Best 9 Newspaper Theme Alternatives You Should Try

Are you looking for the best Newspaper theme alternatives? Newspaper is one of the best WordPress magazine themes in the market. If you need a theme with similar (or better) features than the Newspaper theme, keep reading this article.

This post will show you the best nine Newspaper theme alternatives! But before moving further, let’s quickly look at why looking for Newspaper theme alternatives is ideal.

Why Choose Newspaper Theme Alternatives

Some alternative options can help your news websites come to life with style and ease. With its responsive design, your new website will look stunning on any design, giving it the power to captivate readers and keep them coming back for more.

Furthermore, these alternatives offer a customizable layout that allows you to showcase your content in a way that suits your brand. Whether you prefer a traditional or modern newspaper layout, most Newspaper theme alternatives are fine.

Another important factor to note is the range of features these alternatives offer. While the newspaper theme may have impressive feature sets, other themes provide additional functionalities that cater to your needs.

Some popular features are advanced customization options, different post formats, integration with social media platforms, third-party plugins or tools, and specialized features for monetization and advertising.

These are notable points to use Newspaper theme alternatives. Now you know why you should look for a Newspaper theme alternative. Next, let’s see what to consider while selecting Newspaper theme alternatives.

What to Consider While Choosing Newspaper Theme Alternatives?

When you need to choose Newspaper theme alternatives, keep these points in mind:

  • Customer Support: When you need help setting up the design or something similar, the support staff is the only thing you need. So, while you choose a theme for your business, ensure the support team is excellent.
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: Users may access your website from various devices and browsers. It is essential to provide a seamless experience for all visitors, regardless of their preferred browser choice.
  • Features and Functionality: Checking the features and functionality that best suit your needs is essential.
  • Responsive Design: Choosing a WordPress theme with responsive design is one of the crucial things. It will help you with a better user experience. Hence, when you search for Newspaper alternatives, ensure the theme has a responsive design.
  • Customization Options: A highly customizable WordPress theme is mandatory for changing the website’s design as you like. This way, you can design stunning designs without any hassle.
  • Pricing: Pricing could be one of the main concerns for most people. Before choosing a theme, ensure the theme is affordable. It will help you stay away from unwanted expenses.
  • User Reviews: Check out the reviews when purchasing a premium WordPress theme. This will help you understand how others are feeling about the product.
  • Compatibility: Ensure the theme is compatible with the latest version of WordPress, WooCommerce, and so on.

Now you know what to look for in Newspaper theme alternatives. Now, let’s move to the article’s core, where we will list the top 9 Newspaper theme alternatives.

Best 9 Newspaper Theme Alternatives

In a nutshell, the nine WordPress themes we are going to list are:

  • Divi
  • NewsMag
  • Avada
  • Astra
  • Soledad
  • JNews
  • SmartMag
  • Admania
  • Jannah

Each theme comes with unique designs. Below, we will mention what makes each theme unique. Based on your preferences, you can choose a theme.

Without any further ado, let’s get into the list.

1. Divi

Divi theme

When your main priority is a powerful WordPress theme with cutting-edge customization options, you should check out Divi. Divi is one of the best and most popular themes in the market, created by Elegant Themes. The main advantage of Divi is the drag-and-drop visual builder. The theme makes visual editing a cakewalk with its built-in editor (Divi Builder).

You can customize every inch of your website without touching a single line of code. Besides the visual editor, Divi has features like multiple pre-made templates, undo, redo, revisions, animations, etc. With the pre-made templates, you can spend less time creating the website. All the templates are 100% customizable so you can tweak the design according to your preferences.

When you need to undo or redo the changes you have made, that’s possible, too. With the animations feature, you can add custom animations to other elements. Since you do not need to add custom CSS code to implement animations, this feature will be helpful for most people.


  • Drag and drop editor
  • Animations
  • Optimized for speed
  • Custom templates
  • Excellent support team


Divi is a premium WordPress theme. The annual subscription costs $89 per year, and the lifetime membership costs a one-time fee of $249.

2. NewsMag

Newsmag WordPress theme

Whether you’re a blogger or an online marketer, NewsMag would be a great fit. This theme is optimized for ads, and you can earn money by integrating advertising platforms like Google AdSense. Another notable feature of NewsMag is the SEO-friendly code. This enables you to optimize your content for maximum visibility and get a better ranking in the search engine. 

It has built-in analytics and social media integration options like social sharing buttons, widgets, and the option to display social media feeds on your website to track audience engagement and effectively promote your brand across different platforms.

If you have a review-based website or blog, it has a built-in review system to display product reviews on your website. This theme can efficiently manage substantial volumes of content while maintaining an excellent user experience. NewsMag also allows you to make and embed video playlists on your site, something not possible with many other themes.


  • Multilingual ready
  • Bundled with custom page builder
  • Optimized for display ads
  • Lifetime updates
  • Multiple layout options
  • Excellent customer support


NewsMag is a premium WordPress theme. You can get the theme from the ThemeForest marketplace. The theme will cost you $49 (one-time fee).

3. Avada


Avada stands out because it can be used in different ways. With its visual page builder (Fusion Builder), you can easily create complicated page layouts and change every part of your site to match your brand. Another notable feature is Avada, which offers the premium Slider Revolution plugin at no extra cost, helping you create interactive sliders, carousels, and hero headers.

It is a multipurpose theme that offers regular updates for free to ensure it works well with the latest version of WordPress and WooCommerceSince it is a responsive WordPress theme, the website will suit your mobile and desktop. Moreover, Avada is compatible with popular plugins like Yoast SEO, WooCommerce, The Events Calendar, HubSpot, WPML, and others.

If you’re a newbie to themes, Avada is for you because many people prefer Avada more. After all, it has a focused help team that does excellent work with customers. To help users get the most out of the theme, they provide a support group, written information, and video lessons.


  • 80+ Pre-built templates
  • Dynamic content customization
  • Seamless plugin integration
  • 550+ tutorial videos
  • Exceptional customer support
  • Access to lifetime updates


Avada is a premium WordPress theme. For a one-time payment of $69, you can access lifetime updates. The theme can be purchased from the ThemeForest marketplace.

4. Astra

astra theme

If you’re looking for a highly optimized and lightweight WordPress theme that offers exceptional speed and performance, check out Astra. Since the theme is only 50kb, your magazine website will load faster on every device. 

One of the critical features of the Astra theme is page builder compatibility. It integrates with Gutenberg and popular page builder plugins such as Divi builder, SiteOrigin, Elementor, etc. Apart from that, Astra can also be combined with LearnDash and LifterLMS. Hence, the theme would also be ideal for starting an online course website.

You will have complete control over the layout and design customization, whether you run a small online shop or manage a large WooCommerce website. On top of that, with its WooCommerce features, you’ll be able to create visually appealing and user-friendly product listings.


  • Code-free customization
  • Extensive customization options
  • Optimized for speed
  • Real-time editing
  • Pre-built websites
  • Gutenberg-ready


The Astra is a freemium WordPress theme. The free version of the theme can be downloaded from the WordPress theme repository. If you want Astra Pro, there are two subscription options. For an annual subscription, the starting price is $47 per year. Alternatively, a lifetime subscription is available for a one-time fee starting from $227.

5. Soledad

Soledad WordPress theme

When your main goal is to use a multipurpose WordPress theme, you should check out Soledad. The theme is very popular among most bloggers because of its compatibility options with third-party page builders and eCommerce plugins. Another notable feature of Soledad is the AMP optimization. By enabling AMP pages, you can boost the performance of your website on mobile devices.

Since the theme is also optimized for SEO, you can get better results in search engine result pages. The developers have created a library of custom-made templates. You can choose a template based on your niche or industry and import it to your website. To make more money from your blog, the Google AdSense optimization feature will be helpful.

The recent version of the Soledad theme comes with AI integration. With the power of AI, you can generate images from specific commands. Overall, it is a good alternative for the Newspaper WordPress theme.


  • AMP supported
  • Compatible with most plugins
  • Optimized with SEO
  • Extensive cloud library
  • Responsive design
  • WooCommerce ready


Soledad is a premium WordPress theme. The theme costs $59 (one-time fee) and can be purchased from the ThemeForest marketplace.

6. JNews

JNews WordPress theme

As a food blogger, you can benefit from the JNews theme because it has a food recipe tool that lets you add recipes to any post. It looks sleek, and the dark mode makes it extremely easy to use. You can easily make money from your website with JNews’s many ad placement choices, such as sticky ads, inline ads, and custom ad spots.

JNews has Google AMP integration, which improves page loading time on mobile devices. It is also suitable for better SEO to get a better position in the SERPs. There is also a front-end editor in JNews if you want help in real-time editing. You can edit the website visually without coding skills and make it unique.

If your website heavily relies on videos, JNews has a feature called floating videos, which sets it apart from others, allowing videos to stay visible while scrolling with its updated video preview that lets you see a video by hovering over its thumbnail. Also, the new “subscribe to download” feature allows you to send custom PDFs or files via email once someone subscribes to your newsletter successfully.


  • Dark mode
  • SEO friendly
  • Optimized for rich snippets
  • Google AMP integration
  • Front-end editor
  • Floating videos


JNews is a premium WordPress theme available on ThemeForest for $59 (one-time fee).

7. SmartMag

smartmag - newspaper theme alternatives

The SmartMag theme is a good choice for magazine blogs because it works well with Gutenberg. Putting sliders on your magazine website doesn’t have to depend on slider tools from other developers; the theme has built-in slider features. You could use the theme to help your content rise higher in search engine results. SmartMag’s custom sidebar feature lets you make special sidebars for each page or post. 

It’s easy to set up and handle websites with community forums or discussion boards because SmartMag works with bbPress. With its Mega Menu option, visitors can navigate your site, especially when you have many categories or subcategories. The newest PHP version works perfectly with the SmartMag theme, making it one of the best choices in the market. 

The theme has a lightweight code. So, your website will always load faster on user’s browsers. Since the theme has several layout options, you can choose one that suits your website’s style. Display ads will also work better with SmartMag. You can increase your overall ad revenue this way.


  • Custom sidebars
  • bbPress integrated
  • Effortless mega menu navigation
  • Organized categorization
  • Custom theme panel


SmartMag theme is a premium WordPress theme. If you want to purchase this theme, you can find it on Themeforest for $59 (one-time fee).

8. Admania

Admania - newspaper theme alternatives

Admania is an excellent option for AdSense users because it has many tools to help you make the most money. For example, it finds users with an ad blocker enabled and sends notifications to turn them off. Also, based on your website’s content and style, it will put ads where they will work to optimize the ad delivery.

It has a front-end ad live editor that lets you change your ads in real time. To improve your display ads revenue, this feature would be helpful. Admania also takes away the trouble of manually keeping track of ad performance. The theme will automatically track views on the ads that get the most clicks and money. 

Admania adapts easily to multiple screen sizes and devices, ensuring a smooth user experience across all platforms. It is user-friendly, so coding knowledge is not required to customize your website.


  • Anti-Ad Blocker
  • Optimized for ads
  • Multilingual support
  • Works on all browsers
  • Quick setup
  • Reliable assistance


Admania is a premium WordPress theme. The single-time cost for this theme is $59, and you can get it from the ThemeForest store.

9. Jannah

Jannah theme - newspaper theme alternatives

Without losing any data, Jannah can make it easy to switch between WordPress themes without losing any customization. Making custom logos for mobile devices is easy with Jannah. It’s also important to note that Jannah is ready for GDPR since data privacy laws are regularly broken in the digital world.

Jannah theme also helps with optimizing and customizing websites in many ways. It has a speed optimization feature, paginated buttons, and an extensive collection of icons, GIFs, animated widgets, and fonts that can be used to make your site more lively. You can also make multilingual websites with Jannah because it works perfectly with the WPML multilingual plugin.

When someone lands on your website, the first thing the viewers see is your header. Jannah has more than ten demos of header styles. You can change things like the background color of the title, the links, the position of the logo, and more. People who use this template can change the background color of the logo to a gradient.


  • Custom headers for mobile
  • Ad-optimized layout
  • GDPR ready
  • Dark mode
  • Easy migration options


Jannah is a premium WordPress theme. The theme costs $59 (one-time fee) and can be downloaded from the ThemeForest marketplace.


Newspaper is an excellent option to start a magazine website. If you think the theme is not a good fit, no issues. You can find several alternatives for the Newspaper WordPress theme. In our experience, here are the nine of the best Newspaper theme alternatives:

  • Divi
  • NewsMag
  • Avada
  • Astra
  • Soledad
  • JNews
  • SmartMag
  • Admania
  • Jannah

Divi and Avada are multipurpose themes you can use to create any website. If you need a theme developed by the same team behind the Newspaper theme, check out Newsmag. With Astra, you can create a performance-optimized magazine blog. SmartMag, JNews, and Soledad are ideal for magazine blogs and eCommerce stores.

Finally, when you prefer a WordPress theme optimized for ads, check out Admania. Based on your preferences, you can choose an option. Since most themes have a money-back guarantee, you can always get a complete refund if you are unhappy with the purchase.

Which theme are you going to use?

Let us know in the comments.