Best 9 AI Coding Assistant Tools

Are you a developer looking for artificial intelligence to help you with a programming task? Then you are at the right place. Today, we’ll show you the nine best AI coding assistant tools.

But before moving on, let’s see why we should use AI coding assistant tools, along with their pros and cons.

Why You Should Use AI Coding Assistant Tools

AI coding assistants are advanced tools designed to help programmers with everyday tasks. These tools increase productivity and efficiency by using artificial intelligence to provide developers with automatic code-creating and intelligent suggestions.

Such tools can understand the context of a specific programming language or framework, delivering relevant suggestions for code completion, syntax correction, and error detection. They also save time by reducing the need for manual searches or trial-and-error while writing complex code.

Furthermore, these tools constantly learn from user interactions and adapt to provide more accurate suggestions. Whether you are a seasoned coder looking for easier workflows or a beginner looking for guidelines while learning, AI coding assistant tools provide crucial support that simplifies development tasks and ultimately helps individuals create higher-quality results with less effort.

What are The Pros and Cons of AI Coding Assistant Tools

Like everything else, AI coding assistant tools have benefits and drawbacks. Below, we have listed both the pros and cons of these tools.

Pros of AI Coding Assistant Tools:

  • Enhance Productivity
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Reduce human error
  • Saves time
  • Access relevant information
  • Facilitate collaboration among developers
  • Provide real-time debugging assistance

Cons of AI Coding Assistant Tools:

  • Risk of over-dependence
  • Reduced creativity in problem-solving approaches
  • Overly reliant on automated suggestions
  • Limitations in understanding contextual aspects
  • Large amounts of sensitive data raises privacy concern

Now you know what AI coding assistant tools are and their benefits and drawbacks. Let’s move to the article’s core, where we will list the top 9 AI coding assistant tools

Best 9 AI Coding Assistant Tools

In a nutshell, the nine best AI coding assistant tools are:

  • Tabnine
  • GitHub CoPilot
  • Replit Ghostwriter
  • Amazon Code Whisperer
  • ChatGPT
  • Ask Codi
  • OpenAI Codex
  • Bugasura
  • Codeium

Let’s explore each of these AI-powered tools to see what they offer.

1. Tabnine


Tabnine is an excellent coding assistant tool that is compatible with many code editors and IDEs, such as VS Code, PyCharm, CLion, Android Studio, IntelliJ, Eclipse, Neovim, GoLand, AppCode, and WebStorm. For all of these IDEs, Tabine also offers simple installation instructions.

This tool works by learning from the collective knowledge of the coding community and then adjusting it to your coding style. Like IDE,  dozens of programming languages are officially supported by Tabnine, including Objective C, HTML, CSS, Dart, and Perl.

Although this tool’s “free” version feels more like an advert because it does not complete entire code lines, the user experience is excellent. Thus, you must subscribe to the pro plan to utilize all of its features. A 14-day free trial is available from Tabnine.


  • Extensive transformer-based machine learning algorithms
  • Supports a large number of programming languages
  • Offers more than 15 editors and 20 languages
  • Supports the most widely used frameworks and libraries
  • Runs in any server within your firewall


Tabline offers three different pricing plans, including a free version for one user. Premium subscriptions start at $12/mo.

2. GitHub Copilot


GitHub Copilot is one of the most popular AI coding assistant tools for developers. The tool converts the coding process by offering considerate, specific recommendations while you work. Like a copilot, living up to its name leads you to write better code and makes the coding process go more smoothly than it would be alone.

Whether a beginner learning how to code or an expert developer working on a complex task, It can speed up your coding journey and increase your productivity, regardless of your experience level.

It is more than a coding tool consisting of a set of features, including code completion, code explanation, debugging, and more. Developers on various platforms can access it thanks to its seamless integration with well-known IDEs like VS Code, Visual Studio, JetBrains, and Neovim.


  • Uses natural language prompts
  • Supports popular IDEs
  • Compatible with a wide range of well-known code editors
  • Writes code using the OpenAI Codex
  • Change entire functions based on recommendation


The tool offers two different pricing plans. The individual package costs $10/month, while the Enterprise one costs $19/month.

3. Replit Ghostwriter


With the support of Replit’s inbuilt extensive language model, Replit Ghostwriter provides AI-powered coding assistance. Developers can use Ghostwriter as a comprehensive tool because it supports code completion, generation, transformation, enhancement, explanation, chat, and debugging.

In addition, numerous programming languages are supported, such as Bash, C, C#, C++, CSS, Go, JavaScript, Java, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, and more. It also offers unlimited private repos, a quick workspace, high resource limits, SSH access, and more, in addition to AI coding assistance.

Ghostwriter is an excellent option for developers who want to simplify their coding process because it allows you to run your code in an online IDE simultaneously.


  • It takes 500 milliseconds on average to respond
  • Enter voice messages into the chatbot
  • Supports more than 16 programming languages
  • Create and test the projects straight from the web browser
  • Use the debugger to identify and fix the bugs


Replit pricing plans are separated into two groups. There is a free version, while the premium version costs $7 monthly for a basic plan.

4. Amazon CodeWhisperer


Amazon CodeWhisperer is a significant language model (LLM) designed specifically for coding created by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This tool has been trained on billions of lines of code, making excellent in-line code recommendations.

It can identify code that matches open-source training code and even automatically generate entire functions based on preexisting code, allowing correct attribution. With its integrated code security features, CodeWhisperer examines and scans your code for flaws and vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, it supports several programming languages, including Python, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, and more, and it integrates with several IDEs, including VS Code, IntelliJ IDEA, and PyCharm. The best part is that developers can get infinite code suggestions from Amazon CodeWhisperer.


  • Generates whole functions and code fragments
  • Review your code to identify security flaws and provide fixes
  • Uses machine learning capabilities of Amazon
  • Compatible with popular IDEs and programming languages
  • Suggest codes based on currently-existing


Amazon CodeWhisperer is a freemium AI coding assistant tool. If you opt for the premium version, it starts at $19 per month for individual users.

5. ChatGPT


ChatGPT is also highly effective at coding tasks despite being a multipurpose AI chatbot. Other AI coding assistant tools, such as Copilot and CodeGPT, are just two of the many tools that rely on ChatGPT, which the GPT-4 model powers.

You can write code more easily by accessing the complete GPT-4 model’s capabilities, provided by a ChatGPT Plus subscription. The best result of a significant language model (LLM) on the HumanEval benchmark, 67%, was attained by ChatGPT in Python coding tasks using zero-shot prompting.

Also, developers can expect even better responses and support from ChatGPT by utilizing expert-level prompts. The skill levels of developers don’t matter; the features offered by ChatGPT 4 make it an essential AI coding assistant tool for any programmer.


  • Produces simple code snippets
  • Respond to queries in Python and other programming languages
  • Assists in creating code comments or essential documentation
  • Break down complicated coding concepts into simpler terms
  • Chatbot to answer coding-related questions


ChatGPT is free for personal use. If you don’t want any limitations, you can opt for a premium subscription plan that costs $20 per month.

6. AskCodi


AskCodi is an AI-powered code generator that provides solutions to a range of programming issues along with code recommendations. It evaluates developer requests using machine learning algorithms and provides exact code snippets.

For code generation and optimization, AskCodi provides Codi Workbook. Code can be generated there, along with many other things like writing documentation, testing code, and generating code explanations.

Being bilingual, AskCodi can also reply to questions from users in languages other than English, such as German and Spanish. However, the success of your plain language statements will determine the outcome, just like in any LLM.


  • It makes coding simpler by generating code from simple prompts
  • Provides direct answers to coding queries
  • Offers code suggestions as you type
  • Supports multiple languages (Spanish, German, Polish, and English)
  • Available as an extension for many IDEs


Although AskCodi is free for personal use, the membership pack costs $9.99 monthly.

7. OpenAI Codex


An additional product of OpenAI, Codex, goes beyond ChatGPT by converting your written commands into actual code using LLMs. You can write your questions as if you were asking a colleague for advice because OpenAI Codex is an NLP tool that will provide code recommendations in real-time.

Since its primary purpose is to suggest new code, it functions best when it generates code in response to your commands. So we suggest not providing it with code you’ve already written and asking Codex to improve it because the results might not be satisfactory.

Overall, the program is simple to install and works with many well-known programming languages, such as PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, Python, Swift, Shell, and more.


  • Creates code automatically in response to prompts
  • Generates a single solution for each given command
  • Manage Google Calendar and Spotify (still under development)
  • Suitable for non-programmers
  • Can facilitate numerous industry


OpenAI Codex is a premium tool that offers multiple pricing tiers and runs on a subscription-based model.

8. Bugasura


Bugasura is an AI-powered tool developed to assist a large team in tracking and fixing bugs more effectively. The tool boasts that AI-powered automation and pattern recognition can replace widely used tracking tools.

However, if you don’t want to give up your preferred tracking tool, Bugasura also integrates with well-known programs like Jira, Asana, and Zendesk.

This tool works automatically by finding errors in your code and recommending fixes based on the type and severity of the problems. By allocating, monitoring, and debating bug fixes inside Bugasura, you can utilize the platform to work together with your team.


  • Automatically detects errors in your code and fixes them
  • Prioritize bugs according to various factors such as severity and category
  • Locate and link related or similar bugs
  • Reply to messages posted on the Bugasura issue tracker
  • Receive real-time updates


Bugasura is a freemium AI tool. The premium package costs $5/mo per user.

9. Codeium


Even though Codeium is a relatively new AI coding assistant tool, it is among the greatest in the field. To help you stay in the coding zone and increase productivity, Codeium supports over 70 programming languages and eliminates unnecessary code by scanning your code and writing repetitive work.

Combined with its codebase-aware chat feature, Codeium’s natural language-based search makes for an extraordinarily potent tool for developers. Even though it might be a little slow to generate codes compared to other AI assistance tools, it creates unit tests, saving a developer many hours of labor.

Also, because of its extensive customization options, Codeium can offer a wide range of extensions and customization options over which you have complete control. This enables you to tailor its recommendations to your preferences.


  • Infinite code completions for both single and multiple lines
  • Chat integrated into the IDE
  • Supports integration with over 70 programming languages
  • None of the data or usage is disclosed to any servers
  • Help developers through unknown libraries or APIs


Codeium is free for personal use. For a team, it costs you $12 per month for each individual.


This concludes our list of the best AI coding assistant tools. There is an AI code generator out there for everyone, whether you are an experienced developer looking for an intelligent assistant or someone just looking for a way to get started with coding.

Not only do they enhance the capabilities of people and organizations by improving the process of writing code, but they also make it more widely accessible. On top of that, these AI-powered tools have made it possible to create fully functional eCommerce websites and translate voice commands into code to new possibilities.

All the tools we listed today significantly increase your productivity and enhance your coding experience. Also, none of these coding tools send your data back to their parent companies, which is why privacy is not an issue. However, if you’re starting out and still learning, it’s best to avoid depending too much on coding assistants as they may negatively impact your learning!

We’d love to learn about your experiences while generating the code using these tools. Also, you can suggest other AI coding assistance tools we didn’t list. Let us know down below in the comment box!

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