best soledad theme alternatives you should know

9 Best Soledad Theme Alternatives You Should Know

Are you looking for the best Soledad theme alternatives for your blog, magazine, or newspaper WordPress website? We have the perfect list for you.

Even though Soledad is a fantastic multipurpose theme for creating a content marketing website, it may still have some limitations. In this post, we’ll give you a short introduction to Soledad, discuss its potential limitations in brief, and list the best alternatives for it.

Soledad: An Introduction

Soledad is one of the top-selling premium blog and magazine themes, helping you effortlessly create professional WordPress websites. PenciDesign developed it and has a custom set of customization tools and options. These tools and options can be used to make any online news website or business website.

One of these customizations includes its exclusive 1300+ Penci blocks and templates library. The custom blocks and templates can be easily imported, copied, and combined to create a unique design for your website.

Similarly, it also comes with its own intelligent AI Penci content creator. The tool suggests suitable article titles based on the keyword you provide by analyzing popular search queries and trending topics. After you select the proposed title, it will automatically create post content and thumbnails to save you time.

Furthermore, the theme features an exclusive Penci pay writer plugin to track each writer’s performance and payments. Soledad has its custom header and footer builder, frontend post submission options, Facebook and Google AMP instant article support, and more.

All these features have contributed to more than 50,000 sales of the Soledad theme in the ThemeForest marketplace. The price starts at 59 USD with six months of support from PenciDesign and future updates.

Why Look for Soledad Alternatives

Exploring Soledad alternatives for the theme that best suits your needs might stem from various reasons.

  • Cost considerations: Despite its popularity and feature-rich nature, Soledad might have a price tag that’s too steep for you. If you’re starting or have budget constraints, it can be challenging to afford a premium theme. In such cases, you can seek alternatives that offer similar functionalities at a lower cost or even opt for free themes.
  • Performance optimization: Although Soledad emphasizes speed optimization, some might still encounter performance issues. The theme may not fully meet your expectations regarding loading times, especially for high-traffic sites. So, you may have to explore theme alternatives for superior performance optimization.
  • Ease of use: Soledad strives to be a user-friendly, easy-to-use theme to create professional websites. But if you are a beginner WordPress user, you might need help with its interface or be overwhelmed with the customization options and processes. As a result, you will have to seek alternatives that offer a more intuitive user experience or more straightforward customization options.
  • Customization flexibility: While Soledad offers extensive customization options, some of you may find its specific customization capabilities very limited. You might prefer themes that provide even more flexibility or allow for deeper customization through coding or advanced design tools.
  • Specific needs: Soledad is a multipurpose theme suitable for various websites. But you might still have particular requirements that Soledad doesn’t fully address. For instance, if you need a website tailored specifically for e-commerce, portfolio showcasing, or a niche industry, there are better theme alternatives that cater to your needs.

What to Look for In Soledad Alternatives

When searching for Soledad alternatives, it’s best to consider various factors to ensure that the theme meets your specific needs. Here are some of them:

  • Features and functionalities: Assess the features offered by alternative themes and compare them with Soledad. Look for essential features such as customization options, layout flexibility, responsive design, SEO optimization, speed optimization, and compatibility with popular plugins.
  • Ease of use: Consider alternative themes’ user interface and customization process. Select a theme with intuitive interfaces, user-friendly customization tools, and precise documentation or tutorials to help you start quickly.
  • Design options: Evaluate the alternative’s design flexibility and aesthetic appeal. Go for themes that offer a wide range of design options that align with your website’s style and branding. These options may include layouts, color schemes, typography choices, and pre-designed templates or demos.
  • Performance optimization: If you anticipate high traffic or require fast loading times, consider alternative themes’ performance features. Search for themes prioritizing speed optimization, compatibility with caching plugins, and best practices for website performance.
  • Cost and licensing: Evaluate alternative themes’ pricing models and licensing terms. Consider whether the theme offers a one-time purchase, subscription-based pricing, or is free. It’s also noteworthy to assess the value provided in relation to your budget and long-term needs.
  • Support and updates: Assess the level of support and frequency of updates the theme developers provide. Look for themes backed by active developer communities, responsive support channels, and regular updates to address bugs, security vulnerabilities, and compatibility issues.
  • Reviews: Research user reviews, ratings, and testimonials for Soledad theme alternative to gauge their reputation and user satisfaction. Look for themes with positive feedback, high ratings, and a track record of reliability and customer satisfaction.

Best 9 Soledad Theme Alternatives to Try

Our curated list of the best Soledad alternatives consists of the following themes:

  1. Newspaper
  2. ColorMag
  3. JNews
  4. Jannah
  5. SmartMag
  6. Shahifa
  7. Neve
  8. Divi
  9. Astra

We’ll review these themes and highlight their key features and pricing options.

1. Newspaper

newspaper soledad theme alternatives

As suggested in the name itself, Newspaper is a WordPress theme designed for online news websites. It is ThemeForest’s best-selling blog and magazine theme, with over 140,000 sales. Its tremendous success in the niche is due to the comprehensive features it provides to create a news, blog, or magazine website with WooCommerce compatibility.

First, the website builder is equipped with adaptive JS loading and smart content delivery. These features help you instantly improve your website’s loading time by loading the menus.

The theme also includes a custom module builder to help you design any website element the way you like. You can integrate any layout structure, custom fields, taxonomy, buttons, or any other website elements with each other with it. Combining the module with any of the theme’s 150+ website templates makes creating your website with a unique design effortless.


  • 150+ prebuilt website templates
  • 90+ fully customizable single-post templates
  • Smart delivery content
  • Custom module builder
  •  Sticky video player options on articles


Newspaper is a premium WordPress theme available from the ThemeForest marketplace. It costs 59 USD and includes six months of support.

2. ColorMag

ColorMag is one of the best free alternatives for the Soledad theme if you are very tight on budget and want a free theme. It is one of WordPress’s most popular free magazine themes, with over 70,000 active installations. Its vast popularity is due to its usable features, which allow you to create an online news or magazine website with the free version itself.

Firstly, it has 32 premade templates, out of which 12 of the demos are available in the free version. The theme provides options for default blog layout, post navigation, related posts, featured posts, and highlighted posts for free. On top of that, it also includes various widget areas for advertisements and custom social icons.

However, the theme has premium features like multiple blog layouts, breadcrumb options, pagination, infinite scroll, author bio, etc. All these customization options can help your website achieve better navigation and user experience for your visitors.


  • 30+ premade news and magazine templates
  • Three widget areas for advertisements
  • Multiple styles for featured posts
  • Show or hide options for post-meta
  • 20+ custom social icons


ColorMag is a free WordPress theme. The free version can be downloaded from the official WordPress theme repository. The premium version starts at 69 USD annually and includes a 14-day money-back guarantee.

3. JNews

JNews is one of the best feature-rich alternatives for the Soledad theme if you prioritize lightning-fast loading times for your blog, news, or magazine website. You get over 65 website templates and 150+ homepages with the theme to help you create a website for any niche. All these templates and pages can be easily customized with the theme’s custom builder for appearance, header, footer, mega menu, and archive page builder.

Since JNews is a theme focused on publishing content, it even offers you built-in systems for podcasts, videos, writer’s pay, and subscriptions. You can keep track of the writers’ payments, provide subscriptions to premium content, or monetize your website with podcasts with these systems. Furthermore, you can even create your video-based website using the theme using one of its professionally designed templates.

Moreover, this theme offers various post options, such as autoload next post, split post, inline related post, etc. All these options can enhance your website visitors’ and readers’ overall viewing experience.


  • 65+ news, magazine, and blog templates
  • Mega menu and archive page builder
  • In-built systems for videos and podcasts
  • Autoload the next post and split post options
  • Subscriptions for premium content


JNews is a premium WordPress theme available from the ThemeForest marketplace. It costs $59 USD and includes six months of support.

4. Jannah

jannah theme alternatives

Whether you seek a theme with flawless BuddyPress support or seamless AMP integration, Jannah could be a perfect choice. It has over 25 news and magazine templates, which you can use effortlessly to create your website.

The theme also includes a categories grid widget focused on news, magazine, and blog websites. You can even add a subcategories section in the category pages to help your website visitors find the specific content they desire.

However, the automatic dark mode detection mode is one of the theme’s unique features. If your website uses dark backgrounds, it automatically dims the image to reduce heavy contrast on highly bright photos. This can help your visitors’ reading experience.


  • 25+ news, magazine, and blog templates
  • Categories grid widget with subcategories
  • Automatic dark mode detection
  • Advanced AdBlock Detector
  • Google Web Stories support


Jannah is a premium WordPress theme available from the ThemeForest marketplace. It costs $59 USD and includes six months of support.

5. SmartMag

smartmag soledad theme alternatives

SmartMag is one of the best Soledad theme alternatives if you want to create a website with beautiful design options. It has 40+ beautifully designed demos for news, magazines, blogs, or any content marketing website. These demos can be easily used for your website with a one-click demo import.

Similarly, the theme provides over 100 premade blocks, sections, and total pages that you can use with one click. This particular library also consists of numerous beautiful layouts and is updated regularly.

SmartMag also has multiple post layouts explicitly designed for user engagement. These layouts are fully customizable to create unlimited variations and can even increase the readability of the posts.


  • 40+ news, magazine, and blog demos
  • Custom premade blocks and sections
  • Multiple post layouts optimized for user engagement
  • Post sorting with custom days count
  • Built-in reviews posts


SmartMag is a premium WordPress theme available from the ThemeForest marketplace. It costs $59 USD and includes six months of support.

6. Sahifa

If you are looking for one of the best Soledad theme alternatives with a clean and modern design, Sahifa can also suit you. It includes multiple theme layout options, such as comprehensive, boxed, and framed, to cater to diverse design preferences. Moreover, the theme also comes with a fully responsive and retina-ready design so that you can provide an optimal viewing experience for all users.

Sahifa is highly social media-friendly and can help promote your content across various platforms. It even provides you with a social counter widget to showcase the popularity and credibility of your content. Displaying your social media followers and subscribers can also help increase audience engagement, social media followers, content promotion, and much more.

Additionally, the theme features a built-in review system. This can help you effortlessly review your website’s articles, blog posts, or other content types.


  • Display/hide post views
  • Social media counter widget
  • In-built content review system
  • Responsive AdSense integration
  • Multiple theme layouts


Sahifa is a premium WordPress theme available from the ThemeForest marketplace. It costs $59 USD and includes six months of support.

7. Neve

neve soledad theme alternatives

Neve is one of the best multipurpose themes built with a mobile-first approach and full AMP compatibility. The theme has comprehensive, customizable options to help you create any website, including a blog, magazine, or news website. It also provides over 100 starter sites to help you make your website with unique design elements.

Neve also offers a blog booster module to customize your blog layouts, featured posts, post meta, and more. This module can adjust your posts and articles for a magazine or news website according to your preference.

In addition, you get options for customizable header components, scroll-to-top buttons, and custom sidebars. All these functionalities will enhance your website’s visual appeal and navigation for your readers.


  • 100+ starter site templates
  • Blog booster module
  • Multiple blog layouts
  • Featured posts and post meta options
  • Scroll-to-top buttons


Neve is a freemium WordPress theme. You can download the free version from the official WordPress theme repository. The premium version starts at 139 USD annually and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

8. Divi

Divi is also one of the best Soledad theme alternatives if you want a multipurpose theme to create your news, blog, or magazine website. It includes powerful theme features and a custom Divi page builder, which can decrease the need to install additional plugins.

The theme contains over 200 website packs with 2,000+ premade design layouts that you can use for any section of your website. It even includes royalty-free photos, icons, and illustrations to help you add more variation to your content.

One of its highlighting features is shape dividers, which allow you to add custom shapes and effects to your pages. This feature can also be used to create dynamic transitions between blocks of content to separate them and improve the overall readability of the site. You can even utilize this feature to highlight important content and add a touch of personalization and uniqueness to your website.


  • 200+ website packs with 2,000+ design layouts
  • Royalty-free images, icons, and illustrations
  • Custom effects and shape dividers
  • Advanced animation and scroll effects
  • Content stacking options


Divi is a premium WordPress theme and can be purchased from its official website. It starts at 89 USD per year and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

9. Astra

astra soledad theme alternatives

Astra is a free multipurpose alternative to the Soledad theme. Its versatility and ability to create any type of website have resulted in over 1 million active installations of the theme.

Astra includes a library of 250+ starter templates for your website. Of these, 15+ are free blogs, magazines, or news website templates. You can easily customize them for your website with layouts designed for blogs.

You also get extensive typography options with the theme to showcase your content on the website. They consist of typography presets, custom fonts, Google Fonts, paragraph margins, responsive font size, and text transform.


  • 15+ free blog, magazine, and news templates
  • Multiple blog layouts
  • Customizable color options for blog and archive pages
  • Typography presets with extensive options
  • Page-specific dedicated sidebars


Astra is a freemium WordPress theme. You can download the lite theme version from the official WordPress theme repository. The premium version will cost you $49 a year.


We have handpicked these themes as the best alternatives for Soledad. All these themes provide unique features and are tailored to suit your needs. However, the best theme among them entirely depends on your theme requirements and affordability.

If you want a budget-friendly alternative to Soledad, themes like ColorMag, Neve, and Astra can be good choices. All these themes are available for free and have powerful features. But you can always upgrade to their premium versions after some time if you need some more features.

However, if you seek a premium theme for your magazine or news website, you may be inclined towards themes like Newspaper, JNews, Jannah, and SmartMag. These themes provide many theme templates with powerful theme features.

Nonetheless, you can also try Divi if you want a premium multipurpose theme to build multiple types of websites and a news or magazine website. Finally, if you find the theme templates overwhelming, consider the theme Sahifa.

So, which theme is the most suitable for you? Have you tried any of these themes? We’d love to know in the comments.

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