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9 Best DreamHost Alternatives You Should Know

Are you looking for the best DreamHost alternatives? If so, keep reading this article. This post will show you the top nine alternatives to DreamHost.

But first, let’s see what DreamHost has to offer.

DreamHost: An introduction


If you need an affordable and WordPress community-recommended WordPress hosting provider, you should check DreamHost. Thousands of businesses and professional bloggers use their platform to host a website. The main advantage of DreamHost is its easy-to-use cPanel and account interface.

Apart from that, DreamHost also comes with several cutting-edge features. Some of the unique features of the platform are:

  • Free domain name with every hosting plan
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Automated migrations
  • Free SSL certificates
  • SSD storage
  • Unlimited business emails
  • WP website builder

And so on.

Now you know what DreamHost is and what they have to offer. The next section will show you when to check for DreamHost alternatives.

Why Look for DreamHost Alternatives

You might want to look for DreamHost alternatives in different scenarios. For example, if you need a web hosting provider for an affordable price, you can look at the major alternatives. Similarly, if you think you can get better features from another hosting company, you might want to choose them.

The options do not limit you. You will find several web hosting companies with cutting-edge features if you check the market. If you think you should choose any other hosting over DreamHost, you have the right to do so.

Now you know why you should look for DreamHost alternatives. In the next section, we will show you what to look for in WordPress hosting companies.

What to Look for In a WordPress Hosting

When you need a WordPress hosting provider, consider these factors:

  • Performance: When it comes to a web hosting company, one of the main things you should check is the performance optimization option. If your website is loading slowly, the visitors will leave you. So, consider using a web hosting company with extraordinary performance.
  • Support: Contact the support team to help with the website or server. Ensure the hosting has an excellent customer support team.
  • Pricing: If you are starting your first WordPress blog or WooCommerce site, you do not need to use an expensive hosting provider. Several affordable hosting providers that have every feature you need are available.
  • Datacenters: Most web hosting companies offer multiple datacenters. Choose one according to your target location. Otherwise, you should start using a CDN provider.
  • Security: Another thing you need to focus on is the security of the selected platform. Most web hosting provider will protect their servers with cutting-edge security features. You can also use a WordPress security plugin to ensure your website has all the security essentials.
  • cPanel options: Finally, check how good their cPanel options are. Some managed WordPress hosting companies will help you with a minimalistic panel. It will make the site configuration simpler.

Now you know what to look for in a WordPress hosting company. The next section will show you the best nine DreamHost alternatives.

9 Best DreamHost Alternatives You Should Try

In a nutshell, the best hosting providers you should try are:

  • Cloudways
  • SiteGround
  • HostGator
  • Bluehost
  • A2 Hosting
  • HostArmada
  • GreenGeeks
  • InMotion Hosting
  • TMDHosting

Each hosting provider comes with unique features. Below, we will explain what makes these platforms different from others. So, based on your requirements and preferences, you can pick an option.

Without any further ado, let’s get started.

1. Cloudways


When looking for performance-optimized and easily scalable WordPress hosting, you should check Cloudways. Cloudways offers multiple cloud hosting servers like Digital Ocean, AWS, and Google Cloud. When you sign up on their platform, you can choose one you like and start deploying the server. Another good thing about Cloudways is the scalability option.

If you need more RAM or storage, you can add those to your server via the account settings. This way, you do not need to upgrade your hosting subscription. Based on your requirements, you can add resources to the server. On top of that, you can also deploy unlimited applications under the same server. This will be a helpful feature if you need to host multiple websites for an affordable cost.

Customer support is another excellent thing about Cloudways. If you need help with the website, you only need to contact their staff via live chat or ticketing. They will respond to every ticket within a business day. Live chat agents will get back to you within a couple of minutes. Cloudways is also ideal for running a WooCommerce store.


  • Optimized for performance
  • Easily scalable
  • Custom caching system
  • Excellent customer support
  • Multiple application installations


Cloudways is a premium web hosting provider. Their premium plans start at $11 a month.

2. SiteGround


If you need a hosting company the WordPress community recommends, check SiteGround. Siteground is an ideal option for running both WordPress sites and WooCommerce stores. Since they allow you to register a domain for free during the signup process, you can save money on it. Usually, you need to spend $10 to $15 a year for a .com domain name.

With SiteGround hosting, you can save this fund. All their hosting plans include a free SSL certificate, an excellent feature for securing your website traffic. The SSL certificate will be automatically renewed without any manual work. To keep your work safe, you can use the backup feature. When you enable this, the server will save a copy of your website daily and store it offshore.

If something terrible happens to your website, you can use this backup feature to restore the website to its previous state. You can also eliminate every WordPress backup plugin by using this built-in feature. Another feature we liked was the business email creation. From the cPanel, you can create as many business emails for your website as possible. Each address will have its inbox.


  • Free domain registration
  • Free SSL
  • CDN integration
  • Daily backups
  • Business emails


SiteGround is a premium web hosting provider. Their plans start at $4.99 a month.

3. HostGator


If you are looking for a reliable web hosting company to host your website, check out HostGator. Thousands of people use HostGator to manage their websites. Their main advantages are the robust servers and excellent customer support. All their hosting servers use SSD storage drives. Plus, if you need help, they have phone and email support.

The Cloudflare integration provided by HostGator is excellent. You can integrate your website with Cloudflare CDN with a single mouse click. You will also like the one-click script installer, which is accessed via cPanel. With this feature, you can install any script on your website. There won’t be any complex settings.

The malware scanning provided by HostGator is another excellent feature. With this option, you can scan your website for vulnerabilities and get the right advice. They will give you a free domain for the first year. You should renew it starting the second year and onwards at regular renewal rates.


  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • One-click installer
  • Cloudflare integration
  • Excellent customer support
  • Malware scanning


HostGator is a premium web hosting company. Their shared hosting plan starts at $3.75 a month.

4. Bluehost


When you need another hosting company recommended by the WordPress community, check Bluehost. Bluehost is ideal for WooCommerce stores that need to handle heavy traffic. The store analytics feature in the dashboard will help you understand how your business is doing. Plus, the platform will give you a few premium plugins for free.

With malware scanning, you can protect your website. If the platform finds any threats, you will be notified, allowing you to address this issue. With Bluehost, you will also get access to free custom WordPress themes. The onboarding process is simple, and you can get started with the platform quickly.

You will also get free WHOIS protection when you get their free domain registration. The WHOIS protection will help you protect your privacy from third-party people. You can use the auto-updates feature to update your WooCommerce store or WordPress site. Their security features will help you accept payments online and handle sensitive data carefully without any issues.


  • Free Domain
  • CDN integration
  • Free SSL
  • Store analytics
  • Domain Privacy


Bluehost is a premium company. Their shared hosting costs you $2.95 a month.

5. A2 Hosting

a2 hosting - DreamHost Alternatives

When your goal is to use performance-optimized hosting without breaking the bank, A2 Hosting is an ideal option. A2 Hosting has a feature called Turbo. When you use their turbo servers, your website’s speed will be 20X faster. If you have already hosted a website on other web hosting providers, you can move it to A2 Hosting.

Their migration process is simple and has no complex settings. You can complete the migration process in an hour. They also have an automated backup feature. The best thing about A2 Hosting is the uptime guarantee. They have a 99.95% uptime guarantee, which is excellent. This means your website will be up and running most of the time.

From the cPanel, you can create MySQL databases. If you have plans to run multiple WordPress websites or web apps, this feature would come in handy. You can block spam IP addresses from accessing the website using the IP blocker feature they give you. Besides the IP blocker, they give you more security features to protect the website and the server.


  • Free website migrations
  • Automated backups
  • Turbo speed servers
  • Unlimited databases
  • Better uptime guarantee


A2 Hosting is a premium WordPress hosting. Their shared hosting plans start at $2.99 a month.


HostArmada - DreamHost Alternatives

If you need to use a hosting company with an excellent customer support team, check out HostArmada. NGNIX powers all their web servers. So, you can expect a boost in the performance you can achieve. Plus, you can host unlimited websites in your shared hosting subscription. You do not need to upgrade or get more plans for the same.

They will also generate website backups for you. In addition to generating the backups, they will keep the archive file for a few days. The days depend on your level of subscription. For example, if you are on the basic shared hosting plan, they will keep the backup files for seven days. On the other hand, if you are on their top-tier subscription, they will store every backup for 21 days.

With their hosting subscription, you can create unlimited FTP accounts. So, if you need to transfer heavy website files to your server, the FTP clients will be handy. From the cPanel, you can choose the PHP version for the website. They have added multiple PHP versions to the server, and you can pick one according to compatibility.


  • Unlimited FTP accounts
  • Litespeed web server
  • Built-in WAF
  • Malware scan
  • Malware removal


HostArmada is a premium web hosting. Their plans will cost you $2.49 a month.

7. GreenGeeks

Greengeeks - DreamHost Alternatives

If you need an eco-friendly hosting provider for your website, use GreenGeeks. Greengeeks has speed-optimized servers that will help you run a performance-optimized website. They also have a custom caching system that can improve the website’s speed without other configurations. You can still use caching plugins to optimize the speed of the website.

Another thing we liked in Greengeeks is the free .com domain registration. When you sign up on the platform, you will get a free .com domain. They have multiple data centers to choose from. This way, when registering on their platform, you can select a DC you prefer. All the DCs are monitored 24*7, and they have a dedicated team for that.

GreenGeeks offers top-notch security features. If they find any issues in your website, such as malware or vulnerabilities, they will freeze it. This will help you prevent malware from spreading and affecting the website. You can contact their support team to remove the malware or do the process yourself. 


  • Optimized for performance
  • Server monitoring
  • Free daily backups
  • Custom caching
  • Unlimited bandwidth


GreenGeeks is a premium web hosting company. Their shared hosting plan starts at $2.95 a month.

8. InMotion Hosting

inmotion hosting - DreamHost Alternatives

If you are looking for a powerful web hosting provider, check InMotion Hosting. This has every feature you need to use an excellent WordPress blog or WooCommerce store. You will get a free .com domain and SSL certificate with every subscription. The SSL certificate will be handy in protecting your website traffic from third parties and handling sensitive information.

The files will load quickly since they use NVMe SSD storage units for your websites. Another thing you will like is the unmetered bandwidth option. Unlike other hosting companies, they won’t check how much data transfer you have in a month. Hence, if you get a traffic spike or more visitors to the website, the server will always keep the website up and running.

The InMotion migration process is super easy. You can contact the support team to move your website from one hosting provider to this one. InMotion Hosting is also compatible with WordPress multisite networks. So, if you have plans or are running a multisite network and need the right fit, use InMotion Hosting.


  • Free SSL certificates
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Marketing tools
  • Secured environment
  • NVMe SSD drives


InMotion Hosting is a premium web hosting company. Their plans start at $2.49 a month.

9. TMDHosting

tmdhosting - DreamHost Alternatives

The last recommendation we have for you is TMDHosting. TMDHosting provides one-click staging environments for you. So, the staging area is the right choice if you need to test new codes, themes, or plugins without affecting your live website. Since they use SSD storage drives, your website’s read and write speeds would be high. This way, your website files will load faster.

TMDHosting offers top-notch security. All its servers are protected with the Imunify 360 service, which protects the website from significant attacks. They have an in-house server monitoring team to check every activity. So, they will fix something immediately if it is not working right. Another thing we liked in TMDHosting is the power redundancy.

The hosting will use the backup power feature for any power-related issues. This way, all the hosted websites will always be up and running. The platform is also optimized for PHP 8. Besides PHP 8, the platform is also compatible with MySQL version 8. Overall, this is an excellent DreamHost alternative.


  • Staging environment
  • SSD storages
  • Performance optimized
  • Multiple server locations
  • DDoS protection


TMDHosting is a premium web hosting. Their hosting plans start at $2.99 a month.


DreamHost is an excellent web hosting provider with several features. But if you need another one, no one is stopping you. In this article, we have shown you nine of the best DreamHost alternatives you should try. Here’s a quick summary.

If your goal is scalable hosting, use Cloudways. SiteGround and Bluehost are recommended web hosting providers by the WordPress community. If you need performance-optimized hosting, go with A2 Hosting, HostArmada, or InMotion Hosting. Finally, GreenGeeks is ideal if you need an eco-friendly hosting provider.

Choose TMDHosting if you need a secure web hosting company. You can also choose a hosting provider based on your requirements and preferences.

Which DreamHost alternatives are you going to try?

Let us know in the comments!

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