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9 Best Pressable Alternatives You Should Know

Are you looking for the best Pressable alternatives? If so, keep reading this article. Here, we will show you nine of the best WordPress hosting companies you can use instead of Pressable.

Before moving further, let’s see what Pressable is and what it offers.

Pressable: An Introduction


If you are looking for a good web hosting company with great features and an excellent customer support team, you must check Pressable. It is an ideal platform for bloggers, business owners, online store owners, agencies, etc. The platform comes with a lot 0of cutting-edge features. Some of the main features of Pressable are:

  • Free migrations
  • Daily backups
  • Automatic failover
  • Video hosting
  • SSL certificates
  • Automatic updates
  • WAF
  • Malware scanning

All their hosting plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you are unhappy with the platform, you can get a complete refund.

Now that you know what pressable is and what makes it unique, the next section will show you what to look for in Pressable alternatives.

What to Look for In Pressable Alternatives

When you need to choose a web hosting provider for your WordPress website or WooCommerce store, consider these factors:

  • Pricing: When you choose a hosting provider, you need to check its cost. If you are starting your first WordPress blog or store, you do not need to choose expensive hosting. Several affordable hosting providers are available with cutting-edge features.
  • Features: Check what features they have to offer. Most hosting companies will provide you with features to improve the site’s SEO and security. They will also give you a unique cPanel account with all the necessary tools.
  • Hosting types: Multiple hosting types are available. For example, some are shared, managed WordPress, cloud, VPS, etc. Ensure the selected hosting provider has the hosting type you need.
  • DC locations: Check the available data center locations the hosting company offers. These days, most web hosting providers will offer multiple DC locations. This is optional, too. If you plan to use a CDN, the DC location won’t matter.
  • Performance: Since Google ranks websites based on speed, you must use a web hosting provider with optimized performance. You can check your website’s speed with online tools like PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix, or Pingdom.
  • Support: The support team is the right contact person when you need help with the hosting provider. So, ensure the hosting provider has a reliable support team.

Now you know what to look for in Pressable alternatives. The following section will move to the article’s core, listing the top nine pressable alternatives you should check.

Best 9 Pressable Alternatives to Try

In a nutshell, the best Pressable alternatives are:

  • Cloudways
  • Scala Hosting
  • Kinsta
  • WP Engine
  • Flywheel
  • WPX Hosting
  • DreamHost
  • HostGator
  • SiteGround

Each hosting provider has unique features. You can pick an option based on your preferences and requirements. Without any further ado, let’s get into the list.

1. Cloudways


The first option we have for you is Cloudways. Cloudways is one of the best web hosting providers with cutting-edge features. The main thing we like about Cloudways is its scalability. Usually, if you need to upgrade the storage and RAM of your hosting plan, you need to choose the next big hosting plan they have. In this case, Cloudways can help you scale the server via the settings.

The scalability tab allows you to add as much storage and RAM to the server as possible. They also have an excellent customer support team. You can contact customer support via live chat or ticketing. If you have any basic doubts, the live chat is enough. When you need technical help, you should raise a support ticket. All tickets and live chat conversions will be cleared within a few hours.

You can change the PHP version on the server according to your preferences. Cloudways has all major PHP versions, and they won’t limit any modifications. You can create a staging environment to test new codes, themes, or plugins. You can use CDN integration to improve your website’s speed and security. Finally, they created a custom caching system to optimize the website’s speed.


  • Easy to scale
  • Excellent customer support
  • Staging environment
  • CDN integration
  • Multiple PHP versions


Cloudways is a premium web hosting provider. Their hosting plans start at $11 a month.

2. Scala Hosting

Scala Hosting

When you need a feature-rich WordPress hosting company, check Scala Hosting. Scala Hosting offers affordable web hosting plans with several features to help you run a successful blog or online store. They offer multiple web hosting types, such as shared and managed WordPress, VPS, etc. This way, you can choose an option based on your preferences. All the hosting plans will get unlimited email addresses.

This way, you can create individual email addresses for your employees or department. Scala Hosting will also help you create unlimited databases, which will be helpful when creating multiple WordPress websites. Scala Hosting will give you a free domain name with their hosting plans. If you are starting your first blog, this would be helpful. For the first year, the domain would be 100 free.

You should renew it at the standard rate from the second year. When it comes to security, Scala Hosting offers real-time malware protection. They will scan your website 24/7. They will email you to the registered email address if there are issues. To optimize the speed, they have a caching technology called OpenLiteSpeed. This will be enabled on the server, and you can remove the WordPress caching plugins from the website.


  • Real-time malware protection
  • Free domain name
  • Unlimited databases
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Dedicated IP address


Scala Hosting is a premium web hosting company, and their plans start at $2.95 a month.

3. Kinsta


If you need a managed WordPress hosting company that uses Google Cloud Platform, check Kinsta. Since Kinsta uses GCP for its servers, you can ensure the website’s performance won’t be affected. They have created a high-performance CDN with more than 260 locations. So, no matter where your website visitors are from, they will get all the pages served without any performance drop.

When you use Kinsta, you do not need to get a third-party caching plugin. You can enable edge caching from the Kinsta dashboard and speed up the website by 49% in the front end. No additional configurations are required; you can see the before and after results on the Kinsta dashboard. Besides the 260 CDN locations, Kinsta offers 36 DC locations. They have data centers all around the globe, and you can pick any location that suits your preferences.

The free migrations are another excellent feature. You can use the free migration if you have launched your WordPress website or WooCommerce store somewhere else and need to move it to Kinsta. Kinsta’s expert staff will help you with the migration process, and they will do the heavy lifting. You can use their built-in backup system to keep your website’s content and data safe. This way, all the data will be stored offshore, and you can use them later.


  • Excellent customer support
  • Free migrations
  • High-performance CDN
  • Edge caching
  • Powered by Google Cloud


Kinsta is a premium WordPress hosting company. Kinsta’s hosting plan starts at $30 a month.

4. WP Engine

WP Engine

If budget is not an issue and you need the best hosting environment for your website, check WP Engine. Wp Engine is an excellent choice for people who need to use powerful hosting. They have acquired StudioPress, the parent company of the famous Genesis Framework. Therefore, when you purchase any managed WordPress hosting plan from WP Engine, you will get ten StudioPress themes for free.

WP Engine will also generate daily backups of your website. If anything happens to the website, you can restore it to its previous version using the backup file. You can create a staging area for testing new codes with a single mouse click. With the multisite add-on, you can create a WordPress multisite network. Managing multiple websites with a multisite network would be easy.

Regarding security, you will get auto-renewing SSL, SSH access, WAF, DDoS protection, and so on. If you need any help with the server, all you need to do is contact the support team. They will answer every question within a couple of hours. Finally, with their application performance monitoring feature, you can check the performance impact of themes, plugins, etc. This way, you can optimize the website’s performance further.


  • Access to Genesis Framework
  • Automated backups
  • Staging area
  • Compatible with WordPress multisite
  • DDoS protection


WP Engine is a premium WordPress hosting company. Their plans start at $20 a month.

5. Flywheel


The next option we have for you is Flywheel. Flywheel is suitable for anyone who needs easy-to-use WordPress web hosting. You will get a custom caching system in the platform that can significantly speed up the website. When you use the built-in caching system provided by Flywheel, you do not need to use a third-party WordPress caching plugin. They also have a custom CDN (powered by Fastly) integration.

With the CDN integration, you can serve your website’s files and web pages faster to the visitors. The platform is also optimized for PHP 8.1. However, you can choose the PHP version of your server from the settings. When you select a hosting plan, they will show you how many websites you can create. If you need to launch additional websites, that’s possible too. This way, you do not need to upgrade your hosting plan.

To add extra websites, you need to spend $20 a month. The platform also gives you a free SSL certificate. If you do not need their in-house SSL certificate, you can choose any third-party certificate and install it on the website. Since Flywheel is from the WP Engine family, you will get access to the Genesis Framework and ten StudioPress themes. With their Google Analytics add-on, you will better understand how your website is doing.


  • Custom caching
  • CDN integration
  • Add additional websites
  • Nightly backups
  • Collaborators


Flywheel is a premium web hosting provider. Their hosting plan starts at $13 a month.

6. WPX Hosting

wpx hosting - Pressable alternatives

If you are looking for a web hosting company with an excellent customer support team, check out WPX Hosting. WPX handles hundreds of thousands of blogs and online stores. One of the best things they offer is free malware removal. When you use their hosting, and your website is affected by malware or vulnerabilities, they will help you solve the situation. Usually, fixing a hacked website will cost you a lot of money.

However, with the help of WPX Hosting staff, you can fix the website for free—no payment is needed. In addition to malware removal, their support team will help you with speed optimization. These are some of the best features a web hosting company can offer. When you sign up for their hosting, they will assign you a free SSL certificate. The SSL certificate will become active after pointing the NS to the site.

The SSL certificate will also be automatically renewed to ensure the website is always safe. WPX Hosting uses SSD for storage. Since they have SSDs, the read and write speed would be higher. This way, your website will load faster. Another feature you will love is the WordPress and PHP updates. When a WordPress core, theme, or plugin update is available, the server will complete the update without any manual work. It is one of the best Pressable alternatives.


  • Free malware removal
  • Great uptime
  • Excellent customer support
  • Automatic updates
  • One-click SSL installations


WPX Hosting is a premium web hosting company. Their hosting plans start at $20.83 a month.

7. DreamHost

dreamhost - Pressable alternatives

If you need a web hosting company recommended by the WordPress community, check out DreamHost. They have a managed WordPress hosting called DreamPress. DreamPress is ideal for website owners who receive a decent amount of traffic., Besides their usual shared hosting, DreamPress will get more power and resources. NGINX powers all their servers, so the websites will continuously be optimized for performance.

Some web hosting providers limit the number of visits you can make to a website. Here at DreamHost, you can have unlimited website visits. If you need more resources, add them to your existing hosting plan or upgrade to the next one. DreamHost will install WordPress and an SSL certificate on the server by default. You do not need to perform any manual tasks, and you can start working on the website as soon as possible.

All DreamPress plans come with a free WP website builder. The tool allows you to create websites without any coding. It comes with several pre-made templates and a drag-and-drop editor, so this feature will be helpful if you need to create designs. Another thing you will like is the on-demand backups. You can generate a complete website backup from the backend based on your preferences. You can quickly restore it, too.



DreamHost is a premium web hosting company. To take advantage of their hosting plans, you must pay $16.95 monthly.

8. HostGator

HostGator - Pressable alternatives

If you are looking for affordable WordPress hosting for your website, check out HostGator. HostGator is an ideal choice for people who start their first website. They offer affordable hosting plans suitable for all audiences. When you purchase a managed WordPress hosting plan from HostGator, WordPress will be pre-installed on the account. This way, you do not need to use any one-click app installer.

Every hosting plan includes a free domain name and SSL certificate. The cPanel’s Cloudflare integration lets you connect your Cloudflare account to the website. You do not need to write or edit codes to complete the integration. The malware scanning feature will help you protect your website from potential threats. All these features are free, and you do not need to spend a single extra penny on them.

HostGator’s control panel is super simple, and anyone can access it without hassle. If you have already hosted a website elsewhere, you can contact the support team for their migration process. Overall, it is one of the best Pressable alternatives.


  • WordPress pre-installed
  • Free domain name
  • Free SSL
  • Cloudflare CDN integration
  • Malware scanning


HostGator is a premium web hosting provider. Their hosting plans start at $4.50 a month.

9. SiteGround

siteground - Pressable alternatives

The final option we have for you is SiteGround. SiteGround offers tailored hosting plans for both WooCommerce store owners and professional bloggers. Since you can get unlimited bandwidth with the hosting plans, you do not need to worry about the website visitors. You can have unlimited website visitors, and the server will always be up and running. When you use WordPress, the server will enable automatic updates.

This way, you do not need to spend time manually updating the WordPress core, plugins, or themes. Another notable feature SiteGround offers is a free email address. From cPanel, you can create as many email addresses as you need for your business. Each address will have a dedicated inbox. Siteground will also give you a free SSL certificate to protect website traffic. The certificate will be automatically installed on the website.

You do not need to perform any configurations, and once you have pointed to the domain’s nameservers, the SSL will be activated. The WP-CLI and SSH access will be helpful if you are an advanced user. SiteGround’s security features are also excellent. They have developed a custom web application firewall to protect their servers. However, you can still use a WordPress security plugin to prevent hackers from accessing your website or exploiting any vulnerabilities.


  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free domain registration
  • Free email
  • SSL certificate
  • WP-CLI access


SiteGround is a premium web hosting provider. Their WordPress hosting plans start at $2.99 a month.


Web hosting is a crucial factor when starting a blog or website. Choosing a web hosting provider is challenging. Since several options are available, you must select the right one for your business. As you know, Pressable is one of the top web hosting providers you should know about.

But what if you are not happy with the platform? Don’t worry—the options are not limited. In this article, we have listed nine of the popular Pressable alternatives. If you are looking for powerful hosting companies, use Kinsta, WP Engine, or Flywheel. WPX Hosting is one of the best Pressable alternatives when you need a hosting company with excellent customer support.

Cloudways is an excellent hosting provider with good scalability options. If you need more features, check Scala Hosting. Finally, choose HostGator or DreamHost if you need a web hosting provider without breaking the bank.

Which hosting would you choose?

Let us know in the comments!

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