Best 9 SiteGround Alternatives to Start Your Next Online Business

Are you looking for the best SiteGround alternatives? If the answer is yes, then this post is what you need. Here, we will share the nine best SiteGround alternatives to host your website without hassle.

Before discussing the main topic, let’s see what SiteGround is and what the platform offers.

SiteGround: An Introduction


SiteGround is a reliable hosting provider which is recommended by WordPress itself. It claims to speed up the site by 500% and powers 2,800,000 domains.

One of its outstanding advantages is the addition of the most recent platforms and technologies, supported by a high-end Google Cloud infrastructure that improves security and dependability.

Additionally, it comes with free domain registration, daily backups, and Cloudflare CDN. It also offers solid-state SSDs, automated WordPress plugin upgrades, and 99.9% uptime as additional features.

By this time, you must be asking yourself why, in the first place, you would even consider an alternative when SiteGround offers such outstanding services. Now, let’s see why to look for SiteGroud alternatives.

Why Look for SiteGround Alternatives

Without a doubt, SiteGround is a top-notch hosting provider for WordPress websites. However, you can look for SiteGround alternatives in multiple situations.

Despite offering excellent features and services, SiteGround only provides only a limited number of resources. When you purchase one of their several plans, you only get a set amount of SSD space because their shared hosting options tend to seem limited.

You receive 10GB for their StartUp Plan, 20GB for their GrowBig Plan, and 40GB for their GoGeek Plan. The only way to get extra resources is to change your plan. Even though you may receive a 73% discount when you sign up for the service, you will eventually have to pay the whole cost, which may be too expensive for some users.

Additionally, they increased their prices after switching to the Google Cloud Platform, which had an effect on their earlier prices. Because they now fall more into the premium category, you will need to pay more than previously.

Now you know why to look for a Siteground alternative. Next, let’s see the essential factors to consider in SiteGround alternatives.

What to Look For in SiteGround Alternatives

When searching for SiteGround alternatives, there are several must-have factors that should be taken into consideration.

  • Uptime: A seamless uptime guarantee coupled with fast loading times ensures a smooth user experience and reduces the risk of potential business disruptions.
  • Scalability: Opting for an alternative with flexible hosting plans can effectively accommodate future growth without compromising speed or functionality.
  • Customer Support: 24/7 support through various channels such as live chat, email, or phone calls to promptly assist with any technical issues.
  • Pricing: Evaluate what each alternative offers within their pricing tiers to ensure you receive maximum value for your investment without compromising quality features or service
  • Features: Must provide SSL certificate, backup options, and ease of use regarding control panel navigation.
  • Security: Robust protection against cyber threats such as malware attacks or hacking attempts is crucial to safeguard sensitive data and maintain the trust of your users.

Now you know what to look for in SiteGround alternatives. Next, check the top 9 best SiteGround alternatives you should try.

Best 9 SiteGround Alternatives

In a nutshell, the nine best SiteGround alternatives are:

  • Inmotion Hosting
  • Hostinger
  • A2 Hosting
  • WP Engine
  • DreamHost
  • GreenGeeks
  • Kinsta
  • Bluehost
  • Cloudways

Below, we’ll go through what makes each platform unique. You can then select a platform depending on your needs. Let’s get started with the list right away.

1. Inmotion Hosting


InMotion is one of the great alternatives to SiteGround. An easy-to-use interface, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and excellent customer support are some of the major highlights of this hosting provider. Along with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, the business provides 24/7 support.

InMotion offers unlimited bandwidth on its shared plan and 2TB on its least expensive VPS package. You can expect 4 to a staggering 24 Cores and 4GB-16GB of RAM on InMotion’s dedicated plans. With the purchase of a hosting package from InMotion Hosting, you receive a free domain name, making it simple to launch your website immediately.

Regarding safety, Inmotion offers multiple security layers such as ‘Hacker and Malware Protection‘ with a free SSL certificate and ‘Defending against Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS)’ even in their affordable shared plans. With other web hosts, you’ll receive these features only in the premium packages.


  • Uses Max Speed Zone technology to reduce loading times
  • Intuitive cPanel control panel
  • Integrated with Magento and WooCommerce
  • No limitations for email accounts
  • Automatic backups of data


You can find different pricing structures with InMotion. Their cheapest plan starts at $2.99 a month.

2. Hostinger


If you want to move your website from an expensive or ineffective web host or an inexpensive way to enter the wonderful world of shared web hosting, Hostinger is unquestionably the finest option. Because this hosting company provides plans for resellers, it’ll be perfect for a web development company that caters to individual clients or small enterprises with websites that receive typical traffic.

LiteSpeed web server (LSWS) is the secret behind Hostinger’s outstanding performance. Hostinger can use its hPanel custom hosting panel with LiteSpeed. This combination offers faster speed and performance than the more typical use of Apache web servers and the OpenResty hosting interface. Additionally, LSWS relies on a cache to keep copies of your web pages, enabling users to load everything more quickly.

With Hostinger, you can access various features, extensive WordPress optimization, and all the essential tools you need to get started. The WordPress Starter plan at Hostinger supports 100 websites, 100 GB of SSD storage, and unlimited bandwidth at affordable prices. Your online presence will have many areas to expand, and you can host multiple sites with Hostinger.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Integrated with a website builder ‘Zyro’
  • Eight server location
  • Daily backups of premium plans
  • Free migration on all plans


Hostinger offers three affordable pricing options for anyone on a budget. The starting price is $1.99 a month.

3. A2 Hosting


For those seeking more than simply shared hosting, A2 Hosting is a fantastic choice. This company also provides VPS, dedicated servers, and some of the best WordPress hosting. A2 Hosting offers a variety of choices at various pricing points, whether you need to scale your website up or down.

The cost of A2 Hosting varies according to the type of plan you select and the number of resources you require. Additionally, the business provides free migrations that may help you migrate your website from SiteGround to A2 Hosting more quickly and affordably. It also has an affordable package with more features than SiteGround’s StartUp plan, which is nearly half as expensive.

One of the top features of A2 hosting is the return policy. Like many other hosts, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and discounted refunds for cancellations made beyond this time. Even if you sign up for their plans and decide to discontinue, you’ll be guaranteed a refund depending on your remaining contract.


  • Comes with pre-installed WooCommerce
  • Use AI to enhance performance
  • It comes with TurboHub as a control panel
  • Provides one-click Drupal and Joomla installation
  • Modern caching software and optimal settings


There are four different hosting plans offered by A2 Hosting. The hosting plans start at $2.99 a month.

4. WPEngine


WPEngine is an easy-to-use, high-performance host with quick load times, reliable uptime, and an excellent support team. It also provides a number of handy features, such as automatic backups and security scanning. All four of WPEngine’s plans come with free automated migrations, daily backups, 3-level staging environments, and SSL certificates. You can also access caching, a global CDN (content delivery network), and more than 30 premium themes.

The best thing about WPEngine is that it does not have higher rates for renewal. The introductory discount, however, is only valid for initial purchases. Following the renewal, you will be charged the full normal fee of $300 per year. Therefore, even if it’s expensive, this makes sense. Especially considering that shared hosting on WP Engine is hosted on a faster cloud platform.

Last but not least, WPEngine offers a 60-day refund policy. However, a prorated refund is available if you decide to discontinue your subscription at some point afterward. For all unused subscription time, you will receive a refund. WPEngine undoubtedly has a ton of expertise in hosting a large range of WordPress sites, with more than 120,000 clients in 140 countries, making it the best SiteGround alternative on our list.


  • Server-level caching for quick loads and performance
  • Automated security updates
  • Provides a staging environment
  • More than 10 Google Cloud data centers
  • Free malware detection and removal


WPEngine offers three different pricing plans starting at $20 per month.

5. DreamHost


DreamHost is another excellent web hosting for newcomers and small company owners. They have a stellar uptime track record, and their servers are protected with the most recent security technologies. DreamHost also provides a free domain name with their hosting packages. The managed WordPress hosting packages offered by them are known as DreamPress hosting.

This hosting company provides various hosting plans and services, including shared, VPS, dedicated, and WordPress hosting. Though not as good as SiteGround in terms of performance, DreamHost performs well, given its price tag. All DreamHost plans allow unlimited visitors, but SiteGround only allows 10,000 to 100,000 monthly visits.

Furthermore, WordPress installs are made simple with DreamHost. Installing and setting up the content management system (CMS) only requires one click. You can also migrate your WordPress site for free if you import it from another service. But you must pay $99 for customer support if you require extra assistance.


  • Free WHOIS Privacy protection
  • Users can opt for monthly billing
  • Completely risk-free 97-day trial
  • Supports HTTP/2 and PHP 7
  • Environment-friendly data centers


DreamHost offers three different pricing tiers. The most affordable plan cost $2.95/month.

6. GreenGeeks


SiteGround’s top web hosting alternative in the market is Greengeeks. It is a leading green energy web hosting company based in California. This hosting is run on renewable energy. They utilize wind energy to power the computers and data center continuously. To this date, more than 300,000 websites are hosted by Greengeeks.

Regarding the plans, they all have unlimited transfers, limitless bandwidth and MySQL databases, managed WordPress accessibility, caching plugins, and multi-user access. In addition, GreenGeeks offers a number of freebies, such as a CDN, an SSL certificate, and a domain for a year.

With GreenGeeks, you can create anything, from a personal blog to a small online store, using WordPress and WooCommerce hosting. For large or busy websites where top speeds are essential, VPS is the ideal choice. Also, GreenGeeks provides dedicated server hosting, which gives your server a dedicated website to operate at peak efficiency.


  • Hosted by LiteSpeed instead of Apache
  • Free website migration
  • Integrated with free CDN
  • Includes drag-and-drop website builder
  • Unlimited MYSQL database and email accounts


With GreenGeeks, you have three price points to choose from. The cheapest plan will cost you $2.95 a month.

7. Kinsta


Kinsta is a robust, managed WordPress cloud hosting. It uses the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with 24 data centers worldwide to provide outstanding performance and reliability. In addition to perfect uptime, this hosting provider gives the fastest page loading.

The only downside of this host is that you can only use WordPress because it is the only CMS supported by the server. However, as part of its managed service, Kinsta will set up WordPress on your behalf, maintain it up-to-date, and offer routine daily backups.

But talking about security, Kinsta has cutting-edge firewalls and DDoS defense. You have access to customized security measures like IP address bans. It also automatically stores daily backups of your site to avoid losing crucial information in the worst-case situation.


  • Monitor performance directly from the dashboard
  • Premium Addons for additional features
  • Provides up to five manual backups per day
  • Dedicated support team
  • Personalized dashboard


Kinsta offers four pricing tiers for your consideration. The starting price is $7/month.

8. Bluehost


One of the largest and most renowned web hosting companies, Bluehost, was founded in 1996. Due to its high uptime and speed, it is the best, most inexpensive SiteGround alternative. Since 2006, has recommended Bluehost as the best WordPress hosting service.

Bluehost has various hosting service options, including managed hosting for WordPress. Bluehost’s managed WordPress hosting package offers useful tools, including a file manager, a store where you can buy WordPress products, email hosting, and a CDN (powered by Jetpack).

You can set up an infinite number of WordPress websites on Bluehost. Whether under subdomains or on distinct domains. You can also easily build staging environments for your live websites. For WordPress websites, Bluehost’s managed hosting package is an ideal choice.


  • It comes with its own AI website builder
  • Monitor and protect website with SiteLock
  • Offers professional marketing services
  • Provides professional email service with Microsoft 365
  • Scan and filter spam emails


Bluehost offers four different pricing tiers. The most affordable plan costs $11.99/month.

9. Cloudways


Cloudways provides powerful managed hosting, which makes it a great alternative to SiteGround. It provides features that are comparable to those provided by SiteGround, such as anti-bot systems, SSL, automatic backups, and more. It also offers free migration services. You may transfer your website to CloudWays for free from any host.

Another feature of Cloudways is its easy-to-use interface that makes installing WordPress simple. However, WordPress is not your only option; you can instantly install Joomla, Drupal, and other applications. Cloudways is an excellent choice if you seek the best and most reasonably priced cloud-based Managed WordPress hosting.

Additionally, you also have the option to host your websites on one of the following cloud networks when you sign up for an account: Amazon, Google, DigitalOcean, Kyup, or Vulture. Select the data center closest to your readers to speed up your website’s loading.


  • IP whitelisting and auto-healing
  • 3X quicker SSD drive and built-in caches
  • Generates a hybrid “Apache + Nginx” stack for your server
  • It comes with the free performance plugin “Breeze”
  • 3-day free trial (without any credit card information)


Cloudways offers four flexible price options. Their cheapest plan costs $14/mo.


Without a doubt, SiteGround is one of the top web hosting providers. However, some of its limitations and drawbacks make you want to look for SiteGround alternatives. As a result, you might also want to look into SiteGround’s competitors to get the best and most appropriate choice for your website.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top SiteGround alternatives to make things easier. Inmotion, A2 Hosting, and GreenGeeks offer the best solution for eCommerce stores. On the other hand, for a free trial, you can check Cloudways, Kinsta, or DreamHost.

The most affordable option on our list is Hostinger. Bluehost and WPEngine are best for security, offering free malware detection and removal.

So, which SiteGround alternatives are you going to try?

Let us know in the comment section.