugins

Just like the name says, this plugin lets you enjoy sharing your Instagram feed on your website and making them available to your visitors. With more than 10k active installation, this plugin is a beautiful one, that has been coded neatly to answer to various devices in a responsive manner.

Whether you want to share your pictures or videos, this plugin lets you do both. You can also pick your favorite layout style and add the lightbox effect to enhance the visual effects.

It allows you to add as many numbers of rows and columns as you want. They can be further customized to meet your requirements. The lightboxes can also be added with a media caption and a navigation arrow.

The one-click installation option lets you have your website ready with a matter of minutes.

Elfsight Instagram Feed


Elfsight is yet another brilliant Instagram feed plugins that deserve to be on this list. It offers you the easiest and the quickest way to reflect your profile photo on your feed or gallery. You can either use your username, a specific hashtag or a photo URL. The lite version is thoroughly responsive to all screen sizes and it adjusts beautifully to fit into the screen. This gives it a stunning look and makes it more appealing to your visitors.

You also have full control over the number of columns you want. You can choose them manually as well. The Instagram gallery that you embed on your website can have two different navigation styles. One is the arrow and the other a drag.

You can also add a description to your pictures to make it more meaningful. With a lot of other features, this plugin has already bagged 10k downloads and the number is on a steady rise.

Instagram Feed Gallery – Grace for WordPress

Instagram feed

Instagram Feed Gallery is a super fast and responsive plugin that lets you present your Instagram pictures in a graceful manner. It is a $20 plugin that has been loaded with amazing features. From beautiful customization options, brilliant compatibility and amazing performance this plugin have been a popular name.

This plugin like all other plugins on this list is compatible with the latest versions of WordPress. The drag-and-drop page builder lets you control the way your images appear to your visitors. It also has a lot of filter options, attractive animations, DIY card template builder, smart resource loading option, social share buttons, beautiful animation and hover effects and a lot more, this plugin can really amaze you with its features.

Instagram Feed: Grid and Carousel for WordPress

Instagram Feed Grid

This is a highly responsive, fully flexible and customizable Instagram feed plugin that offers the easiest way to display your pictures on your WordPress website. From choosing your favorite layout to the number of pictures on your grid,  it lets you control every bit of it. It also has a load more option that displays a sleek slider to transition through your pictures.

The plugin supports 30 different languages, so it’s easy to reach out to more people across the globe. Besides that, you have 60+ animation effects, social share icons for each popup, custom background and hover background colors, inline only image popup option and a lot more.


These were some of the Instagram Feed Plugins that you might like. Each of these plugins can be used alongside other advanced plugins. They respond beautifully to different screen size and are great tools for both newbies and seasoned designers. So now, pick the one you like the best and start displaying your pictures in style.