Best Premium Crypto Payment Gateway Plugins You Should Try

Best Premium Crypto Payment Gateway Plugins You Should Try

Are you looking for the best premium crypto payment gateway plugins for your WooCommerce store? If you are, keep reading this article. Here, we will be showing you the top six premium crypto payment gateway plugins you should try!

But first, let’s see why you should use dedicated premium crypto payment gateway plugins on your blog or WooCommerce store.

Why Should You Use Dedicated Premium Crypto Payment Gateway Plugin?

To accept crypto payments online, you can use both free and premium plugins. The free ones have limitations, while the premium ones unlock every potential feature. Here are a few advantages of premium crypto payment gateway plugins.

  • Better security
  • Regular updates
  • Priority support
  • Better integration options
  • Real-time conversions
  • Reliability

In the next section, we will show you what to look for in premium crypto payment gateway plugins.

What to Look for In Premium Crypto Payment Gateway Plugins

When you need a crypto payment gateway plugin, consider these factors:

  • Supported currencies: The first thing you need to check is which currencies you can accept with the plugin. As you know, there are hundreds of thousands of crypto coins are available. In most cases, the plugin developer lists the currencies you can accept with the tool.
  • Integration options: Next, check how you can integrate the plugin with the exchange. Most plugins can connect with an exchange via an API key, which is one of the easiest ways.
  • Conversion rules: Some plugin offers automated conversions. For example, plugins can convert crypto into fiat automatically. This way, you will always get a stable coin in your wallet instead of keeping highly volatile crypto coins.
  • Customer support: If you need help with the plugin or the integration, you should contact the customer support team. So, ensure the plugin has a responsive customer support team to manage the requests.
  • POS integration: If you are also running an offline business, check for a plugin that supports POS integration. This way, you can embed the crypto payment gateway with your physical hardware and start collecting payments offline.

Now, let’s move to the core of the article where we will mention the top six tools you should check.

Best 9 Premium Crypto Payment Gateway Plugins

Here, we will be covering six of the best WooCommerce crypto payment gateway plugins:

  1. Coinbase Commerce for WooCommerce
  2. Cryptoniq
  3. Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway
  4. Depay Payments
  5. WordPress Bitcoin Payments – Blockonomics
  6. WooCommerce Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

Each of these tools has unique features and integrations. Below, we will mention what makes these options different from others. So, based on your preferences and requirements, you can pick an option.

Without any further ado, let’s get into the list.

1. Coinbase Commerce for WooCommerce

coinbase commerce

When your main priority is an easy-to-use and feature-rich plugin to accept crypto payments, you should check out Coinbase Commerce. With Coinbase Commerce, you can accept almost every popular cryptocurrency in your store. They support coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, DAI, USDT, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and so on. The plugin’s user interface is elegant, and you won’t face any issues configuring it.

Other than the user interface of the plugin, it also has an excellent customer support team. If you need help with installing or configuring the plugin, you can easily contact the support team. They will help you solve every issue you have. You can also display crypto icons on the product or shop archive pages. This will help the user understand you’ll accept crypto for the product or service.

Setting up this plugin is also easy. The only thing you need is the Coinbase API key. Once you have pasted the API key in the plugin’s settings, you can start collecting payments online. Finally, the plugin offers another feature: setting up redirections after a successful transaction.


  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Excellent customer support team
  • Crypto icons
  • Redirections
  • Easy to configure


Coinbase Commerce is a freemium WordPress plugin. You can get the free version plugin from the WordPress plugin repository. For the premium version tool, you need to visit their website. Their annual subscription plans start at $39.99 a year, and lifetime subscription plans start at $119.99 (one-time fee).

2. Cryptoniq


If you are looking for a powerful crypto payment gateway plugin for your WooCommerce store, check out Cryptoniq. Its user interface is simple and offers minimal configuration options. The tool supports six popular crypto coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Tron, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

Plus, you won’t be using a crypto exchange when you use this plugin. All the transactions can be directly credited to your wallet without any fees. When you need to save money you spend on transaction fees, this is an ideal option. Another thing you need to note is how easy the plugin is to use.

The tool is also translation-ready, so if you need to translate the plugin to multiple languages, you can do this without any issues. The plugin will also automatically change the product’s pricing to the BTC or ETH value. This way, the customer does not need to manually check the value in BTC or any other crypto.


  • Powerful admin panel
  • Direct crypto payemnts
  • Easy to use
  • Translation ready
  • No withdrawal fees


Cryptoniq is a premium WordPress plugin. You can get the premium version of the plugin from the CodeCanyon marketplace. The plugin will cost you $27 (one-time fee).

3. Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

cryptocurrency payment gateway

If you need a plugin compatible with most WooCommerce third-party plugins, check out Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway. The plugin can accept a variety of coins. However, if you need to receive more coins, you should use the custom add-ons available. Once you have configured the cryptocurrencies, they will be displayed on the front end of the website.

The plugin will also show the currency icons, which will be helpful for your customers. By using icons, customers can easily understand the crypto you are talking about. Since the plugin can be integrated with order emails, you can mention the payment details there. The exact details will also be available in the website’s backend.

This plugin allows you to provide additional discounts. From the settings, you can choose which coin should receive a discount. Hence, when the customer selects a specific coin for the order, they will receive a custom discount.


  • Accepts multiple cryptos
  • Integrates with a hardware wallet
  • Optional payment confirmation
  • Integrates with order emails
  • Compatible with third-party plugins


Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway is a free WordPress plugin. However, if you need to add more features, you might want to use the custom add-ons available on their official website.

4. Depay Payments

DePay Payments

If you prefer an easy-to-use plugin for accepting crypto, check out Depay payments. It is one of the underrated WooCommerce crypto plugins you can use on your online store. The plugin supports over 150 currencies, so you can get paid in whichever currency you need. You can also get paid for your hardware wallet, such as Trust Wallet or Phantom Wallet.

All transactions connected to your wallet will be deposited directly without any delays. The plugin also supports ten crypto networks, which are ideal for accepting cryptocurrency online. There won’t be any complex customizations. Once you enter the wallet address, you can collect customer payments.

With the WalletConnect integration, you can accept payments directly via a QR code. This will help you improve sales and conversion since most people nowadays prefer mobile phones. On the checkout page, you can also see a crypto icon with all the accepted coins.


  • Supports over 150 currencies
  • Direct payments
  • Reduced returns and refunds
  • Exchange account not mandatory
  • Automatic conversion


DePay Payments is a freemium WooCommerce plugin. You can get the free version from the official WooCommerce website. Their premium plans will cost you about 1.5% per transaction.

5. WordPress Bitcoin Payments – Blockonomics

WordPress Bitcoin Payments – Blockonomics

If your website needs to accept mainly Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, check out WordPress Bitcoin Payments—Blockonomics. The main thing we liked in this plugin is the user-friendly dashboard. Navigating through multiple options would be easy in this plugin. All the payments can be deposited directly into your wallet or exchange account.

You do not need to link to an exchange or deal with API keys. All transactions will be safe and appear in your wallet in a couple of seconds. WordPress Bitcoin Payments—Blockonomics’s customer support team is also great. If you need help, you can quickly contact them.


  • Excellent user interface
  • Great support team
  • Segwit compatible
  • TOR website compatible
  • Supports BTC and BCH


WordPress Bitcoin Payments – Blockonomics is a freemium plugin. If you need to get the free version plugin, you can do it from the WordPress plugin repository. Their premium plans starts at 1% commission.

6. WooCommerce Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

cryptopay plugin

The final option we have for you is WooCommerce Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway. With this plugin, you can accept multiple crypto payments on your store. The plugin does not limit the number of transactions you can have. Another notable feature of WooCommerce Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway is that you do not need to pay any commission.

All the transactions will have a network fee, and that would be it. The tool can support all popular crypto networks such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance chain, Solana, etc. If you need to enhance the features of this plugin, you can do so with API. You must be a developer or hire a WordPress developer for this task.

The transaction time would be much less in this case. Since the plugin acts like a P2P, the time required to get payments credited to your wallet is lower. You can get paid in native coins or stablecoins such as USDT. All the transactions are trackable, and you can find them on the transactions page.


  • Unlimited payments
  • No commission
  • Supports all networks
  • Wallet support
  • Quick confirmations


WooCommerce Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway is a freemium tool. The free version plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress plugins repository. The premium version will cost you $89 a year.


Adding more payment gateways to your website or WooCommerce store is ideal. While some customers prefer to pay via their credit card or cash on delivery, some might be interested in paying with their crypto wallet. If you do not need to miss these opportunities, add a crypto payment gateway to your store.

As you can see in this article, you have several plugins to add a crypto payment gateway to the WooCommerce store. Choose any premium options if you are serious about your business and need no limitations. There are six plugins listed in this article that will help you to connect a crypto exchange with your website.

You can pick an option based on your preferences and requirements.

Which plugin are you going to use?

Let us know in the comments!

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