The Best Plugins for WooCommerce (Free and Paid)

Are you looking for the best plugins for WooCommerce? You’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll have a look at some of the top tools you should install on your online store.

WooCommerce is undeniably one of the most popular plugins available on the WordPress platform. If you’re running an eCommerce website, WooCommerce is “the” plugin you should use to set up your online store. It offers a wide range of products and shop features and options to customize your shop, even if you’re not a developer.

Additionally, a key factor that contributes to its popularity is the huge number of available plugins for WooCommerce that you can install. While WooCommerce itself provides you with a wide array of features for your shop, there are many other amazing first-party and third-party plugins available for you to extend its application even further. From enabling subscription features to personalizing your shop to creating a dedicated featured slider, the number of options is huge and can be overwhelming.

That’s why today we’ll have a look at some of the best plugins for WooCommerce that you should install to provide your customers with the best online shopping experience. Here, you’ll find plugins to improve your checkout process, others that focus on social media and marketing, subscriptions, and more.

Best Plugins for WooCommerce

This is our list of must-have plugins for WooCommerce.

  1. Direct Checkout for WooCommerce (Freemium)
  2. WooCommerce Checkout Manager (Freemium)
  3. WooCommerce Products Add-Ons (Premium)
  4. MailChimp for WooCommerce (Free)
  5. Trustpulse (Premium)
  6. WooCommerce Subscriptions (Premium)
  7. PickPlugins WooCommerce Product Slider (Freemium)
  8. WooCommerce Product Feed Manager (Freemium)
  9. WooCommerce Customizer (Free)
  10. YITH WooCommerce Wishlist (Freemium)
  11. WooCommerce Multilingual (Free)
  12. WooCommerce Buy Now (Premium)

In this list, you’ll find tools to improve the checkout, for email marketing, translations, subscription plans, and much more. There are both free and premium add-ons so choose the ones that best suit your business.

1. Direct Checkout for WooCommerce (Freemium)

WooCommerce plugins - WooCommerce Direct WooCommerce Direct Checkout is a top plugin to improve your customers’ shopping experience. Having the right products is only one step of the process but you need to ensure that purchasing them is clean and easy. And the checkout page plays a big part in that.

Developed by Quadlayers, WooCommerce Direct Checkout is designed to simplify the checkout process in your store and make it smooth. This plugin comes with a simple one-page checkout design, quick checkout buttons, and quick view features that enhance the shoppers’ buying experience. Essentially, this plugin makes your website easier to use and browse.

This way, customers have a better experience on your site, and not only will they be happier but they’ll also buy more.

Key features

  • One page checkout that allows customers to edit the cart and checkout from the same page.
  • A custom checkout page with removable fields and checkout redirect.
  • Nifty Add to cart, quick purchase buttons, and quick view feature on shop items.
  • Easy to set up and customize.


Direct Checkout for WooCommerce is a freemium tool that comes in the following plans:

  • Free version
  • Basic – 15 USD one-time payment (1 site)
  • Agency – 30 USD one-time payment (5 sites)
  • Developer – 60 USD one-time payment (unlimited sites)

2. WooCommerce Checkout Manager (Freemium)

Apart from simplifying the checkout page, it’s important to customize it. WooCommerce Checkout Manager lets you customize, add, edit, and delete fields displayed on the checkout page. This plugin comes with tons of options to tailor your checkout forms, including multiple fee options, conditional fields, and even an upload file field that your customers can use to upload their files during checkout.

Additionally, Checkout Manager for WooCommerce allows you to customize the email notifications that the shoppers receive after their purchase.

Key features

  • Simple options to customize, add, edit or remove custom fields on your checkout page
  • Lets you add custom fee options such as fixed-rate fees, percentages, multiple option fee fields
  • Conditional fields specifically built for your checkout page
  • Upload files field for checkout with options to view uploaded files from the Dashboard

If you want more information about how to improve your checkout page, you can have a look at how to enable the add-to-cart function programmatically in WooCommerce or the best WooCommerce checkout plugins.


Checkout Manager is a freemium tool that comes in the following plans:

  • Free version
  • Basic – 20 USD one-time payment (1 site)
  • Agency – 40 USD one-time payment (5 sites)
  • Developer – 80 USD one-time payment (unlimited sites)

3. WooCommerce Products Add-Ons (Premium)

WooCommerce plugins - woocommerce products addon Improve your product and shop view experience using this essential WooCommerce add-on. Products Add-Ons allows you to easily enable some of the most modern features you can see on eStores such as custom fields for your products, quick view features, and additional shop options. This means that customers can personalize their products during the purchase process.

Additionally, shoppers can see personalized products with different variations using the same product page and you can add multiple checkbox options to add other features to your products. Moreover, you can provide dropdown predefined options or even a text input field that shows the custom text on top of clothes and cards or you can even preview monograms on your products.

If you want to offer a completely customized product page, Products Add-Ons is an indispensable plugin for WooCommerce that you should install.

Key features

  • Custom fields, drop-down personalized options, and quick view feature for products
  • Enable flat or percentage-based fees directly on your products page
  • Image-based selections for choosing items with defined variations
  • Add fields for custom pricing. Perfect for pages for tips and donations.


Products Add-Ons is a premium plugin that’s available for 49 USD per year.

4. MailChimp for WooCommerce (Free)

WooCommerce plugins - mailchimp MailChimp is one of the most popular marketing tools available for WordPress. And if you want to run a successful business, marketing will play an important role so it makes sense to integrate your store with your mail list setup.

MailChimp’s official integration with WooCommerce lets you easily send targeted advertisements, start campaigns, send post-purchase emails, and more. Additionally, you can also set up marketing reminders such as notifications regarding your shopping cart or abandoned carts. With this add-on, you’ll be able to set up pop-up forms for your website and add promo content to your ads and emails using MailChimp.

To know more about MailChimp and how to integrate it with WooCommerce, check out our complete guide.

Key features

  • Sync mail lists, customer purchase data straight from your MailChimp accounts
  • Automated marketing reminders for shopping carts, viewed shop items, and post-purchase follow-ups
  • Track customer purchase history and purchase frequencies
  • Provides features for social media campaigns, giveaways, discount codes, and more


MailChimp for WooCommerce is a free tool.

5. Trustpulse (Premium)

WooCommerce plugins - trustpulse

Trustpulse is next on our list of the best plugins for WooCommerce. This tool is designed to improve your social media and marketing presence and help you grow your business. The entire idea behind Trustpulse is to use honest and trustworthy marketing to not only improve your website’s trust factor but also improve conversions for your products overall.

With Trustpulse you can use detailed event tracking, live customer activity, and highlight purchases and signups. Additionally, you can enable tools designed for targeting specific users and observe an immediate increase in conversion behavior. And the best part is that this plugin is extremely easy to set up and its flexible design opens a lot of opportunities for personal customization based on business needs.

Key features

  • Smart marketing features that focus on improving trust between you and your customers
  • Powerful tracking features for product and website content
  • Detailed analytics that can be used to improve site conversions
  • Notifications for defined actions and events for your store


TrustPulse is a paid plugin that has the following plans:

  • Basic – 39.50 USD per year (2,500 sessions/month)
  • Plus – 99.50 USD per year (10,500 sessions/month)
  • Pro – 199.50 USD per year (25,000 sessions/month)
  • Growth – 299.50 USD per year (100,000 sessions/month)

6. WooCommerce Subscriptions (Premium)

WooCommerce plugins - WooCommerce subscriptions If you’re selling monthly services or subscriptions, then you should use the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin. This tool lets you set up products with recurring payments and subscription offers, and keep track of all of them easily. You can even set up different subscription payments for both physical and virtual goods such as sign-up fees, weekly and even yearly subscription offers, free trials, and more.

WooCommerce Subscriptions fulfills all the needs of a site in need of a plugin to enable its subscription services. Additionally, this tool also adds tons of useful features on top of the subscription models. This includes notifications and email reminders for post subscription emails and even renewal notifications. And the best part is that subscribers can easily upgrade or downgrade their subscriptions based on your setup.

Finally, WooCommerce Subscriptions also offers well-visualized data regarding the number of subscribers, recurring payments, and more to help you keep track of your main metrics.

Key features

  • Supports multiple billing schedules and subscription plans that can be easily customized
  • Provides features for manual renewal payments, automatic rebilling, email invoices, and receipts.
  • Integration with over 25 unique payment gateways that supports subscription payments and recurring payments
  • Easy to view reports and data regarding active subscribers and payment details


WooCommerce Subscriptions is a premium plugin that starts at 199 USD per year.

7. PickPlugins WooCommerce Products Slider (Freemium)

WooCommerce plugins - WooCommerce Pickplugins

Nowadays, customers want to have many options to choose from so variation can be a key factor for your store. That’s why you should provide variation for the products you’re selling and display them in lavish ways.

PickPlugins Product Slider for WooCommerce is the perfect solution for this. This intuitive plugin provides you with an unlimited carousel slider to display your products and you can enable it anywhere on your website using dedicated shortcodes. Similarly, PickPlugins Product Slider also lets you add a custom number of items to query along with a custom slider. Additionally, you can choose from 3 unique Nav positions for your slider and even customize its speed, touch, and mouse drag.

This tool comes with a full range of slider customization options in terms of dimensions, colors, and more. Moreover, this plugin even lets you add sliders with filtered options, price changes, ratings, and a dedicated add-to-cart button. The premium version of this addon comes with 29 amazing themes for you to try out.

Key features

  • Unlimited, fully customizable product slider
  • Features for slider autoplay, touch drag, mouse drag, and stop on hover
  • 3 ready themes and 20 ready ribbons along with 29 themes provided with the premium version
  • Intuitive E-Commerce ready features such as Filter slider for products, custom featured and in sale icons, and ratings


PickPlugins Product Slider is a freemium plugin that offers the following plans:

  • Free version
  • Starter – 29 USD per year (1 site)
  • Developer – 99 USD per year (10 sites)
  • Business – 149 USD per year (100 sites)

8. WooCommerce Product Feed Manager (Freemium)

Plugins for WooCommerce - Product Feed Manager

Product Feed Manager is an interesting plugin designed to help you create product feeds and promote them on marketplaces. This tool aims to help you increase your sales by allowing you to easily generate product feeds for more than 170 marketplaces. 

On top of that, you can auto-sync your WooCommerce products with your Google Merchant shop as well as map product categories to automate the process. Finally, this tool lets you include hidden products and supports WooCommerce Bundle, Composite Product, and more.

Key features

  • Automatic synchronization with Google Merchant
  • Google category mapping
  • WPML support
  • Many filter options
  • Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel support
  • Schedule auto-updates


Product Feed Manager is a freemium product. You can download the free version from the WordPress repository or get one of the premium plans that comes with more features and starts at 59 USD per year.

9. WooCommerce Customize (Free)

WooCommerce plugins - WooCommerce customizer Next in our list of the best plugins for WooCommerce, there’s WooCommerce Customizer. This amazing free tool is available almost as an extension to all of the features and services WooCommerce offers.

This addon is ideal for those who want better control over their online store. It allows you to use a wide array of custom filters for your products as well as additional customization options. WooCommerce Customizer lets you customize your website without the need for additional coding. Additionally, you can also freely personalize add-to-cart buttons for specific categories or single products. You can also add sales badges or icons for specific products and customize the number of goods you display on a single page.

Finally, with WooCommerce Customizer you can also customize the checkout page, change coupon text, default checkout setups, tax label text, and more.

Key features

  • Fully customize add to cart button for specific product types and single products
  • Checkout page customizations
  • Change heading text for product description and additional information tab
  • Change the number of products displayed per page and add in tax label text for products


WooCommerce Customizer is a free tool.

10. YITH WooCommerce Wishlist (Freemium)

WooCommerce plugins - WooCommerce Wishlist

With the popularity of online stores, shoppers have grown accustomed to wishlists. Nowadays they’re essential for eCommerce websites. With a wishlist, you let customers save the products they would like to buy in the future. This not only provides a means for customers to save their favorite products but also be informed about any sales offer for them. Additionally, WooCommerce Wishlist makes it so that family and friends can share wishlists with each other too.

This plugin easily lets you design a single website page for dedicated wishlists and even add “Add to Wishlist” buttons for your products. Moreover, YITH WooCommerce Wishlist is fully enabled for social media sharing. So if you’re looking for a fully functional, easy to enable wishlist for your website then Yith WooCommerce Wishlist is the plugin you should go for.

Key features

  • Easy to designate wishlist page and enable “Add to Wishlist” shortcodes
  • Intuitive integration with individual products and shop pages with wishlist features
  • Product variation support for saving products to wishlist with specific variations
  • Premium version adds amazing features such as wishlist for logged-in users, tracking popular products, promotional emails for wishlist products, and more.


YITH WooCommerce Wishlist is a freemium plugin that offers the following plans:

  • Free version
  • Single Site – 105 USD per year
  • 6 Sites – 210 USD per year
  • 30 Sites – 420 USD per year

11. WooCommerce Multilingual (Free)

Online shopping is a global market. This means that everything you display on your website can and will be viewed or bought by people from around the world. And while a large part of the global population speaks English, that isn’t necessarily the case for every country. That’s why you should cover your bases by enabling multilingual support for your store. And WooCommerce Multilingual is your best choice.

This tool provides key translation features for your entire website and product catalog and it allows you to fully integrate your store with all the multilingual features provided by WPML. With this tool, you can translate each of your WooCommerce products, categories, attributes, and manage them accordingly.

WooCommerce Multilingual even lets you support multiple currencies for your eCommerce store. Additionally, you can choose to enable the same language throughout the checkout process as well as send emails to clients in their languages.

Key features

  • Easy translation and translation management for all your products, categories, and items
  • Enable translation for your checkout pages and ensure that the entire checkout process is in the same language
  • Provide inventory tracking with WPML and multilingual support
  • Compatibility with other popular plugins such as WooCommerce product add-ons and WooCommerce subscriptions


WooCommerce Multilingual is a free tool.

12. WooCommerce Buy Now (Premium)

One of the best ways to speed up the checkout process is by adding a quick buy button to your site and WooCommerce Buy Now is one of the top add-ons. This tool allows you to add direct-purchase buttons to your site and skip the cart page by redirecting users from the product page to the checkout page. It also lets you easily integrate payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Braintree,, and others.

On top of that, WooCommerce Buy Now allows you to customize the quick buy button, create coupons, configure product categories, introduce new shipping methods, and a module to create a two-step purchase process. Additionally, it comes with auto-filling for billing and shipping. Even though this plugin doesn’t offer as many configuration options as other similar tools, it’s very easy to set up and use.

Key Features

  • Auto-filling for billing and shipping address
  • Integration with Stripe, PayPal, Braintree,, and others
  • Two-step checkout module
  • Coupon configuration.


This premium plugin offers 3 pricing plans:

  • Personal (1 site) – 49 USD per year
  • Business (up to 5 sites) – 99 USD per year
  • Agency (up to 25 sites) – 199 USD per year.

Extra: RafflePress

Running an online giveaway is one of the best means of lead generation you can have for your website. Whether you want to increase your social media followers, website traffic, or email signups, giveaways are a great tactic. And RafflePress is one of the best WooCommerce plugins available for this purpose.

It allows you to set up social media-ready giveaways and contests for your store in no time. Its intuitive drag and drop builder for giveaways provides you a wide range of customization to your giveaways and contests, and you can also choose from various templates for better results. Furthermore, with RafflePress you can also build your giveaway landing pages, set up viral sharing for your giveaways, and enable a wide range of social media interactions on multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Finally, this tool comes with nifty security and verification features to ensure that your giveaways and contests run with zero hiccups.

Key features

  • Completely viral marketing and social media marketing friendly.
  • Mobile-friendly design and supports designated landing pages for giveaways.
  • 1 click entry and fraud protection features for fair giveaways.
  • Easy to build and manage giveaways with features for CRM features, targeting ads, and viral sharing.

Which plugins for WooCommerce should I install?

This is our list of must-have plugins for WooCommerce that will help you improve your online store. However, keep in mind that they all serve specific purposes and focus on enhancing specific parts of your website.

So which one should you install? They are all excellent plugins but think of what you want to refine in your store. For example, if you have problems with conversions, you may want to install WooCommerce Direct Checkout and WooCommerce Checkout Manager to improve the checkout. But if you have a subscription model business, you may want to start with WooCommerce Subscriptions.

Don’t forget to check out our post about the best WooCommerce free themes.

If you have any suggestions for plugins or you think we’ve missed some, please let us know in the comment section below!